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2019 fall season won/lost records
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2019 football scores
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football games this week

Oct 22 Kansas at Iowa

Oct 24 Washington hosts Wishkah

Oct 25 Riverside at Bloomington Christian
Oct 25 Texas hosts San Marcos Academy
Oct 25 Model hosts Chincoteague HS

Oct 26 Fremont at St Vincent de Paul
Oct 26 Kansas at Arkansas
Oct 26 Minnesota at Oklahoma
Oct 26 Wisconsin at Missouri
Oct 26 Maryland at Mississippi
Oct 26 Alabama at Florida

Oct 24 Colorado at Edison
(lack of Colorado players)


Fremont sports


CSD dominated the week as JV Volleyball beat Emery 2-1 on Homecoming and
Varsity followed with a 3-0 win during a nice Senior Night Ceremony.
Football and
Cheerleading then made quick work of Harker and won 50-14.  The week was
full of big crowds and spirit at the Pep Rally, GAA Ceremony, Spirit Week,
Dance, and the Homecoming Games that you’d never have thought that the
Homecoming Game was postponed from Riverside to Emery/Harker.  We would
like to thank
everyone involved for volunteering to help at the original Big Game and
then continuing to keep the spirit high with the make-up game!


This will be a very busy week as JV and Varsity Volleyball will have a
make-up game today and then head to the BCL playoffs and attempt to defend
our league
championship and continue our season.  Cross Country will run on Thursday
at the campus of beautiful Athenian High School in Danville.  Football and
has a date with our biggest rival, St. Vincent de Paul who is 8-1 on
Saturday night.


ANASTASIA MENA – Our senior cheerleader had a great week being recognized
by our students as a Homecoming Eagle Royalty.  This all was made possible
by her positive
influence on everyone and being perceived as a role model for everyone on
campus.  On the squad, Anastasia is a team captain and continues to
improve her skills,
commitment, and helps others.


Model sports

Model Secondary School for the Deaf Boys Varsity Football


Date: Saturday, October 19, 2019 at 5:30 PM

Result: Win

Model Secondary School for the Deaf: 46

Indiana School for the Deaf: 6

Model Secondary School for the Deaf Girls Varsity Volleyball


Date: Monday, October 21, 2019 at 4:00 PM

Result: Win

Model Secondary School for the Deaf: 3

McLean School: 0


Rochester volleyball

ast Thursday, we went to Finney and won 2-0.
Set 1 – 25-17 W
Set 2 – 25-15 W

We played against the JV Finney team and we just played against them for
the best of 3.

Emma Kane – 3 aces, 2 kill, 1 assist
Julia Ott – 3 aces, 1 kill, and 12 assists,
Mariana Menzynski – 4 aces, 5 kills,
Mckenna Girod – 14 aces, 1 kill and 8 assists

Today – Game 18

The Wildcats improved a lot through the beginning of the season to the end
of the season. Unfortunately, we could not able to beat Houghton as our
second match of
the season. Houghton won all 3 sets.

Set 1 – 18-25 L
Set 2 – 10-25 L
Set 3 – 20-25 L

Cori Moquette – 1 ace, 4 kills,
Emma Kane – 6 aces, 1 assist, 18 dig
Julia Ott – 3 aces,  1 kill, and 20 assists,
Mariana Menzynski – 1 ace and 2 kills,
Mckenna Girod – 5 aces, 1 kill, and 16 assists

Overall Record: 15-3

Our next game is tomorrow against Charter School at 4 pm.


St Mary’s soccer


The Bison’s soccer team travelled to NYSSD (New York State School for the
Deaf) in Rome, NY in their quest for the ever elusive ESDAA Division 2
championship.  Our
first match of the tournament was on Friday afternoon against the combined
team from Delaware School for the Deaf (DSD) and Millneck.  After 3 inches
of rainfall
over the course of the past 36 hours, the conditions in Rome were less
ideal.  The Bison’s found themselves struggling to make passes and take
quality shots on the
water logged field.  What should have been an easy test for the for our
team turned into a bit of a nail bitter with a 0-0 halftime score.  The
coaches settled the
players down and explained that if we stuck to our plan, showed a little
patience, and controlled our emotions by not panicking, we should prevail
in the end.  Sure
enough, in start of the 2nd half, Nick Barrus used his head (pun intended)
off a corner kick to give us the lead.  With our defenders pressing up the
field and
containing most of the action to our offensive zone, it allowed our
strikers to pressure our opponents until they eventually cracked by
allowing 2 more goals from
Brady Bartell and another from Nick Barrus.  The Bison’s pulled out a 3-0
victory and advanced to the semi-finals on Saturday morning against the
always tough Colts
from New Jersey School for the Deaf.

Overall Record: 5-3

NFCAA Record: 4-2

ESDAA Record: 1-1

Individual Stats:

Nick Barrus: 2 goals(10th & 11th of the season)

Brady Bartell: 1 goal(4th of the season)

Game #2

In our 2nd game of the ESDAA tournament, we matched up against New Jersey
School for the Deaf for the opportunity to play in the championship.
Unfortunately, the
field conditions didn’t improve overnight and it presented a challenge for
both team throughout the course of the contest.  Our Bison’s midfielder,
Ethan Antone
scored midway through the 1st half, giving us a slight edge as we battled
our way towards halftime.  As expected, the Colts were able to get the
equalizer with
15:00 minutes left in the match and neither team was able to capitalize
thereafter.  According to ESDAA tournament rules, when there is a tie at
the end of
regulation, there is no overtime.  The game goes directly into a 3 player
shootout.  Unfortunately, Ryan Brzezinski was the only player who was able
to get a shot
past our opponents keeper and we ended up losing the shootout 2-1.  The
loss was disappointing and it meant that our quest for a championship will
elude us yet
again.  That said, we had no time to dwell on what should’ve, could’ve,
but didn’t.  We had to comeback and play for 3rd place against
Pennsylvania School for the
Deaf, who also lost in a heart breaking shootout earlier that day.

Overall Record: 5-4

NFCAA Record: 4-2

ESDAA Record: 1-2

Individual Stats:

Ethan Antone: 1 goal(9th of the season)

Ryan Brzezinski: 1 goal(1st of the season) shoot out PK


In our 3rd and final match of the ESDAA division 2 soccer tournament, the
Bison’s were forced to collect their emotions quickly after a devastating
loss 2 hours
prior and go after 3rd place against the Panthers from Pennsylvania School
for the Deaf.  Both teams played a risk free conservative style while
waiting for the
other team to make a mistake.  With 7 minutes left in the entire match,
newly acquired mid fielder Mobin Abdollahi was standing in the right place
at the right time
to “pick up the trash” off a loose rebound that the oppositions goalie
couldn’t control.  That was all the Bison’s needed to win the game.  It’s
worth noting that
the St. Mary’s defense only allowed 1 goal in regulation the entire
tournament.  We’re coming home with some hardware including; 3rd place
overall, 1st place team
shooting championship, 1st place individual shooting champion (Farhad
Ghorbani), and 2 ESDAA tournament all-stars (Nick Barrus and Kassim

Overall Record: 6-4

NFCAA Record: 4-2

ESDAA Record: 2-2

Both Coach Leroy and myself would like to wish the team congrats on a
great weekend.  Our season isn’t over.  We have two more regular season
league games left this
week.  Depending on their outcome, the Bison’s look to qualify for the
NFCAA playoffs.  Wish us luck.


random deafsports talk

this article, from a newspaper, should be interesting

Football banned at Iowa SD

Asa Gruver

Gruver, as the eighth ISD superintendent (1919–1925), had a major impact
that continues to benefit ISD, according to a press release from the
school. During his tenure, Gruver sought and succeeded in having ISD
develop an athletic program and join local schools in interscholastic
athletic competition.

Back in the early 1890s, football was banned from ISD after a brutal game.
The ban continued until 1921, when Gruver re-established the ISD football
team — once he was satisfied with the Iowa High School Athletic
Association’s football safety rules. Nearly 100 years later, ISD’s
football program still exists.

In 1920, Gruber started basketball teams for both the boys and girls.
Through his efforts, ISD was accepted into the Iowa High School Athletic
Association in 1922. After developing teams, he successfully sought to
join local high school athletic leagues. ISD has enjoyed competitive games
against public schools and schools for the deaf for years.

Having been a leader of other state schools for the deaf, Gruver was a
seasoned administrator. In addition to the athletic program, he modernized
the vocational program by adding more trades, hiring the school’s first
vocational principal and vocational teachers, instead of shop foremen and


wheelchair basketball

The Cincinnati Dragons high school wheelchair basketball team won the 2019
Enter the Dragon Tournament championship in Cincinnati this weekend.  The
Dragons won their 4 games by a combined score of 264-105 including a 68-43
championship victory over Cleveland.  Kerwin Haake, a junior at Kentucky
School for the Deaf, is the Dragons starting point guard and scored 13
points in the championship game including 3 3-pointers.  Kerwin also won
the 3-point contest during the individual skills competition on Saturday.
The Dragons will play again in 2 weeks at a tournament in Akron, Ohio.