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Gallaudet softball

Gallaudet and Trinity play additional inning to make second game official

WASHINGTON – It only took 15 minutes but 17 days after their second game
was halted prematurely, after three and a half innings of play, Gallaudet
University and Trinity Washington University played one more inning to
make their second March 24 game official.

Gallaudet claimed the 14-0 shutout win in five innings.

Back on March 24, Gallaudet won the first game of the non-conference
doubleheader 22-0 in five innings.

In the second game, Gallaudet jumped out to a 14-0 lead before the umpire
asked the Trinity coach if they wanted to stop the game and they agreed
along with the Gallaudet coach. The NCAA ruled a no game result and
results and statistics would not count until the two teams played one more

Per NCAA rules, this second game goes back to March 24 even though the
final inning was played on April 10.

All games statistics from this game now count. GU’s record after the
second Trinity game makes the Bison 4-9.

GU scored 14 runs on seven hits and 16 walks issued by Trinity. Freshman
pitcher Hannah Carter (Dayton, Ohio) earned the win as she threw a
complete game two-hit shutout where she struck out six batters. Senior
Alyssa Barlow (Chandler, Ariz.) led the offense with a 2-for-2 performance
at the plate with two runs, two RBI, two walks and one double. Junior
Sabina Shysh (Tucson, Ariz.) drove in two runs, scored twice on one hit.

Now, Gallaudet’s eight games since March 24 now must be revised with a new
team record and updated overall statistics.

The Bison are now 9-12 overall heading into Tuesday night’s games at
Washington Adventist University.

Alabama track

Talladega County Track Meet (4/10/18)

Lady Warriors – 6th place (45.5 points)

100 Meter Hurdles
Addison Smith – 8th place

1600 Meter Run
Jaycee Tucker – 6th place

3200 Meter Run
Sasha Dailey – 1st place
Elizabeth Gillum – 4th place

4X100 Meter Relay
ASD – 8th place

4X400 Meter Relay
ASD – 6th place

4X800 Meter Relay
ASD – 3rd place

Monserrat Sanchez – 6th place
Brittney Bailey – 7th place

Shot Put
Monserrat Sanchez – 6th place
Brittney Bailey – 8th place

Monserrat Sanchez – 4th place
Brittney Bailey – 6th place

Talladega County Track Meet (4/10/18)

Silent Warriors – 7th place (36 points)
300 Meter Hurdles
Michael Paige – 3rd place
Marc Wallace – 4th place
400 Meter Dash
Marc Wallace – 4th place
1600 Meter Run
Cade Henson – 4th place
3200 Meter Run
Cade Henson – 4th place

4X100 Meter Relay
ASD – 7th place
4X400 Meter Relay
ASD – 5th place
4X800 Meter Relay
ASD – 7th place



Missouri track

Missouri School for the Deaf High school students went to Vienna for a
track meet on April 10. We raced against 10 other school. The kids
continue work hard to improve their time or distance. Some of them had
their personal record and one season record. The coaches are so proud of

MSD Boys earned 8 points (10th place) and the girls earned 13 points (10th

100 Meter
12th place – SR Dacota Pierson 12.73H
17th place – FR Hezeki Smoot – 13.12H
22nd place – SO Devyn Davis 14.15H

200 Meter
7th place – SR Dacota Pierson 26.89H

400 Meter
12th place – SO. Mikal Meriwether 1:04.18H (PR)
16th place – SO Devyn Davis – 1:08.31H
17th place – FR Hezeki Smoot – 1:09.28H (PR)

800 Meters
12th place – FR Hezeki Smoot – 2:50.34H
17th place – SO Devyn Davis 3:07.36H

Shot Put –
7th place – SO Mikal Meriwether 33-04.00

Discus –
14th place – SO Mikal Meriwether – 72-10
27th place – SO Devyn Davis 33-08

High Jump –
5th place – SO Mikal Meriwether – 5-04.0

Long Jump –
9th place – FR Hezeki Smoot – 15-06.25 (PR)
10th place – SR Dacota Pierson 15-05.00


100 Meter
17th place – SR Kara Reed – 18.59H

200 Meter
16th place – FR Cristin Kohl – 40.02H
17th place – SR Kara Reed – 40.47 H (PR)

800 Meter
9th place – FR Addisyn Tapella – 4:08.94H

1600 Meter
10th place – FR Sara Farmer – 8:31.34

100m Hurdles – 33′
6th place – FR Sara Farmer – 27.28 H (PR)

300m Hurdles – 30′
6th place – FR Sara Farmer – 1:17.59 H

4×100 Relay – 1:11.68H

4X200 Relay – 2:30.38H

Shot Put –
15th place – SR Melissa Davis – 20-03 (PR)
17th place – FR Cristin Kohl 17-02.25 (PR)
18th place – FR Addisyn Tapella 17-01.00

Discus –
14th place – SR Melissa Davis – 54-03 (SR)
18th place – FR Cristin Kohl – 34-07


Oregon track

part of newspaper story

Last Chance Meet involving 5 small high schools

Sweet Home, Creswell, Harrisburg, Lowell, Monroe and Oregon School for
the Deaf

Boys Results

* Personal Best

Team Scores – (1) Sweet Home 231; (2) Monroe 112.5; (3) Harrisburg
101.5; (4) Lowell 86.5; (5) Creswell 56.5; (6) Oregon School for the Deaf

4×100 Relay – (1) Sweet Home (Eric Blanchard, Austin Stevens, Hayden
Nichol, Lance Hanson) 45.97; (2) Creswell 46.84; (3) Harrisburg 47.32; (4)
Oregon School for the Deaf 47.62; (5) Lowell 49.21; (6) Oregon School for
the Deaf “B” 54.68
Girls Results

Team Scores – (1) Sweet Home 198; (2) Monroe 142; (3) Harrisburg 135.5;
(4) Creswell 74; (5) Lowell 50.5; (6) Oregon School for the Deaf 2.

college deaf softball player

part of newspaper story

St. Thomas Aquinas College’s Missy Sadler thriving as a two-sport star despite hearing
Sadler is currently the starting center fielder and has the second-highest
batting average on the Spartans’ softball team

Sadler missed the softball team’s first 12 games due to the deep
postseason run of the basketball team. The Spartans were 2-10 in those
games and have gone 6-8 since her return to the field.