DeafDigest Sports – October 23, 2018

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deaf schools won/lost records (as of 10/23/18)

2018 football scores (as of 10/23/18)


football games this week

Oct 25 Washington hosts Taholah
Oct 25 Colorado at Cripple Creek-Victor
Oct 25 Texas at San Marcos Academy
Oct 25 Fremont at Harbor

Oct 26 Riverside at Desert
Oct 26 Model at TEACH Home School
Oct 26 Maryland at Chincoteague

Oct 27 Minnesota at Iowa
Oct 27 Arkansas at Kansas
Oct 27 Florida at Alabama
Oct 27 Louisiana at Georgia


DeafDigest Sports All-American nominations

Same policy as always in past years. Schools
that do not turn in their game results for
DeafDigest Sports will not be invited to
nominate their best athletes for Deaf All-
American honors.


6-man football rules, continuing issues

from another GPSD member school

The coaches didn’t vote on GPSD going to 6-man next year.
The AD’s did.

The only reason they came to the agreement was because we were
getting tired of the inconsistency of going back and forth
between 6-man rules and 8-man rules, as a couple of our
schools were playing only by 6-man rules at their home games.

6-man rules have changed a bit since the eighties and nineties.

The player receiving the snap (the quarterback for the most part)
can either hand off the ball or pitch it out.  That player simply
cannot advance the ball until he has done so.

Iowa, as one of the GPSD teams, does not have 6-man football
in the state. The referees assigned to Iowa games may have a hard
time following the rules. As a result they messed up on a couple
of calls due to their lack of 6-man experience.


American soccer

American School for the Deaf Tigers hosted Hebrew High School of New
England on a cold afternoon Tuesday for the final game of the season.
Briefly before the game we honored our lone senior Dylan Mallach and
recognized him and his parents for four years of commitment to the team.

  The Tigers started fast as Dylan Mallach scored on a header in the 2nd
minute of the game for his 5th goal of the season. It did not take long
before Dylan struck a second time in the 18th minute with a kick finding
the back of the net. The Tigers dominated the ball throughout the first
half but HHNE was able to fend off the attack throughout the remainder of
the first half.

  The second half was highlighted by both teams being aggresive on
offense. HHNE was able to capitalize on an ASD defender missed kick near
the box as the ball found the lower right back of the net. Tigers
maintained the 2-1 lead. Sophmores Matthew Beltran and Omar Shariff
remained aggressive on offense, both missing shots just over the crossbar
from 35 yards away. HHNE weaved through the Tiger defense and had a wide
open shot to the goal however Dylan Mallach (who moved back to his
defensive position in the second half) alertly prevented the goal by
heading it out. HHNE nearly struck again as the ball bounced off the cross
bar. With 8 minutes to play Omar Shariff made a beautiful ankle breaking
play that sent the HHNE defender to the ground untouched but alas the shot
on the goal went just wide to the left from 25 yards out.

  Game ended 2-1 and the Tigers ended the season on a high note. Record on
the season is 3-8-2. Johan Garfalo finished with the team best 7 goals,
Dylan Mallach notched 6 goals. Both players played mainly defense. Several
other sophomore players notched their first career goals this season and
the future looks bright with the sophomore and freshman classes.


Fremont football & volleyball

We head into the Northern Coast Section Playoffs where our Volleyball team
moves up to the Division 5 Playoffs after winning the last year’s title in
Division 6.  We will be hosting Berean Christian on Tuesday and want to
see all of your support here!

The Football and Cheerleading team will play in the final regular season
game on Thursday and the Cross Country team is off this week before all
the teams head into the NCS next week.  They all would like you all to
join us at Santa Cruz for the make-up “Senior Night” that will happen at
6:15pm.  Find us gathered in the bleachers area while host Harbor High
School is playing their JV game.

Athlete of the Week – JASMINE JIMENEZ, while on-field performance is not
the most important criteria for being awarded Athlete of the Week, Jasmine
has certainly had a great week after running for 25:37 at Garin Park,
narrowly missing the CSD record of 25:01 and then four days later ran a
21:11 at Hayward High School, breaking the CSD course record by over 3
minutes (24:37 in 2009).  All of this is thanks to her hard work all year
maintaining her conditioning and technique!


Marie Philip School Volleyball match report.

Date: Monday October 22, 2018

Location: Marie Philip School, Framingham, MA

Result: MPS 3 Cambridge School of Weston 1 (25-19, 21-25, 25-10, 25-9)

Today we hosted the Cambridge School of Weston for an IGC match.  It was
seniors’ night and during the 2nd-3rd set break, we honored Amabelys
Cordero and Naralee Perez for their contributions to our MPS volleyball
community.  Our starters adjusted to playing on a Monday and got a feel
for the Gryphons in the first two set and we split those sets 1-1.  Our
serving and attacking location was much stronger for the 3rd and 4th sets
and our set wins were much more convincing.  We will end the IGC regular
season in 5th place out of 7 teams with a 6-6 record and qualify for the
6-team league playoffs next Monday.  We will visit the #4 seeded team for
the quarterfinals.

However, first things first.  We have the day off tomorrow and after that
we will practice hard to be at our best for the ESDAA tournament this
Friday and Saturday.  Our season record is now 12-8.

Zora Elliott-Mendlesohn (Fr.) – 9 Aces, 4 Kills, 4 Assists, 1 Dig, and 22
service points
Sabrina Rodrigues (Jr.) – 7 Aces, 2 Kills, 2 Digs, 6 Receptions, and 14
service points
Shayla Rochette (9th) – 1 Ace, 3 Kills, 2 Digs, 3 Receptions, and 1
service point
Lily Fruguglietti (Jr.) – 3 Aces, 1 Assist, 2 Receptions, and 7 service
Samantha Fernsebner (8th) – 2 Aces, 1 Dig, 2 Receptions, and 3 service
Chloe Martin (7th) – 1 Ace, 3 Assists, and 12 service points
Carleigh Babbit (8th) – 1 Assist and 1 Dig
Amabelys Cordero (Sr.) – 3 Kills
Rita Child (7th) – 1 Dig


Phoenix volleyball

Anthem Prep beat us 3-0. We have one game remaining in our season against
San Pasqual Valley.

PDSD                   25     17    9    25    8
Mohave Accelerated     17     25   25   22   15

Maddie Fears: 2 digs, 3 aces, 6 kills
Kiana Vazquez: 6 digs
Isabel Ballard: 2 digs, 2 aces, 4 kills
Zoe Abrams-Gay: 1 dig, 3 aces, 1 kill, 17 assists
Jackie Albert: 4 kills
Melissa Sanchez: 1 dig, 1 ace, 1 kill, 1 assist
Alejandra Acosta: 1 ace, 2 kills

Record: 4-10

We have our final two games this week against the two top
ranking teams in the 1A region: Anthem Prep and San Pasqual Valley.


Rhode Island soccer


The ESDAA weekend has come! The very tournament that we have been
and building up our team toward all season long is finally here — our
was pumped up and ready to defend our home field against six other schools
at the 4th annual ESDAA Division II Soccer Tournament!

We opened our tournament as the #5 seed, which meant we would be going up
against #4 Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf. Our team was ready to go
and the energy level was high. We started out the game on an aggressive
note, trying to get on the scoreboard first to get our school’s crowd
up. MKSD put two of their best players on the defensive line, which gave
some challenges. The Colts was able to convert twice on counter-attacks
where our goalie did not come out to challenge the ball, which has been a
weakness for us all season long if our team didn’t get fully back on

We were looking at a 2-0 halftime deficit — but our team was not
We had come back from two-down in the past and we knew that we could do it
if our offense played together and wear down their defense. We executed
gameplan to perfection, but had a tough time pushing the ball past their
goaltender… until with two minutes remaining in the game, we were
able to find the back of the net! The score was 2-1 now and MKSD was
a hard time containing our attack… we knew we could do it, but we had to
make good use of time. We had two more opportunities, but couldn’t tie the
game up and lost 2-1.

We would move on to the consolation bracket and into the 5th/6th place
— where we would eventually draw up a rematch with NYSSD.

Timothy J. – 1 Goal



We had a rematch with NYSSD in the 5th/6th place game. We’ve played them
twice last year and once this year — all games where we were either
leading or tied at halftime, only to end the game on the losing end. Our
team was determined not to let this happen again.

We switched our midfielder with our sweeper in order to stir up more
offense like we were able to accomplish in the second half against MKSD —
and it worked to perfection. Our sophomore forward Jayden was able to earn
a hat-trick, scoring three goals against NYSSD in the first half alone.

In the second half, we decided to move around players in our formation so
our two players (playing in their last game) could have a chance to score
goal — and they were able to do so! It was a wonderful game all-around on
both sides of the field and we were able to come out victorious, 6-0 in
last game of the season!

Our team finished the ESDAA Division II Soccer Tournament in 5th place out
of 7 teams – and most importantly, wrap up our season with our first win
the season.

Jayden E. – 3 Goals (10 Goals this season)
Timothy J. – 2 Goals (10 Goals this season)
Juan F. – 1 Goal (3 Goals this season)

*2018 RISD Varsity Soccer Final Record*: 1-9-1


Riverside volleyball

CIF SS VB Playoffs


We will host Pacifica Christian this Wednesday at 6pm.


South Carolina volleyball

Season ended   final record   0-13


St Mary’s soccer

The Bisons hit the road this weekend for our 4th annual ESDAA Division II
soccer tournament at Rhode Island School for the Deaf(RISD). This
tournament is the culmination of all the hard work that our team and the
other division 2 soccer programs from around the north east have put forth
this season.

1st GAME : SMSD vs WVSD (qualifier)

After a 7.5 hour drive that included a pit stop in Central NY, we took on
West Virginia School for the Deaf(WVSD) in the 1st round. Although WVSD
didn’t appear to have very many athletes, our coaching staff continued
to remind our players that you can “never let you guard down” against
any opponent. We started attacking immediately and Nick Barrus scored
within the first minute of play. We never looked back and never
relinquished the lead. We had 5 other goal scorers that contributed to our
win including seniors Christian Lawrence and Tyler Mondo-Goodrich who have
been playing goalie and defense for their entire high school careers. It
was nice to see them both enjoy the personal accomplishment of scoring
their 1st goal in their last tournament. The final score was 12-0. We now
move on to the semi finals where we will play against Pennslyvania School
for the Deaf (PSD) who won last years ESDAA soccer championship.

2nd GAME: SMSD vs PSD (semi-finals)

Although the Bisons were prepared, we came out a little tentative and
allowed PSD to dictate the pace of the match. Fortunately, our defense was
able to withstand our opponents initial pressure long enough to allow our
top goal scorer, Nick Barrus, to blast a shot past PSD’d keeper and give
us a 1-0 advantage. That goal gave the Bisons the confidence they needed
to pick up their intensity and instead of playing on our heels, push
forward and attack. In the 2nd half, our defense was able to shut down any
offensive pressure from PSD and rookie midfielder, Ethan Antone, was able
to give us more of a cushion by scoring his 6th goal of the season.
Christian Lawrence collected his 2nd shutout of the tournament and the win
earned us the opportunity to play in the championship game for the first
time since 2007. Tomorrow we will be matched up against long time rival,
Rochester School for the Deaf(RSD).

3rd GAME: SMSD vs RSD (championship)

The ESDAA championship turned into a I-90 classic between the Bisons from
Buffalo, NY & the Wildcats from Rochester, NY. The ironic thing is,  both
teams traveled together on the same bus for 7.5 hours to play against one
another, yet we only live 45 minutes apart. That said, we were greatly
anticipating this matchup seeing is the Wildcats had just defeated us the
weekend before by a 5-2 margin. All the planning and motivational speeches
were over with. If they didn’t know what they needed to do by now, they
were never going to know it. The Bisons opened up the scoring with Nick
Barrus making a beautiful cross and Givon Blackwell doing what he has done
all season which was “finishing” or as we like to call it “picking
up the trash” to give us the lead heading into halftime. Rochester
responded in the 2nd half with back to back goals that were 1 minute apart
giving them the 2-1 edge. Despite some quality opportunities for the
Bisons to even the score, RSD was able to
  hold on to win this year’s championship. Trying to win a championship
is a “process”. It doesn’t happen overnight. Three years ago  our
team was young and just starting to learn what was necessary to win and we
finished in 4th at this tournament. Last year we placed 3rd overall. Now
we were able to capture 2nd and there is only one more thing left to do
for next season. Please wish our boys congrats on a good season and a
great tournament. A special congrats to those who have played their last
soccer match with us. Good luck in the future.

Overall Record: 3-8-2
ESDAA Tournament Record: 2-1

Individual Stats:
Nick Barrus: 3 goals (16th, 17th, 18th of the season)
Givon Blackwell: 6 goals (4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th of the season)
Ethan Antone: 3 goals (4th, 5th, 6th of the season)
Isa Habeeb: 2 goals (1st & 2nd of the season)
Mondo-Goodrich: 1 goal (1st of the season)
Lawrence: 1 goal (1st of the season) 5 saves


random deafsports thoughts

Volleyball is a great sport for girls at deaf schools.

Just always wondering about volleyball seasons not being
the same at many deaf schools.

For some schools, the season starts in mid-August. And
for some other schools, the season starts in latter
part of September.

What this means is that some early-starting schools may
have already played as many as 20 matches by the
time late-starting schools have their first match!


NCAA-I football special teams specialist

part of newspaper story

Sophomore receiver Todd Honas walked on at Nebraska out of
Aurora, where he set numerous Class B receiving records.

He has now appeared in six of Nebraska’s seven
games this season.

He is deaf and apparently his deafness does not bother
new head coach Scott Frost!