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deaf schools won/lost records (as of 10/15/18)

2018 football scores (as of 10/15/18)


football games this week

Oct 18 Fremont hosts Oakland Military Institute
Oct 18 Missouri at Wisconsin
Oct 18 Florida hosts Cedar Creek Christian
Oct 18 Alabama at Arkansas
Oct 10 Tennessee at Tennessee Heat Home School

Oct 19 Indiana at Indianapolis Howe (1st round sectionals)
Oct 19 Riverside hosts Villanova Prep
Oct 19 Colorado hosts Edison
Oct 19 Texas at Geneva School of Boerne
Oct 19 Model at Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech

Oct 20 Iowa at Kansas
Oct 20 Mississippi at Maryland
Oct 20 Carolinas at South Carolina

season has ended for a few schools

Maryland vs Mississippi is the second big
game of season that Maryland has to face
(having previously defeated Texas)


Alabama football

newspaper story

ASD 36, LSD 22: Silent Warriors roll past Eagles

The Alabama School for the Deaf defeated Louisiana School for the Deaf
36-22 in eight-man football at Kiwanis Field on Saturday.

Silent Warriors senior running back EJ Wilkins punched in a two-point
conversion following a 35-yard touchdown run by junior quarterback Cory
McKinnie to take a 16-14 lead with five minutes remaining in the first


Georgia volleyball

newspaper story

Brette Bata and Bridgette Jones represented Armuchee on the all-area team,
while Model players Brooke Roberts and Maggie Jon White joined them. Also
named to the all-area team were Rockmart’s Landra Jones and Georgia
School for the Deaf’s Zariah Clay.


Lexington volleyball

Lexington Volleyball

Oct 3rd-

Heschel 3-0 (25-13, 25-21, 25-12) over Lexington
Dayana Fragoso led the team with 13 points. Dorgianny Flores had 7
Gigi Zheng had 4 kills and Lawryn Hernandez had 3 kills.

PSAA 0-5
Overall 2-6

Oct 4
Heschel 3-0 (25-10, 25-13, 25-20) over Lexington
Dorgianny Flores had 5 points and 6 assists. May Tun had 3 points and 3

PSAA 0-6
Overall 2-7

Oct 11

Lawrence Woodmere 3-0 (25-20, 25-21, 25-22) over Lexington

May Tun had 10 points, 5 attacks, and 2 kills. Gigi Zheng contributed 10

PSAA 0-7
Overall 2-8

Oct 13

Lexington 3-0 (25-18, 25-22, 25-12) over PSD

Lawryn Hernandez had 10 points. Jayda Merejo had 7 points. Dorgianny
had 10 assists. May Tun had 6 attacks and 5 kills. Gigi Zheng had 7
4 kills.

PSAA 0-7
Overall 3-8

We have 4 games this week.


New York/Fanwood soccer

October 10, we played against Lowell. We won 4-1. October 13, we played
against Pennsylvania School for the Deaf. We won 3-1. Our record improve


New York/Fanwood soccer and volleyball

Fanwood vs Soundview

10/10: New York School for the Deaf’s volleyball team defeated The
Soundview Preparatory School with a score of 2-0 (25-15 & 25-8). The
strength for the game was serving.

In total, the team earned 22 aces including 9 aces for Samantha Pon, one
kill, and one assist.

SVS:   15  8

NYSD: 25  25

New York School for the Deaf vs American School for the Deaf

10/11: New York School for the Deaf beat American School for the Deaf
with a score of 3-0 (25-19, 25-19 & 25-20). During the game, the Lady
Golden Tornadoes were able to showcase their much improved three passing
skills. They have come a long way! Thank you to the fans who attended, it
was great to feel the Fanwood energy and pride cheering for us.

Samantha Pon worked really hard for her team, earning 11 aces and 3 kills.
Kaila Gathers did a fabulous job with serving, as she earned 9 aces. Kiara
Herrera improved her hitting performance, with 2 kills. Kiara also earned
aces. Britney Pon earned 4 aces. Annenisha Persaud earned 2 aces and one
assist. Amanda Moleano scored 1 assist.

Our current record is 6-3. On Tuesday, October 16th, we will be hosting
Montford Academy at 4 pm. Please come and cheer us on!

ASD:   19  19  20

NYSD: 25  25  25

League: 1-1

ESDAA: 5-2

Overall: 6-3

*On Friday, October 12*, New York School for the Deaf (Fanwood) traveled
the New York State School for the Deaf in Rome, NY for a Friendship Soccer
In the first game, Fanwood defeated Rome by a score of 9-3. In the first
half sophomore, Christian Gonzalez scored four goals and two of those
were scored within the first three minutes of play. Fanwood holds the lead
In the second half, senior, Chris Marin-Palafox scored two goals and added
one assist. Alnord Deski added one goal and five assists. Sophomore,
Jaykuss Figueroa contributed one goal and two assists, Late in the game,
Christian Gonzalez added one final goal to end the game with a 9-3 final

NYSD:   4   5  =  9
NYSSD: 2  1  =  3

*Saturday, October 13*, Fanwood played against Mill Neck Manor School for
the Deaf in Long Island, defeating Mill Neck by a score of 5-0.
In the half, Fanwood’s Christian Gonzalez scored one goal and freshman,
Moises Almonte, added one assist, which put Fanwood on top 1-0.
In the second half, Christian Gonzalez added two additional goals. Jaykuss
Figueroa contributed one goal and two assists, and Chris Marin-Palafox
concluded the scoring with a goal to ensure the 5-0 Fanwood victory.

MNMSD: 0  0 = 0
NYSD:    1  4  = 5

League: 0-2
Record: 3-5

Next game at Rhode Island School for the Deaf on Tuesday, October 16 and
Education First International on Wednesday, October 17.

On Friday, we will travel to Lexington School for the Deaf for the ESDAA
Tournament weekend.


Pennsylvania volleyball

Yesterday, October 13th, Saturday, the PSD Panthers Volleyball team put up
a great fight our PSD Volleyball Homecoming weekend but lost to Lexington
School for the Deaf in 3 games (18-25, 23-25, 12-25). They were very
excited and inspired by all the support from fellow PSD students, staff,
and supporters cheering them on! Gia DiGiacomo led the team in stats with
a total of 4 aces and 9 kills. Thanks for coming out to support the

Record is 3-3

On October 16th, Tuesday, home game vs Delaware School for the Deaf @ 4:00


Pennsylvania soccer

Yesterday, October 13th, Lexington came our PSD soccer homecoming game. It
was our first ever homecoming game for soccer. It was a cold and muddy day
but PSD boys were so excited to play at their home. Hazim Haroun scored
the first goal at the beginning of the game with a beautiful assist pass
from Anel Petion that got entire team and our PSD fans fired up. It was a
very hard fought game but unfortunately, we only have 10 players while
Lexington have 22. Our boys got tired at 2nd half and lost to Lexington 3
to 1.  PSD coaches are very proud of the boys, who have big heart and
leave everything on the field and never giving up until end.

Record is 1-3-1.

Our final regular season on 10/17, last home game vs MKSD @ 4:00 PM. After
the final home game, we will be heading to Rhode Island School for the
Deaf for ESDAA DIV II Soccer tournament weekend on Oct 19th and 20th.


Rhode Island soccer


We traveled westbound on I-90 to Rome, N.Y. to participate in the annual
International Friendship Soccer Tournament — the weather there was quite
colder than what we were accustomed to and the field would be a lot more
muddier and softer, but the competition would be there and our team was
looking forward to it. We opened our tournament against Mill Neck Manor
(who borrowed some players from NYSSD to field a full team). Our spirit
enthusiasm was on full-force for this game — but the muddy field
conditions slowed us down somewhat.

Mill Neck struck first but we responded well and was able to secure a goal
of our own. MNM would add on two more goals on defensive miscommunications
to stake a 3-1 halftime lead. The coaches instilled some urgency in our
team and told them that we were a much better team than what we showed in
the first half — we had to focus on scoring one goal at a time and things
would fall in place.

Our team showed outstanding discipline, patience and executed our
possession gameplan to perfection, completing more than twice as many
passes as we’ve done in any game prior to this one. We were able to score
two more goals in the second half to knot the game up at 3-3 apiece and
threatened to score again only to have time run out on us. Mill Neck
declined to play overtime, so we ended the game with a 3-3 tie and a huge
moral victory for our team.

MNM –  3   0  – 3
RISD –  1   2  – 3

Jayden E. – 2 Goals
Timothy J. – 1 Goal


Hot off our moral victory from yesterday, we look forward to playing the
host team, NYSSD-Rome at 8:30 A.M. on a cold, rainy day morning in what
could be a preview of one of our possible games during the ESDAA Division
II Soccer Tournament.

Our team focused on executing the same game plan as we did last time —
dominate possession, be patient and disciplined while completing passes
pushing the ball into the offensive half. We were able to score a nice
in the first half while missing out on at least 10-15 other shots and
headed off the field with a 1-0 halftime lead.

Our coaches reminded the team that they still had another half left to
and that we’d be switching sides — meaning that Rome would be leading
their offense on the better side of the field while we’d have to work our
attack on the muddier side of the field. So it was critical that we do not
back off on our plan.

Our defense started to tire and wasn’t able to close out on a nice kick by
Rome’s forward that went over our goaltender’s head and into the back of
the net to knot the game up at 1-1 apiece.

Rome added one more goal near the end of the game on a defensive mistake
when one of our defender tried to pass the ball back to the goalie, only
accidentally find the back of our net. We tried to seize momentum back,
missed on a number of shots and let this game slip out of our hands,
2-1. It was a great game on both sides and we look forward to learning
our mistakes for the ESDAA Tournament.

RISD –    1  0  – 1
NYSSD – 0  2  – 2

Timothy J. – 1 Goal

*RISD Soccer Record*: 0-7-1
*Next Game*: Tuesday, October 16 vs. NYSD (3:30 P.M.)


Rochester homecoming

The 2018 RSD Homecoming Tournament is now in the books.  Many thanks to
who volunteered for the tournament as we could not have done it without
you!  We appreciate all the hard work put in by the housekeeping,
maintenance, technology, residential life and security departments for all
their hard work as it was truly a team effort in putting on such an event.

Thanks as well to all that came out and supported the wildcats!
Here are the results of the action this weekend:

*All Star Team-Volleyball-3 teams*



1.   Cami Cole

St. Mary’s

2.   Mierra Robinson


3.   Emma Kane


4.   Julia Ott


5.   Sabina Bajgai


6.   McKenna Girod


*2nd Place*:  _Ohio__________________________

*Champions*:  __Rochester__________________

*All Star Team-Soccer-4 teams*



1.   Amin Ali


2.   Thomas Coates


3.   Callum Paterson


4.   Guled Ali


5.  Nick Barrus

St. Mary’s

6.   Ben Radez


7.   Calder Nicholson


8.   Dever Bauman


*2nd Place*:  ___Rochester________________________

*Champions*:  __Ohio______________________

*Friday *

*Volleyball Results*

Ohio 0      Rochester 2

RSD 2      St. Mary’s 0

St. Mary’s 0  Ohio 2

*Soccer Results*

RSD 5      St. Mary’s 2

Drury 2     Ohio   9

Ohio  6     RSD  0

St. Mary’s 2  Drury 5


*Volleyball Results*

Ohio 2 St. Mary’s 0

Championship Game-RSD 3    Ohio 0

*Soccer Results*

St. Mary’s 0  Ohio  7

RSD 5  Drury  3

3rd /4th Place game- Drury 3  St. Mary’s 2

Championship Game- Ohio 6  RSD 0

RSD wildcats host the Homecoming for the weekend. E.C.Drury, St.Mary’s,
Ohio School for the Deaf visited our school to have a tournament.
and Ohio School come here to play volleyball games to have a round robin
games (best of 3) then have a playoffs on the next day (Saturday). Not
that, Eugenio Maria De Hostos team will play against each of Deaf schools
for exhibition games.

Game 7 against Ohio School for the Deaf

Set 1 – W 25 – 16
Set 2 – W 25 – 12

McKenna Girod – 4 Assists

Game 8 against Eugenio Maria De Hostos (Exhibition)

Set 1 – W 25 – 20
Set 2 – W 25 – 14

Mariana Menzynski – 3 kills

Game 9 against St.Mary’s School for the Deaf

Set 1 – W 25 – 6
Set 2 – W 25 – 14

Diane Ward – 2 kills

Game 10 against Ohio School for the Deaf for championship game. (best of

Set 1 – W 25 – 6
Set 2 – W 25 – 12
Set 3 – W 25 – 7

McKenna Girod – 9 assists, 3 aces, and 1 kill
Julia Ott – 6 kills,
Cah’ryn Moquette – 4 blocks
Mariana Menzynski – 2 kills and 4 aces

Record: 9-1

Next game against Douglas at 4:30 pm today. We also will have our senior
night as our last home game today.

(October 9, 2018) Game 6 against Eugenio Maria De Hostos – We host the
and won 2-1 sets due to play against JV team. We will play all 3 sets.

Set 1- W 25 – 17
Set 2 – W 25 – 11
Set 3 – L 22 – 25

McKenna Girod – 9 assists and 3 aces
Cah’ryn Moquette – 6 kills and
Mariana Menzynski – 2 kills and 2 aces


St Mary’s volleyball

The lady Bisons traveled to Rochester this weekend for their annual
homecoming tournament. The ladies started off a little jet lagged and
rusty from losing a week of practice with our full squad. During the first
night the girls took on both Rochester and Ohio schools for the deaf in a
round robin matchup. The lady Bisons lost first to Rochester in two
straight sets and then Ohio in another two straight.

The lady Bisons then took on Ohio school for the deaf on Saturday in the
first bracketed game of the day. After seeing OSD the night before, the
girls came into this game with a new strategy and a strong constitution.
Julia Bronnenberg lead the team in points all weekend and Elise Watson and
Cameron Cole played big across the court with some amazing saves and
attacks. Emma Foster received her first attack point of the season and
Aleyshka Rivera and Brionna Zappa both came a live to help the team win
some impressive volleys.

Though it was a competitive match, the lady Bisons fell in two sets ending
up in third place overall for the tournament and Cameron Cole was selected
for the all star team. Please congratulate the girls on a job well done as
they continue to improve through out the season.



Tennessee volleyball

finished season with a 15-12 record

0-11 in district play

15-1 vs deaf teams


Wisconsin volleyball

Indian Trails Conference tournament went real well there were twelve teams
split up in four groups based on their season record.  The whole
tournament was played best two out of three sets.  We started the Round
Robin facing St. Anthony at 9:30 am.  We were able to start the day with a
win 2-0; 25-20, 25-15. Next match we lost the match to University Lake
0-2; 20-25, 13-25. We face Waukesha Christian in the single elimination
round and we won 2-0; 25-21, 25-16.  At 1 pm we were to face Marantha
Baptist for the Silver Bracket Championship game, we lost 0-2 25-27,
19-25.  MBA won the Silver bracket and we were placed 2nd. This is a huge
improvement from last year where we were eliminated in the first round.
Extremely proud of the girls!!!  Next is something I haven’t had the
opportunity to experience in my coaching career, WIAA Regional
quarterfinals!  We will travel to Randolph tomorrow late afternoon.

Record 21-8


deaf tennis coach at NCAA-I program

newspaper story

Daniel Hangstefer, who was highly successful in head coaching stops at two
Division II universities the past five years, has been hired as the fifth
men’s tennis head coach at the University of Idaho, interim athletic
director Pete Isakson announced.

Hangstefer, who replaces Abid Akbar, who coached the Vandals the past
three years, spent last year as the men’s and women’s coach at Ferris
State in Big Rapids, Michigan, following four years coaching both teams at
Metropolitan State in Denver.

At Ferris State, the nationally ranked men’s team went 21-3, going
unbeaten in league play and winning the Great Lakes Intercollegiate
Athletic Conference regular-season and tournament titles. At Metropolitan
State, two of his men’s teams were nationally ranked and he was the 2017
ITA South Central Region Coach of the Year and Rocky Mountain Athletic
Conference women’s co-coach of the year twice.

The graduate of Lipscomb University was formerly ranked No. 1 in the world
in mixed doubles deaf tennis and competed in both the World Deaf
Championships and the Deaflympics, winning gold and silver medals.