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DeafDigest Sports – August 5, 2018
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Hot DeafSports News at:

— August football games

— retirement party at Gallaudet

— two years to set up captions at soccer stadium

— random deafsports thoughts

DeafSports picture of the day

Deaf Sports Collections update
— greatest deaf schools football coaching accomplishment!


deaf schools football games – August

Aug 17 Riverside hosts Public Safety Academy
Aug 17 Phoenix at NFL YET
Aug 17 Fremont hosts Encina Prep
Aug 17 Indiana hosts Traders Point

Aug 23 Florida hosts Oak Hall

Aug 24 Indiana at Trinity Lutheran
Aug 24 Phoenix hots Hayden
Aug 24 Riverside at Cornerstone Christian
Aug 24 Michigan at Posen
Aug 24 Maryland hosts FCA Bucks
Aug 24 Model at Green Street Academy

Aug 25 Louisiana hosts Georgia
Aug 25 Fremont at North Tahoe

Aug 30 Florida at Halifax Academy
Aug 30 Colorado at Weldon Valley
Aug 30 Riverside hosts San Jacinto Valley
Aug 30 Oklahoma at Arkansas
Aug 30 Wisconsin at Alden-Hebron

Aug 31 Alabama hosts Valley Head
Aug 31 Maryland at Maryland Christian
Aug 31 Texas at DasCHE
Aug 31 Indiana hosts Howe
Aug 31 Fremont at San Juan
Aug 31 Riverside hosts Ray

rest of football-playing schools start their seasons
in September.


retirement party at Gallaudet

DeafDigest Sports editor and his wife attended the
retirement party yesterday of Gallaudet athletic
director Mike Weinstock.

The luncheon was packed with Mike’s friends,
old classmates, old teammates and professional
colleagues all praising him for job well done and
wishing him Happy Retirement Years afterwards.

It was emphasized at the party that on Mike’s watch,
the Gallaudet athletic program has become one of
the nation’s finest NCAA-III athletic programs -
recruiting blue-chip deaf athletes (few became
pros, and others attracting interest of pro scouts),
entering the NCAA-III national playoffs in some sports
plus winning some conference championships, being
competitive in two conferences (football-only
and the other for other sports), top-notch media
and publicity services, promoting all head coaches
in all sports from part-timers to full-timers, finest
outdoor and indoor athletic facilities, etc.

While Mike is retiring, he is not going away. He will
stay on for a while as a consultant to help, advise
and guide new athletic director Victor Mansure in
operating this great Gallaudet athletic program.

The new athletic director knows ASL. He has worked with
the deaf in different athletic programs in the past.

Both Mike and Victor have one thing in common – they
were both great basketball players; Mike, at Gallaudet
and Victor in Brazil.


random deafsports thoughts

during the Mike Weinstock retirement party, DeafDigest
Sports editor was in the same dining table with
Richard Smrz, who played Gallaudet basketball in the
late fifties and early sixties.

Smrz recalled the bad days one season when his
basketball team had a great record during the first
semester. Come the Holiday Season break, the players
did not keep up with basketball, ate too much food
and did not practice shooting hoops. After the
Holiday break, the team had to start all over – and
it resulted in a long losing streak!

This wouldn’t happen these days since college
basketball is practically a year around committment
instead of being a Novemeber to February committment!


two years to set up captions at a soccer stadium

Red Bulls score with scoreboard closed-captioning initiative

Closed Captions a success at Red Bulls arena

The New York Red Bulls made a major move this season that was applauded by
many. It had nothing to do with adding a star player or a new coach.

The Major League Soccer team is now using closed-captioning on the
scoreboard of Red Bulls Arena in Harrison, a move that enhances the
stadium experience for the deaf or hard of hearing who can’t hear the
public address announcer. The Red Bulls are the third team in the MLS to
use closed captioning.

The closed-captioning plan was two years in the making. In 2016 a fan
reached out to Red Bull Arena COO Shaun Oliver on behalf of the deaf

“The Red Bulls looked at stadium guides for all clubs across Major League
Soccer,” said Sammy Steinlight, a public relations consultant for the Red
Bulls. “Colorado, Columbus, Houston, both LA teams and Kansas City all
have handheld captioning or assisted-listening devices available, but
Seattle and New York City are the only teams who display captioning on
their in-stadium boards.”

The closed-captioning officially began at Red Bulls Arena during the third
game of the season, which started in March.

“Everyone has been very receptive,” said Stetson. “It really helps people
in the deaf and hard-of-hearing community to follow the game along and we
haven’t had any issues with utilizing it. It was something that we wanted
to dedicate ourselves to for the fans.”


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