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Gallaudet Helmet Bowl round win over Colgate

Gallaudet defeated Colgate, 51 percent to 49 percent of votes

next opponent is Army (US Military Academy)

go and vote for Gallaudet again!

Gallaudet is the only NCAA-III team; others are big time
football programs

vote for Gallaudet at:


Florida boys’ basketball

Countryside Christian was kind enough to extend an invitation to our team
to participate in their holiday tournament.  We travelled to Gainesville
to take on Newberry Christian and the hosts.

We won both games and the team played very well.  Pretty much every one
had equal playing time and just about every one scored in both games. The
coaches challenged the team to play more unselfishly and to set your
teammates up for good looks.   The team
responded well to that challenge.  There were numerous pretty assists
throughout the day.

Dragons 58
Newberry Christian 42
Halftime score: FSDB 35-17 NC

Points: Samy Vital 8, Quintin Galpine 10, Enow Otto 8, Yahir Rodriguez 9,
Josiah Roberson 4, Kyle Prinzler 4, Walter Douglas 9, Luis Merced 2,
Darith Lopez 4.

game 2:
Dragons 65
Countryside Christian 40
Halftime score: FSDB 30-17 CC

Points: Samy Vital 4, Quintin Galpine 13, Enow Otto 7, Yahir Rodriguez 10,
Josiah Roberson, Kyle Prinzler 5, Walter Douglas 13, Luis Merced 11,
Darith Lopez 2.

Season record: 6-5

Next game: After the winter break, Away game on 1/9 at Oak Hall
(Gainesville). Tip off is at 6:30.  Girls also play at 5.


Fremont boys’ basketball

12/12/17- Won vs Oakland Charter                          51 to 41
12/14/17- Won vs Making Waves Academy          53 to 22
12/16/17- Lost to CSD Riverside                                53 to 55

Overall Record- 3-6 League Record- 1-0

Next game: Tuesday, December 19  VS Madison Academy


Fremont girls’ basketball

Dec 16 – Battle of California

CSD 47
Riverside 24

At the half we were up 13-12

Dec 19

Madison Park Academy 0

Forfeit due to suspensions and sickness by MPA.

Record going into winter break: 9-3 with 8 game winning streak


Fremont sports

Riverside was a great host for the Battle of California last weekend and
our student-athletes enjoyed themselves so much.  We head into the finals
week where our students will be studying hard but we do have an exciting
Alumni game on Wednesday evening!  CSDAA is looking for more female
alumni/staff on their roster so if you’re interested please email
CSDEagleAlumni@gmail.com<mailto:CSDEagleAlumni@gmail.com>.  Have a great
winter break!

Athlete of the Week ? ALEXANDRA HORRELL-SCHMITZ.  Our newcomer on the
Varsity Cheerleading greatly improved her commitment and teamwork with the
squad.  She had a fantastic performance at the Battle of California
cheering for CSD on the sideline and with our joint dance with CSDR at
Tuesday December 19
Varsity Girls Basketball Away Game
@ Madison Park, 5:00pm
400 Capistrano Drive Oakland 94603

JV Boys Basketball Away Game
@ Madison Park, 6:15pm
400 Capistrano Drive Oakland 94603

Varsity Boys Basketball Away Game
@ Madison Park, 7:30pm
400 Capistrano Drive Oakland 94603

JV Girls Basketball Away Game
@ Berean Christian, 6:30pm
245 El Divisadero Ave, Walnut Creek 94598
Wednesday December 20
Varsity Girls Basketball HOME GAME
vs Alumni, 5:30pm

Varsity Boys Basketball HOME GAME
vs Alumni, 7:00pm

CSDAA Admission: $2 Adults, CSD Students Free
Friday December 22
JV Wrestling Away Tournament
@ Liberty High School, 8am
805 Second Street Brentwood, 94513
Saturday December 23
Varsity Wrestling Away Tournament
@ Liberty High School, 8am
805 Second Street Brentwood, 94513


Indiana boys’ basketball

International 56
Indiana Deaf 46


Lexington boys’ basketball

Lexington 56 Legacy 48

LSD 10-17-20-9
Legacy 4-19-13-12

Halftime- Lexington led 27-23

At first, Lexington had a few drops in our turnovers. However, after the
second halftime, Lexington had more control and defense against Legacy’s
team. That led us to win the game as Lexington rise much more above their

Lexington leaders;

Points: Timar Harris 18, Jayden Orlang, 11, Steve Salmon, 8, David Perez
Rebounds: Steve Salmon 12, Aaron Laikram 10, Jordan Laikram 8.
Steals: Steve Salmon 9, Timar Harris 9.
Blocks: Jayden Orlang 2, Aaron Laikram 1, Jordan Laikram 1.
Assists: Steve Salmon 5, Jayden Orlang 3.

LSD record (5-1)


Lexington Wrestling

Lexington Blue Jays Wrestling

December 16, 2017, Saturday,  9:30 AM

At Trinity School   Nic Kau Tournament Quad Dual Meet
Bayard Rustin Educational Complex, Rye County Day School, Trinity School
and Lexington School for the Deaf

*Bayard Rustin Educational Complex – 44
*Lexington School for the Deaf, (NY)   -18

113 Brandon (BREC) defeats Linares (Lex) decision 7-20
145 Patel  (Lex) defeats Ty (BREC) fall 2:20
152 Martinez  (Lex) defeats BREC forfeit
160 Louvo (BREC) defeats Rashid (Lex) fall 4:17
170 Diaz (Lex) defeats Anthony (BREC) fall 1:11
182 Sebastian (BREC) defeats Safi (Lex) fall 0:43

*Trinity School  – 54
*Lexington School for the Deaf, (NY)   -11

113 Linares (Lex) defeats Abdlelhamid (Tri) decision 12-11
145 Vickery  (Tri) defeats Patel (Lex) fall 3:29
152 Martinez  (Lex) defeats Trinity forfeit
160 Andryc (Tri) defeats Rashid (Lex) fall 1:57
170 Diaz (Lex) defeats Miller (Tri) fall 0:40
182 Dubner (Tri) defeats Safi (Lex) fall 0:16

*Rye County Day School (Rye, NY)   – 48
*Lexington School for the Deaf, (NY)   -18

113 Linares (Lex) defeats R.Gomez (Rye) fall 1:58
145 Fox (Rye) defeats Patel (Lex) fall 0:48
152 Martinez  (Lex) defeats Mandell (Rye) fall 2:48
160  M. Gomez (Rye) defeats Rashid (Lex) fall 3:55
170 Diaz (Lex) defeats Sleeper (Rye) fall 1:17
182 Suliman (Rye) defeats Safi (Lex) fall 1:26

Our record now is 1-7

This coming December 20, 2017,  Wednesday, 4PM
Away game against New York Institute Special Education


Marie Philip girls’ basketball

Last night the Lady Ghosts had a game against Rhode Island School for
the Deaf Lady Roosters. First half we started off very slow until
last 7 minutes of the first half the girls started to get ball
rolling leading 17-3 halftime. The Lady Ghosts carried their momentum
into second half and kept their fire going. The young players had a
good taste of varsity basketball level most of the second half. Lady
Ghosts never looked behind and led to a victory with the final score
of 34-6.


Marie Philip boys’ basketball

At MPS,  MPS 57  RISD 13

There was a bit slow start for us at the beginning, we finally found our
game and controlled at most of the game. Couple of MS players have stepped
up to play their basketball better. 8th graders, Max Moulton and Jasper
Damas scored 7 points and 5 points. Junior Kacey Monahan led the team
scoring with 15 points while Dylan Christoffels added 10 points. Dylan
just recovered his illness and hope to have a breakthrough more games in

We really want to have one more win today against CCA at their homecourt
at 4pm. It will add our sweet victory before the break!

Tomorrow we all are looking forward to play against our old alumnus
players at MPS, Girls at 5pm, Boys at 630pm.

Record now 5-3, MBIL 2-1.


Maryland wrestling

Maryland School for the Deaf @ Our lady of St. Carmel on 12/19/2017

Our lady of St. Carmel (OLSC); 62
Maryland School for the Deaf (MSD); 18

106: Peter Thang (MSD) won by Forfeit
113: Aidan Rose (OLSC) won over Colton Bazalewski (MSD)(Decision 6-4)
120: Timothy Le (OLSC) won by Forfeit
126: Tyler Trout (OLSC) won by Forfeit
132: Billy Trout (OLSC) won over Michael William (MSD) (Fall    1:53)
138: Alexsander Raimundo (MSD) won over Sean Martin (OLSC) (Fall 4:41)
145: Nick Rose (OLSC) won over Kenny Bissainthe (MSD) (Fall 0:29)
152: Calvin Oshamn (OLSC) won over Maurice Braxton (MSD) (Fall 3:00)
160: Joey Gunther (OLSC) won by Forfeit
170: Cameron Justice (OLSC) won over Calvin Johnson (MSD) (Fall 1:46)
182: Patrick Bisaha (OLSC) won over Tylique Gross (MSD) (Fall 0:56)
195: JJ Ygot (OLSC) won over Jason Lombardo (MSD) (Fall 1:03)
220: Bryan Pineda (MSD) won by Forfeit
285: Jerold Gaither (OLSC) won by Forfeit

Maryland School for the Deaf (MSD); 45
Annapolis Area Christian School (AACS); 6

106: Peter Thang (MSD) won by Forfeit
113: Colton Bazalewski (MSD) won by Forfeit
120: Double Forfeit
126: Double Forfeit
132: Michael William (MSD) won by Forfeit
138: Jamal Johnson (MSD) won by Forfeit
145: Alexsander Raimundo (MSD) won by Forfeit
152: Maurice Braxton (MSD) won over Kruger (AACS) (Decision 16-5)
160: Double Forfeit
170: Calvin Johnson (MSD) won over Arnold (AACS) (Fall 1:17)
182: Tylique Gross (MSD) won by Forfeit
195: Double Forfeit
220: Murray (AACS) won over Bryan Pineda (MSD) (Fall 2:58)
285: Double Forfeit


Maryland boys’ basketball

Fairfax Hawks @ Maryland School for the Deaf

              1     2     3     4     =  Total
FH    –   23   16   20   20    =   79
MSD –     8   11   22   10    =   51

Halftime –  Fairfax led 39-19

John Werner, Jr. – 14 points
Rory Lewis – 17 points
Esteban Kovacs – 5 points
Miguel Pavao – 3 points
Stefan Anderson – 8 points
Ethan Sheppeck – 4 points

Team Total FG:  18
Team Total 3FG:  6 (Lewis 5, Werner, Jr.)
Team Total FT:  9-13


Jacob Twadell – 24 points
Jack Guise – 5 points
Forrest Meyer – 3 points
Philip Tozier – 1 point
Haze Green – 26 points
Joe Ciola – 11 points
James Laing – 9 points

Team Total FG:  27
Team Total 3FG:  4 (Twadell 4)
Team Total FT:  21-36

Record: 6-2


Maryland girls’ basketball

Fairfax Hawks @ Maryland School for the Deaf

             1     2     3     4    =  Total
MSD =  16    6     6    5   =   33
FH =     17   10     9   14   =  50


S. Herzig Wilcox – 2 points, 1 steal
A. Patterson – 5 rebounds, 1 assist
C. Perry – 17 points, 10 rebounds, 4 steals, 1 assist
R. Guettler – 10 points, 10 rebounds, 5 steals, 1 assist
E. Beldon – 2 points, 2 assists
E. Kovacs – 2 points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist

Team FG: 15
Team 3-FG: 0
Team FT: 3-7


M. Oliver – 10 points
M. Berger – 7 points
C. Smith – 12 points
I. Cassell – 11 points
M. Gareau – 3 points
N. Green – 7 points

Team FG: 13
Team 3-FG: 5 (Oliver – 2, Berger, Smith, Cassell)
Team FT:  9-18

Record: 5-2


Michigan girls’ basketball

Today we lost to Valley 11-42, our team lead with Addison
Blair with 5 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist, and 1 steal.
Wendy Chicky with 4 points, 1 steal, and 3
rebounds. Candace Fleming with 2 points and 2 rebounds.

Record: 0 win 2 lost


Minnesota boys’ basketball

part of newspaper headline

MSAD boys basketball exacts revenge on Liberty Classical Academy

(was not able to get remainder of the story)


Minnesota girls’ basketball

part of newspaper story

Coach Sabrina Hubmer has seen plenty of improvement from her Minnesota
State Academy for the Deaf girls basketball team this year. Just a few
weeks ago the Trojans (2-5) lost to Liberty Classical Academy (3-4) by 29

(was not able to get remainder of the story because of strict
newspaper registration guidelines)


Model boys’ basketball

Model Secondary School for the Deaf Boys Varsity Basketball


Date: Tuesday, December 19, 2017 at 6:30 pm

Result: Win

Model Secondary School for the Deaf: 48

Charles E Smith Jewish Day Sch: 40


New Mexico boys’ basketball

6’8 player – part of newspaper story

New Mexico School for the Deaf is a dark horse. Imagine the smallest
school in the North with the biggest kid in the region (6-foot-8 Deven
Thompson). Add a couple of good guards, and the Roadrunners are turning
heads at 6-2. If they can finish top two in District 1-1A, NMSD will do
something it has never done in its program history — make the state


Pennsylvania basketball

On 11/30, we traveled to NJSD for our first basketball game. The boys were
ready to go some of our new players did really well too. We won, the top
scores were Jacob Cross with 12 points 7 rebounds 5 steals , Nasir Ford
with 16 points 4 rebounds 4 steals 4 blocks, Peter Dammer with 8 points 3
rebounds, also Hazim Haroun with 5 rebounds our new comer Darnell Godbolt
had 4 points. We are proud of all the boys with there hard work. If you
see them in the hall give a high five ..

Final Score 45-16

Record is 1-0

Today, 12/5, was our first home game against International Christian HS.
We lost but our boys played very hard never gave up kept up the them all
the way until the end. Nasir Ford had 27 points 3 rebounds 6 steals,
adding to that was Jacob Cross with 13 points and 13 rebounds. The rest of
the boys played awesome help out as well. If you see them in the hallways
give them a high five and good job.

Final Score 44-48

Record is 1-1

2/8-12/9, Over the weekend, the Boys Panthers traveled to WPSD for the
annual homecoming basketball tournament. We played against Kentucky, Ohio,
and Western Pennsylvania and finished the weekend with a 3-0 record.

On Friday, 12/8, the first game, boys Panthers won beat Kentucky 44-25.
Nasir Ford got 24 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, 9 steals and other helper
defensive Jacob Cross got 6 points, 11 rebounds, 5 assists 3 steals.

On Saturday, 12/9, 2nd game vs Ohio, the Boys Panthers got little more
challenge against them but had control ball in the game and trapped them.
We won, 44-28, Nasir Ford had 25 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, 9 steals.
Jacob Cross had double-double with 10 points, 11 rebounds. Also other
young freshman, Hazim Haroun stepped up with 8 points, 6 rebounds.

The Third game on Saturday night had a rivalry against WPSD. The game was
fought and hot competition to the end, the Boys Panthers got victory
40-37. WPSD were lead in the game but at the 2nd half time, the Boys
Panthers robbed them and stayed control. Nasir was on the fire in all
quarters got 28 points, 6 rebounds, 4 steals. Also not only himself, other
Jacob Cross helped with 11 points, 8 Rebounds and 3 steals. Addition, 8th
grade, Darnell Godbolt helped in defensive with 6 rebounds and 4 steals.

We saluted to our Boys Panthers had fought and team work to improving!
When you see Boys Panthers, please waves to them and proud of them.

Record 4-1

Today, 12/11 we traveled to Delaware (DSD) the boys were all ready came
out hot, we won. All the boys played did a awesome job  Nasir came with 22
pioints and 10 steals Jacob added 21 points  8 rebounds while Aquil had 8
points and 4 rebounds . The boys played great game offense and defense Im
very proud of them If you see then in the hallways or around tell great

On 12/13, we will be travling to NYSD.

Tell the boys good luck and keep up the hard work..

Final score 52-19

Record 5-1

Today 12/13,  we traveled to NYSD , the boys Panthers battled hard one and
it was a close game all the way through until halftime. The second half,
the boys ran away with it and just played there hearts out, we won. Nasir
had 21 points 8 rebounds 10 steals while Jacob had 13 points 14 rebounds,
The other boys help out as well they all played hard . If you see them
tell them good job and keep up the hard work.

Tomorrow 12/14, away game @ Crefeld and if you see them tell good luck

Final Score 36-26

Record 6-1

Today, 12/14, we traveled to Crefeld HS, the Boys Panthers already ready
to scores leader fast and teamwork. But in the 2nd half time, the Boys
Panthers started sleep and no defensive. One of player Crefled, he made 3
PTS while fouled in, made one free throw to gave Crefeld lead 53-54 and we
only had 4 sec left chance to shoot but at the end, we lost 53-54. Nasir
got 34 points, 7 rebounds, and 8 steals. Jacob got double-double 13
points, and 19 rebounds.

Final score 53-54

Record: 6-2

Today, 12/18, our home game vs CAP, the Boys Panthers came out with
everything we was down by 10 points after came back for halftime. The boys
were on fire playing awesome came back they played with all they had never
gave up . Nasir drop 40 points and 9 steals while Jacob had 22 points 15
rebounds 7 assists. The team did worked hard to stayed on the house court,
tell them great job and keep it up!

final score 66-67

Records 6-3

On 11/30, our Lady Panthers played their first game against the New Jersey
School for the Deaf (NJSD). The girls worked hard and came home with a
victory! It was a great start to the season and the the girls are looking
forward to improving as a team. Senior Yasmean Evans had 10 points and 9
rebounds and sophomore Maysan had her first double-double of the season
with 14 points and 20 rebounds. We are proud of our girls!

Final Score 37-20

Record is 1-0

12/8-12/9,Over the weekend, the Lady Panthers traveled to WPSD for the
annual homecoming basketball tournament. We played against Kentucky, Ohio,
and Western Pennsylvania and finished the weekend with a 2-1 record.

On Friday the girls played Kentucky for the first time and the girls
played well. All the girls contributed to the win and by beating Kentucky
38-28. Yasmean had a double-double with 18 points and 18 rebound.
Defensively, Yasmean had 5 steals. Our other leading scorer, Mecca, had 10
points and 8 rebounds.

On Saturday the girls played 2 games. The first game was against Ohio. The
girls had a sleepy start, but woke up for the second half. The defense
worked hard for the win and the Lady Panthers came out on top with a 32-22
victory. Yasmean had triple double with 15 points, 11 rebounds, and 10

The third game on Saturday was against WPSD. Both teams were 2-0 at the
start of the game. It was a tough, competitive game throughout all 4
quarters. At the half, PSD was behind 10 points and by the end of the
third quarter finally the Lady Panthers took the lead. The Lady Panthers
fought hard in the 4th quarter but ended with a WPSD victory 34-40.
Yasmean had 23 points, 7 rebounds. Sarah had 7 rebounds and 3 points.

We are so proud of our girls and their success this weekend.

Our record is 3-1.

On December 14, the Lady Panthers took a trip to New York School for the
Deaf to take on the Lady Tornadoes. The girls played an excellent
defensive game and each player had the opportunity to get onto the court
to contribute to the win. Yasmean had another double double with 21 points
and 12 rebounds. Sarah scored 8 points and Trinity scored 7 in the win.

our record is 5-1

Final score: 50-26

Make sure you congratulate the girls on another win!

On December 18, the Lady Panthers played their first home game against
Community Academy of Philadelphia. The girls came ready to play and
dominated the whole game. The Lady Panther won 44-25. In the win, Gia
DiGiacomo was the high scorer with 13 points. Maysan Id-deen scored 11
points. Yasmean had 10 rebounds and 8 steals.

Final score 44-25

Our record is 6-1

Make sure you congratulate our girls on another fantastic win!


Rhode Island basketball

RISD Boys Basketball*

On Friday night we opened our 2017-18 season at the New England Tip-Off
Tourney hosted by the American School for the Deaf. We played Marie Philip
School who is expected to be in top 2 teams in the Div 1 ESDAA Boys
this year. They started out very strong and we had a hard time against
their talented players but we did not stop playing from start to the end.
Timothy Jallah scored 7 points for the Roosters while playing the point
guard position and Juan Fernandez-Espinal scored 6 points. MPS won the
by the final score of 46 to 13.

On Saturday in the 3rd place game, we played Horace Mann School for the
Deaf and Hard of Hearing. We started off strong leading 12 to 0 in the
first quarter and never looked back. We showed great team work and played
hard on defense. Timothy Jallah, for the second straight game, handed the
ball as our point guard and kept the offense in control. Jallah scored 10
points and Juan Fernandez-Espinal added a season-high 14 points with our
forward Mario Pacheco chipping in 7 points.

RISD boys finished in 3rd place for the tournament and was awarded the
Sportsmanship award which we are proud of. Timothy Jallah was selected to
the Tournament All Star team.

Our record is now 1-1 and we play the NESD Tip-Off Tournament Champion
American School for the Deaf on Wednesday, 12/6/17.

*RISD Boys Basketball Record:* 1-1
*Next Game:* Wednesday, December 6th at American School for the Deaf (4:00


*RISD Girls Basketball*

RISD Lady Roosters started this season with the New England Schools for
Deaf Basketball Tip-Off Tournament, hosted by American School for the
Our first game was against the host school ASD girls’ team.

Both teams started out the game a little sloppy as only 2 points was
in the first quarter. ASD Girls started to pick things up with a strong
quarter and had a 17-2 halftime lead.

Our young team tried their best to improve in the second half by focusing
on improving ourselves and showed great effort the whole game. We lost the
game 33-6.

RISD –  0   2   0    4  – 6
ASD –   2  15  12  4  – 33

*RISD Girls*
Melissa E. – 4 Points
Ellie L. – 2 Points

On Saturday in the 3rd place game, we played Horace Mann School for the
Deaf and Hard of Hearing — this was a lot more competitive and a fun game
for both teams involved. The game was tense all the way from the beginning
to the end and the lead was never too big.

We got great contributions from unexpected players on both ends of the
court and actually held the lead through the first half before letting HMS
go on a run and take the lead, which they never surrendered. HMS would win
the game by the final score of 21-15.

HMS –  4   2   9    6  – 21
RISD – 6    2   4    3  – 15

*RISD Girls*
Melissa E. – 7 Points
Ellie L. – 6 Points
Lillian K. – 2 Points

*RISD Girls Basketball Record:* 0-2
*Next Game:* Wednesday, December 6th at American School for the Deaf (5:30


*RISD Boys Basketball*

Our boys Roosters traveled to West Hartford, CT to face the American
for the Deaf. ASD jumped to a quick lead but our boys did not back down
worked hard facing the press that the Tigers put on us. ASD never gave up
their lead and defeated us by the score of 46-18.

Jayden E. led the Roosters with 6 points, hitting 4 out of 5 free throws.
Timothy added 4 points with 7 rebounds and Mario Pacheco chipped in with 5
points. Juan Fernandez- Espinal contributed with 9 rebounds.

We will next travel to Trenton, NJ for the MKSD Basketball Tip-off
Tournament this Friday-Saturday, December 8-9.

*RISD Boys Basketball Record:* 1-2
*Next Game:* Friday, December 8th vs. Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf
(6:45 P.M.)


*RISD Girls Basketball*

Our Lady Roosters played American School for the Deaf’s Girls Basketball
team for the second time in six days, and we were looking to improve upon
our performance from last weekend. Our girls struggled to contain ASD’s
one-girl attack in the first quarter as we got outscore 11-0 before
finally getting on the scoreboard with 4 points to end the first quarter.

We slowly started to eat away at their lead, coming as close as 4 points
the third quarter before ASD’s primary ball handler came on fire again and
scored 10 of her game-high 22 points in the last 10 minutes of the game.
RISD lost our scoring touch and struggled to maintain our offensive tempo
in the fourth quarter as ASD won the game by the final score of 26-13.

The coaches saw some positive things and we are glad our girls improved
compared to last weekend. We will next participate in the MKSD Basketball
Tipoff Tournament  against three other ESDAA Division 2 schools – which
will be a good preview of the ESDAA Tournament next February.

RISD –  4   2   6   1  – 13
ASD –   11  3   4   8  – 26

Yasmin S. – 4 Points
Lillian K. – 4 Points
Melissa E-G. – 3 Points
Ellie L. – 2 Points

*RISD Girls Basketball Record:* 0-3
*Next Game:* Friday, December 8th vs. Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf
(3:00 P.M.)

*RISD Boys Basketball*

On Friday we traveled to New Jersey to participate in the Marie Katzenbach
School for the Deaf Basketball Tip-Off Tournament as well as their
Homecoming. Our boys were scheduled against the host school’s boys team —
this was the third time we would play NJ as both schools met in the last
two ESDAA Boys Basketball Tournaments. This game was the battle from the
start, and MKSD capitalized on an off-shooting night from our team and
turnovers to win the game 26-19.
Mario P. led the Roosters with 6 points and 5 rebounds and Juan F-E-E
contributed 4 points and 11 rebounds.

On Saturday morning in the 3rd-Place game, we played Delaware School for
the Deaf. The coaches placed a strong emphasis on our defensive game plan
and our Roosters executed the plan very well, which helped us build a
lead. We were able to hold the lead from the beginning to the end, winning
the game by the score of 40-16. Freshman point guard Jayden E. scored a
career-high 15 points and Juan F-E. recorded a double-double with 14
and 11 rebounds, which came on his eighteenth birthday. Juan was selected
as an Tournament All-Star.

*RISD Boys Basketball Record:* 2-3
*Next Game:* Monday, December 11th vs. Times Square Academy (5:00 P.M.)


*RISD Girls Basketball*

Our RISD Girls’ Basketball Team traveled to Trenton, NJ for the MKSD
Basketball Tip-Off Tournament/Homecoming Weekend. Our girls didn’t have
much time to really warm up and mentally get in the game and this showed
the first quarter as MKSD jumped out to a 11-2 lead. Our girls were able
clamp down on defense, only allowing 10 points the rest of the game – but
our offense just wasn’t quite there today. MKSD won the game 21-5.

RISD –      2   0   0    3  – 5
MKSD –   11  0   6    4  – 21

*RISD Girls*
Melissa E-G – 2 Points
Lillian K. – 2 Points
Ellie L. – 1 Point

On Saturday in the 3rd place game, we played Rochester School for the Deaf
— this time, our girls were ready to play and it showed on the basketball
court! Our girls battled Rochester’s girls and the halftime score remained
very close at 12-8.

We had many chances to cut the lead or even take the lead for ourselves,
but the shots just wouldn’t fall through the net and Rochester was
eventually able to score a couple of times to build their lead One of our
starters got hurt in the second half, which allowed RSD to pull away with
the lead and win the game 25-15.

We will finally host our first home game this Monday afternoon, December
11th when Times Square Academy comes to our home gym.

RSD –   6    6   6    9  – 25
RISD –  4    4   1    6  – 15

*RISD Girls*
Melissa E. – 7 Points
Ellie L. – 6 Points
Lillian K. – 2 Points

*RISD Girls Basketball Record:* 0-5
*Next Game:* Monday, December 11th vs. Times Square Academy (3:00 P.M.)


*RISD Boys Basketball*

On Monday December 11th, the RISD boys finally played their first home
of the 2017-18 season against Times Square Academy. Times Square showed
some quickness in the beginning but could not crack our defense and was
limited to taking a lot of their shots outside the paint which worked to
the coaches’ gameplan.

RISD led from the start and the lead would remain that way into halftime
with a 17-13 lead. Our players came out strong in the second half and was
able to pull away, allowing the coaches to play most of our reserves at
end which gave them valuable game experience. The Roosters won the game by
the final score of 35 to 23. Jayden E. led the scoring with 16 points and
12 rebounds. Juan F-E. also contributed another double-double with 14
points and 18 rebounds.

TSA –   13   10  –  23
RISD –  17   18  – 35

*RISD Boys Basketball Record:* 3-3
*Next Game:* Thursday, December 14th vs. Providence County Day School


*RISD Girls Basketball*

Our Lady Roosters hosted our first home game this season against Times
Square Academy. Our girls hadn’t won a game yet so we were ready to come
out and play hard today in hopes of earning our first win. Times Square
a point guard who showed very good ball handling skills and good shooting
form – our coaches switched our defense immediately to contain this point
guard and it worked. Our Lady Roosters was able to get contributions from
three players on offense and only had a 2-point halftime lead.

Times Square grabbed the lead early in the second half — our coaches
immediately called timeout to stop the momentum. Our girls made
and were able to go on a big scoring run to seize the lead and hold on to
it to the end, winning 25-21! The coaches were proud of our
student-athletes for how they played today. We hope to build on our
in our next home game this Thursday against Providence County Day School.

TSA –   10   11  – 21
RISD –  12  13  – 25

Yasmin S. – 13 Points
Melissa E. – 6 Points
Olivia C. – 6 Points

*RISD Girls Basketball Record:* 1-5
*Next Game:* Thursday, December 14th vs. Providence County Day (3:30 P.M.)


*RISD Boys Basketball*

In our 2nd game of the week, the Roosters’ boys basketball team played
to the Providence Country Day School here at RISD. It was an evenly
game and all of our boys contributed in all aspects of the game.

PCD took a small lead in the first half, utilizing their key players who
had a height advantage, but our Roosters remained close especially with
buzzer-beating long three-point shot at halftime by Jayden E. who led the
Roosters with 15 points.

In the second half, we itched closer in the final few minutes and were
unable to tie the game despite coming within one possession and having the
ball in our hands. PCD would win the game by the final score of 27-24.
F. chipped in with 4 points and 4 rebounds.

RISD Boys Basketball Record: 3-4
*Next Game:* Friday, December 15th vs. San Miguel (3:30 P.M.)


*RISD Girls Basketball*

Our Lady Roosters played host to Providence Country Day School — last
year, they beat us 31-21 so we were looking forward to seeing how both
teams matched up this year.

We were able to jump out to an early lead through the first eight minutes
of the game, but we allowed PCD to steal the lead away from us as the
halftime score was 11-10.

The second half was a NAIL-BITER! Both teams battled each other and the
lead switched back and forth until we had a three-point lead with few
minutes left. Our shots couldn’t fall through and PCD was able to tie the
game at 23-23 by the end of regulation!

So we played a three-minute overtime period and the game continued to be
tense. Our key player fouled out immediately in overtime, which forced our
other starters to step up and they did! We were fortunate to get a jump
ball in our favor with few seconds left, and our inbound play worked,
giving Lillian K. the ball and she recorded her first game-winning shot as
the time ran out in overtime! Our Lady Roosters definitely earned this
27-26 overtime win over PCD.

PCD –   5  6  6  6     3  – 26
RISD –  8  2  5  8     4  – 27

Yasmin S. – 15 Points
Lillian K. – 6 Points
Melissa E. – 4 Points
Olivia C. – 2 Points

*RISD Girls Basketball Record:* 2-5
*Next Game:* Tuesday, December 19th @ Marie Philip School (5:30 P.M.)

*RISD Boys Basketball*

Last Friday, December 15th, we played host to San Miguel School here at
RISD. This would be the first meeting between these two schools who are
practically right around the corner from each other. San Miguel jumped out
early to a 10-2 lead and they scored most of their points in the paint
through drives and/or offensive rebounding and second chance shots. Our
Roosters did not shoot very well from the field as we finished the game
with a low field goal percentage.

We struggled a lot on both ends of the floor in the second half (our young
team going through growing pains) and both teams gave their bench players
valuable playing time to close out the game. San Miguel School won the
game, 44 to 17. Jayden E. led the Roosters with 7 points and 7 rebounds.
Daury A. chipped in with 4 points and 6 rebounds.

*RISD Boys Basketball Record:* 3-5
*Next Game:* Tuesday, December 19th @ Marie Philip School (4:00 P.M.)


Rochester girls’ basketball

The Wildcats played against The Destiny team. We started off 12-0 run in
the first quarter. We controlled the game offensively with 38-17. Courtney
Gentzke scored 14 with 4 rebounds and 3 steals. McKenna Girod added 8
points and 5 rebounds.

Record: 4-2

Next game tomorrow at 4 pm vs Rapids.


Virginia boys’ basketball

newspaper listing of scores

Virginia School for the Deaf 81, Shenandoah Valley Academy 52


Washington basketball

Record: 2-2 League: 0-1
12/5/17 – WSD 32 vs. OSD 22
12/7/17 – WSD 21 vs. Hudson’s Bay 14
12/12/17 – WSD 21 vs. Fort Vancouver 24
12/14/17 – WSD 16 @ Columbia Adventist Academy 52

WSD Terriers
Record: 0-4 League: 0-1
12/5/17 – WSD 32 vs. OSD 39
12/7/17 – WSD 23 vs. Hudson’s Bay 40
12/12/17 – WSD 56 vs. King’s Way Christian 61
12/14/17 – WSD 30 @ Columbia Adventist Academy 76


Western Pennsylvania girls’ basketball

WPSD 30 – First Baptist Christian School 31

5 won – 2 lost

Danielle Fisher – 13
Olivia Larson – 8
Ryane Smalley – 6


Western Pennsylvania boys’ basketball

First Baptist

FB 67 – WPSD 57

C. DяяAmore – 23 points
D. Harclerode – 17 points

Record 3 – 4


professional lumberjack

Overseas axemen sharpen up for southern timber sports circuit

The axeman was 18 months old when he developed spinal meningitis. He had a
cochlear implant inserted in his left ear at 3.

full story at:


a deaf player in indoor football

Edge add former Ole Miss cornerback Shepard

Tee Shepard, a 6-foot-1, 195-pound cornerback who finished his college
career at Mississippi, is the latest addition to the Edge roster as the
team returns to the Indoor Football League for 2018.

full story at: