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2019 fall season won/lost records
as of 10/10/19

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2019 football scores
as of 10/06/19

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football games this week

football score last week as reported late
Prince of Peace 28 Texas 20

Oct 10 Alabama at Louisiana
Oct 10 South Carolina hosts South Carolina Green Charter

Oct 11 Indiana hosts Crimson Knights
Oct 11 Maryland at Hancock
Oct 11 Model hosts Paul International

Oct 12 Arkansas at Iowa
Oct 12 Florida at Tennessee
Oct 12 Phoenix at Anthem Prep
Oct 12 Mississippi at Oklahoma
Oct 12 Kansas at New Mexico
Oct 12 Texas hosts Texas Wind
Oct 12 Riverside at Fremont

Illinois vs Missouri football game has been

Colorado is forfeiting the game to Genoa-Hugo


Great Plains volleyball tournament

GPSD Volleyball tournament will start this Friday, October 11th, hosted by
the Wisconsin School for the Deaf.


Colorado Volleyball


Lost to Parkhill Christian Academy

11-25, 14-25, 13-25

Next game 10/9/2019

Colorado vs. Elmwood Baptist at 5:00p

Colorado lost to Elmwood Baptist

17-25, 23-25, 11-25

Record is 0-13

Next game is 10/10/2019

Colorado vs. Kiowa 5:00p.m.


Fremont volleyball

CSD Fremont Volleyball lost to Holy Names 0-3


Indiana football

newspaper prediction

Southside Homeschool Knights (3-3) at Indiana Deaf (3-1): Indiana Deaf won
this meeting 42-35 last season. Indiana Deaf 28, Southside Homeschool 20.


Mississippi volleyball

MSD 15 4 8
St Joseph 25 25 25

Double play
MSD 13 17 5
St Joseph 25 25 25

Next Game 10/12-13 @ Florida for Mason Dixon Tour.

Record 7-14


New Mexico volleyball

NMSD             25        17        23     25       15

Walatowa      11        25        25     18        7

Last night was our first district game WIN for this volleyball season. I
looked at our statistics from the past 4 years, and our winning percentage
increased . Last
year we had a 7-12 record, we have more wins than in the past 4 years! 8
more games to go in this season and we are looking forward to those games!


Junior Victoria Baca: 15 kills and 6 serve aces

Senior Andrea Leyba: 13 assists

Freshman Stacy Vargas: 11 serve aces

Next game: Friday, October 11th, Arkansas vs NMSD @ 11 am @ Wisconsin
School for the Deaf (GPSD tournament)

Overall record 8-4

District record 1-0


New Mexico football

Boys played well last Saturday against the Minnesota State Academy for the
Deaf. The boys played more and there was good teamwork and sportsmanship.
We won 72 to
18. Yes, we made a few mistakes. That’s why we have practices to improve
their skills. Maybe you will notice some of us said WIN. That doesn’t mean
to win the game.
I want to focus on their skills and sportsmanship. What’s important now?
(WIN) To help and remind them to focus on the present to remove the
mistake/problem in the
past. Abe and I are proud of the boys. They worked hard and represented
the Roadrunners well! Please come and support us for the next two home
games. Next is Kansas
School for the Deaf on Oct. 12 at 1 pm, and the last game is senior day
and we will play against Washington School for the Deaf at 1 pm on Oct.

Defensive and Offensive players of the week.

Defensive: Antonio Lopez

Offensive: Kieran Vollmar


Ohio soccer

Final Result: Ohio 1, Johnstown JV 0
(1st Half: OSD 1, Johnstown JV 0)

(OSD season record is now 8-2)

Goals (OSD) : Amin Ali – 1

Assists (OSD) : none

Shots (OSD) : Amin Ali – 9, Guled Ali – 3, Lalli Jansen – 1

Saves (OSD) : Jason Alford – 10

Goals (Johnstown) : none

Assist (Johnstown): none

Shots (Johnstown) : Chase McGinnis – 7, Mason Starkey – 7, Andrew
Neighbarger – 4, Ben Roudebush – 3, Luke Doyle – 2, Elliott Layman – 2,
Evan Alm – 1, Andrew
Pittman – 1, Hunter Groves – 1, Aiden Rucker – 2, Thomas Dyer – 1, Unknown
– 1

Saves (Johnstown):  Goalie – 6


Riverside volleyball

Lost to La Sierra Academy at home, 3-1 (10-25, 18-25, 25-22, 22-25).
Record: 4-18 (1-7). Next up: @ United Christian Academy, Oct. 10th.


South Carolina volleyball

Ware shoals 25 25 25
SCSDB 6 14 6

0-14 overall record


Washington volleyball

Lady Terriers 0 vs. Naselle 3

NS 25 – WSD 13

NS 25 – WSD 13

NS 25 – WSD 19

Overall Record 6-7 (League 0-3)


Rochester Soccer
Ladies and Gentlemen, what a week for some FALL BALL! We have a jam
packed week with a game everyday. Our first game of the week this past
Monday was
against a team we’ve never seen before, the Hornets of Eugenio
María de Hostos Charter School (EMHCS).
With any new team, you never know what to expect. We just hope that it’s a
competitive game and every side has a fair chance of winning. Upon their
arrival at
RSD, the coaching staff could quickly assess the team and realize it’s
going to be a good game. A good game is what we want. We never yearn for
an easy game,
especially when we’re training and preparing for the ESDAA.

Coming off a spectacular win last week against the Knights, we wanted to
keep the momentum going forward. The team has made some leaps and bounds
from the
start of the season, and we’re starting to benefit from the fruits of our
labor. Our starting lineup is starting to come together as well as we have
made some
slightly adjustments as the season progressed to ensure we have a lineup
that suits our strengths the best.

When the first whistle blew, RSD was out of the gates fast and already
applying the pressure on their side of the field. To test the waters, our
standout, Bode Aggas tests the water by taking a shot from deep.
Wait…..wait one moment….the trajectory looks good, moving
quickly…..goalie takes a
dive, and just like that, in less than a minute, RSD is up 1-0.

The tone was set. From there, we continued to pressure them. I can’t tell
you how proud I am of our Fab 4 in defense with the Aggas brothers in
middle and
Clark and Campbell on the sides. They’ve really come together to make a
great defensive diamond. They played remarkable this first half.

Bode Aggas found his fire and has been playing lights out these past few
games on BOTH sides of the pitch. That’s an accomplish in itself. Just
minutes into this game, Bode finds another opening and takes a shot on
goal that finds the back of the net. At this point with the score 2-0, we
were starting
to impose our will on this team. We were playing some excellent Wildcat
soccer. To come out this strong on a Monday game was quite impressive.
These Hornets
are no slouches either. Radez was making some quality saves in net as

As time was dwindling down in the first half, Bode was crossing midfield,
and defense starting to swarm him, but right before the defense could take
a stab at
him, he sends a beautiful through ball to Alexander Michalek who receives
in perfectly and is now in a 1 on 1 breakaway with goalie. He’s inside the
box with
a defender right behind him. He’s shoved to the ground. TWEET, TWEET!!!!
Referring beelines to the middle of the box pointing for a PK. RSD is
awarded a PK.
Aggas will take this one. Lines up. Looks around. Takes a few steps back.
Listens for the whistle. Approaches the ball….SHOT……no chance…..no
for the goalie that is! Aggas earns a hat trick for the game and we take a
3-0 lead into halftime.

The coaching staff very well knew that EMHCS was going to make some
changes in hopes of shaking things up. We just needed to continue to play
Wildcat soccer
and adapt to what they throw at us. We were prepared as they were also
limited in the amount of players they had as they only had 10 players,
leaving them
with only one substitute.

When the second half begun, we noticed a goalie change. An interesting
change, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Lo and behold, their
goalkeeper from the
first half is not only a good ball handler, he was extremely fast. Uh
oh…..this could be trouble for RSD. Right away, we started to see the
momentum to
slightly shift in their favor as they came out more aggressive and was
putting the pressure on our side of the net this time.

Within a few short minutes, they were able sneak one by Radez. Ok boys and
girls, time to roll up our sleeves again and get back to work. We can’t
fold up
shop here, we gotta adapt, persevere and figure out how to contain their
goalkeeper who was now playing on the field.

Luckily, our defense was able to figure out how to contain him by staying
a tad further back when he had the ball. For a very young, inexperienced
defense for
the most part, they have risen to each and every challenge that was put
forth of them and we’re deeply proud of them. The amount of growth in such
a short
time is nothing short than spectacular.

On a beautiful corner kick by Mr. Bode Aggas, he somehow was able to find
Mikalo Malones foot who was able to sneak it in and secure the win for
RSD. Even
though EMHCS went on to tack another goal late in the game, we came out
victorious 4-2. I look forward to playing against them next week for our
Senior Night.
I feel like it’s going to be another great one.

Final Score:

RSD: 4


B. Aggas (3)
Malone (1)


B. Aggas (1)

Radez ( 28)


Here we are….Tuesday night, another beautiful day for some Soccer. We
had to take the great White Bus to Brockport to take on Cornerstone
Academy. A game we
were looking forward to since we lost to them 6-2 at the start of the
season. It was not the game we wanted to play, but we knew this day would

Upon arrival, the staff talked to one another to see what we would play.
It was decided that we would play 9 v 9 during the first half, and their
suggested that  we could mix things up if things get out of hand
(regarding the score). We nodded our head and just prepared for battle. We
weren’t going to
get walked on over this time around. Not today. We have come too far and
too long (figuratively and literally) to let them have their way with us.
We were
ready to go to war against this Academy. Why? We are WILDCATS! We grind it
out to the very last whistle.

Cornerstone’s field is quite large compared to our pitch. We’re going to
find out what we’re truly made out of this afternoon. If our cardio is not
up to
float, we could be in for a rude awakening. With utmost confidence in our
team, we sent them out to battle and let destiny take its course.

Right from the start, it was Cornerstone being the aggressors. It was not
looking good for RSD from the start. They were making some excellent plays
offense with great first touches off passes, but luckily we have a 5-star
goalie in Ben Radez who was making some spectacular saves. Within the
first 11
minutes of the game, Radez already accumulated 12 LEGIT saves. At this
pace, one was bound to go in. We needed to play better if we wanted to
stand a chance
against this team.

Unfortunately, one of their star players took a shot outside the 18,
probably around 25 yards out and it took a bad hop right in front of Radez
and found the
back of the net. CA takes a 1-0 lead. But, this is exactly what RSD
needed, a good shot of reality. Just like that, a light switch went off
and we took our
game to another level.

….And we were off! All of a sudden, we were the aggressors, we were
pressuring on their side of the net. We were making opportunities for our
offense. We
were now taking solid shots on their goalkeeper. However, we were unable
to sneak any past their goalie even though we had some outstanding
opportunities, we
just couldn’t capitalize. Cornerstone takes a 1-0 lead into halftime, but
we were loving where this game was heading too. We could sense fear in
their eyes as
they were walking off at halftime. This was a different game from the
start of the season. It was on like Donkey Kong! #truth

We, as a coaching staff, just reiterated to keep doing what we’ve been
doing. Get the ball to the outside, stretch them out, make some solid
runs, and pass it
back into the middle and see what happens. Watch out for their number 25
and 1, and we’ll be just fine. With that many shots we took on goal, one
is bound to
go in, we just need to be relentless and keep our foot on the pedal at all

At the start of half, we didn’t skip a beat, and we continued where we
left off in the first half with us being the aggressors. At the 52nd
minute of the game
we were awarded a corner kick. Bode Aggas sends a beautiful bending like
Beckham shot right in front of the goal, and just like clockwork, there
was Malone’s
foot to kick it in to tie the game, 1-1. Momentum was swinging. Panic was
starting to set in for our opponents. We were poised and confident and
ready to take
full control of the game.

Then it happened. An unfortunate play at midfield led to one of our
players to get injured in a freakish accidental kick of the ball. He had
to be taken out
of the game and that definitely put a rain on our parade. Tough to regroup
from a situation like this. We hope for a speedy recovery and hope it’s
nothing too

Unfortunately, we didn’t recover from the accident and fell to Cornerstone
3-1 as they tacked on two solid goals. We had our chances to win this
game, but
we’re still extremely proud of the way we played and finished the game. We
walked off with our heads held up high and we have a lot to take away from
game. In just over a month’s time, we were able to show them how much we
improved, but more importantly, we were able to show each other how much
we have
improved as a team. There is disappointment in this game, but we must see
the silver lining. This is just a stepping stone to the bigger picture.
This is just
“practice” for the “Big Show.” In the grand scheme of things, this is just
another “warmup” before we head off to Rome to ESDAA. We’re going to peak
at the
right time.

It was a great battle, and we didn’t end up with the most goals at the
end, but we earned their respect. They had to fight tooth and nail for 80
minutes to
come out victorious. They were sweating bullets right up to the very last
whistle. If you see a Wildcat roaming the halls of RSD, make sure to give
them a pat
on the back for a job well done.

Final Score:

RSD: 1
Cornerstone: 3


Malone (1)

B. Aggas (1)

Radez ( 25)


Derrick Coleman update

part of newspaper story

Report: Derrick Coleman among fullbacks working out for 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers are in need of a fullback after the injury to Kyle
Juszczyk, and they could be filling that void with a familiar name.

Field Yates of ESPN reported on Wednesday that the Niners are working out
former Seattle Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman with Juszczyk expected to
miss the next four-to-six weeks with a knee injury. Yates also mentions
that the team is working out George Aston, Michael Burton, Tommy Bohanon,
Aaron Ripkowski, Tre Madden, and Ricky Ortiz as well.


random deafsports talk

Derrick Coleman is not giving up on pro football.

If 49ers select him over other fullbacks, just hope
he is ready to go into action without getting hurt
as he has not played in an actual football game for
so many months!