DeafDigest Sports – February 7, 2020

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DeafDigest Sports dedicates this edition to John T. Jacobs,
an all-time Gallaudet great in football and wrestling

With the Gallaudet football team, he was a 60-minute player
as the center on the offensive line and as middle linebacker
on defense. He was the quarterback with the Texas SD football
teams but was shifted to the offensive line at Gallaudet.

And despite never having wrestled in the past, he was never
pinned in his entire wrestling career under legendary coach
Thompson Clayton.

He was also a great baseball player; unfortunately Gallaudet
had no baseball teams in the early fifties.

He was inducted into the Gallaudet athletic hall of fame
in 1998.

His son Bill was one of the five stalwart members of the Gallaudet
offensive line that steered Gallaudet to a winning 6-4 record
in the 2009 season. Gallaudet was almost invited to play in the
ECAC Division III southern championship playoffs.

John’s picture is at:


Great Plains boys’ scores

Misouri 62
Kansas 21

Oklahoma 62
Arkansas 21

do not know if there were other boys’ scores

no one has come forward with the girls’ scores


Alabama basketball


Gaylesville 52 Lady Warriors 30
Lady Warriors 53  Victory Christian 36 (Area Tournament)
Talladega County Central 62  Lady Warriors 31 (Area Tournament)

Season Record: 12 – 15


Silent Warriors 60  Gaylesville 29
Victory Christian 52  Silent Warriors 32 (Area Tournament)

Season Record: 17 – 9

season ends for both teams


Florida boys’ basketball

Hello Dragon Fans.  We hosted two games this week to end our season.  We came
away 1-1.

In the first game vs FBCA-PC (Palm Coast), we got off to a quick start and
maintained our 8-12 point lead for the majority of the night.  We won 59-43.
All 8 players we dressed logged double digit minutes in this game and scored a

The next night, we faced BHCS (St. Augustine).  Once again, we had only 8
players dress for the game. They beat us in the pre-season game, and we beat
them at their home court in December.

They have this 6’5″ Senior transfer from Creekside who is the best player we
have faced all season.  Tonight, he was too much for us to handle as he poured
in 33 points and nabbed 19 rebounds.

We got up to a healthy 6-8 point lead for most of the night until that guy
decided to turn it up several notches.  He played phenomenally and his
supporting cast made some timely baskets in the 4th quarter to pull away from

We mounted a valiant comeback in the last few minutes, but fell short 52-54.  It
wasn’t the best way to end our season, but we’ll take a 11-8 record after
finishing .500 last season.  This is something we can build on.

2/3 vs First Baptist Academy- Palm Coast.  W 59-43.
Halftime score: 31-21
Rebs: Matthew G 19, Douglas 10, Marcus G 8, Cabrera 7
Assts: Douglas 5, Matthew G 3
Pts: Douglas 14, Matthew G 12, Merced 10, Roberson 9

2/4 vs Beacon of Hope. L 52-54.
Halftime score: 26-22
Rebs: Douglas 8, Matthew G 7, Marcus G 7
Assts: Douglas 8, Roberson 4, 3 players with 2
Pts: Merced 20, Roberson 16, Matthew G 10

Season Record: 11-8


Fremont girls’ basketball

Fremont Tsunami

A tsunami ensued following a Shaelyn Johnson 3 point buzzer beater to
raise CSD Fighting Eagles over Holy Names 41-40 in the 9 o’clock
hour of Senior Night! CSD bleachers emptied like a giant wave rolling
onto the basketball floor & piling onto the team & Shaelyn Johnson
somewhere on the bottom. Cheerleader/basketball convert, Johnson,
scored the first two three pointers and last three pointer of the
game (13 points) to give CSD second place (9-2) in the BCL.

Senior, Jhada Meyer & Talia Boren each had 11 rebounds. Senior Esther
Biser led all scorers w/14 points & Boren racked up 10.

CSD will once again face Holy Names in a 7:00 PM semi-final BCL Tournament
game @ CSD Thursday February 13. CSD will be minus Shaelyn Johnson
due to prior a commitment, but promises to have other Eagle tricks under their wings.


Fremont boys’ basketball

Feb 6

Averroes 48
CSD 60

CSD ends regular season with 19-5 record (9-1 Bay Counties League) on 4-game
winning streak and 8 out of last 9 games.

#1 CSD will play #4 Contra Costa Christian on Thursday Feb 13 for BCL Playoffs.
CSD Defeated CCCS twice this season.


Maryland boys’ basketball

February 6, 2020

Fort Hill High School @ Maryland School for the Deaf

FH     –  12   12    14   22  =   60
MSD  –  16   15    13   22  =   66

Halftime –  MSD led 31-24

Ethan Sheppeck – 13 points, 4 assists, 4 steals
Jory Valencia – 9 points
Miguel Pavao – 13 points, 3 assists, 1 block
Jaden Joseph – 18 points, 5 assists, 4 rebounds, 3 steals, 3 blocks
Enow Otto – 11 points, 10 points
Zion Ortiz – 2 points, 4 rebounds

Team Total FG:  24
Team Total 3FG:  3 (Valencia 3)
Team Total FT:  15-30

Ethan Whitacre – 15 points
Corey Jackson – 4 points
Gavin Stepp – 3 points
Kantrell Stubbs – 23 points
Treston Davis – 2 points
Jay Talley – 9 points
James Washington – 4 points

Team Total FG:  22
Team Total 3FG:  5 (Stubbs 3, Whitacre 2)
Team Total FT:  11-14

Record:  17-4


From an observer

this is a Quality Win!

Last night our varsity boys had a huge win over the Fort Hill Sentinels.  They
are a public school with an enrollment of 750-800 students.  They have storied
history and traditions in both football and basketball.  They have won 29
state championships in various sports.


MSD Boys won the game 66-60.   We are now 17-4 for the season.

note from DeafDigest Sports:
DeafDigest Sports editor remembers Mark Manges, QB with University of Maryland
and one season each in NFL and CFL during the seventies. He came from Fort Hill HS.


Michigan boys’ basketball

MSD vs New Life Christian Academy

Tartars played their heart out and lost. Score was 19 to 40. We are 0 for 11


Minnesota girls’ basketball

Lost 18-32 to New Mexico School for the Deaf in the first round of the Great
Plains School for the Deaf basketball tournament. It was a well-fought game, our
girls missed enough easy shots to give the game in favor of NMSD. Hats off to
them for a great game.

D. Schwartz- 14 points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal and 2 blocks
R. Hernandez-Gutierrez- 4 rebounds
E. Olakunle- 2 points, 3 rebounds, and 1 steal
J. Johnson (#5)- 4 rebounds, 2 assists and 4 steals

Record 5-9.


Missouri boys’ basketball

GPSD at Oklahoma School for the Deaf

February 2nd, 2020
GPSD at Oklahoma School for the Deaf

Kansas School for the Deaf       7     1   7   6 = 21
Missouri School for the Deaf   20   24   9   9 = 62

Jayden Riordan     27 points and 5 assists
Mikal Meriwether  21 points and 8 rebounds
Allen  Case               8 points
Hezeki Smoot           2 points and 8 rebounds

Record Conf 6 – 7 , overall 8 – 7

MSD ( 3rd seeding) beat Kansas School for the Deaf 62- 21. OKLAHOMA School for
the Deaf (2nd seeding) beat Arkansas School for the Deaf 64 – 21. MSD will have
a rematch against Oklahoma School for the Deaf, Friday at 7:00 p.m. So far this
season MSD is 1-1 against OSD, so tomorrow promises to be a tough game.

Quendavis Reese 8 points


Pennsylvania boys’ basketball

Boys Basketball game result vs City School, 2/4/2020 and vs MKSD, 2/5/2020

On 2/4/2020, Tuesday, City of Philadelphia traveled to play against our
boys at our home. The boys were determined to make up from their first
home loss. We were still struggling with our offense and defense in the
first half. Then we woke up in the 2nd half and tried to make a comeback
but it was too late. We lost 31-42.

Jacob Cross 13 pts, 15 rebounds, 3 assists, and 4 steals
Michael Greco 11 pts, 2 rebounds, 2 steals
Peter Dammer 3 pts, 7 rebounds, 4 steals
Darnell Godbolt 2 pts, 2 rebounds, 4 assists
Aquil Roane 2 pts, 8 rebounds, and 9 blocks

Record: 3-10

Next game on 2/5/2020, Wednesday vs MKSD, 4:00 pm.


Pennsylvania girls’ basketball

Basketball game result vs City School, 2/4/2020

On 2/4/2020, Tuesday, the Lady Panthers played the City School at our
home. The girls played hard and had great teamwork throughout the whole
game. We won 36-22.

Gia DiGiacomo- 6 points, 6 steals, 6 rebounds
Natalya Gilmore- 2 points, 7 rebounds
Maysan Id-seen- 11 points, 6 rebounds, 3 blocks
Sarah Mitchell- 7 points, 2 steals
Mecca Scott-10 points, 3 steals, 6 rebounds

Record: 7-4

Next games will be at the ESDAA Division 1 Girls basketball tournament
this weekend 2/7-2/9 at Lexington school for the deaf.


Riverside Girls & Boys Basketball

Girls lost to Sherman Indian, 41-38.  We battled them for the league title but
we settled for 2nd.  Awaiting playoff pairings (bracket announcement on
Sunday).  Girls are guaranteed a playoff spot.  Record: 17-6 (8-2).

Boys lost to Sherman Indian, 60-46.  We tried to win 3rd place in the league
play but we settled for 4th place.  Awaiting playoff at large bid (bracket
announcement on Sunday).  Hope they will give us a bid.  Record: 8-12 (5-5),
better than last year’s 1-19 (0-10).


Texas basketball

Varsity Boys
TSD, 41
Reicher Catholic, 37

Record: 22-7

Varsity Girls
TSD, 49
Reicher Catholic, 25

Record: 30-2


Washington basketball

WSD Girls and Boys Basketball Scores: 2/6/20

Lady Terriers 5 @ Naselle 60

WSD – 3-0-0-2

Record 7-12 (League 0-6)

Jennifer Tudor

Emma McKinney – 3

LeAnna Clearbrook

Janet Tuz-Manrique

Juliana Sanchez – 2

Lora Torres

Ella Stromberg

Alondra Lopez-Alcaraz

Ashley Balcazar

Yarizbeth Aparicio

Naselle – 17-16-14-13

Terriers 24 @ Naselle 73

WSD – 4-8-6-4

Record 10-9 (League 3-5)

Ramon Varaja

Wylee Rogers

Osvaldo Cruz

Jose Ramirez

Jace Lewandowski – 4

Juan Ramirez – 18

Kevin Diaz

Kwabena White Star

Tye Gonzalez – 2

Nacelle – 38-14-11-10


Western Pennsylvania basketball

V GIRLS BASKETBALL: beat Harvest Baptist, 39-23

LEAGUE RECORD: 3-5 – clinched playoff spot (3rd place)


JV BOYS BASKETBALL: lost to Harvest Baptist, 8-48


BOYS BASKETBALL: lost to Harvest Baptist, 52-76

LEAGUE RECORD: 2-6 – clinched playoff spot (4th place)



MS BOYS BASKETBALL: did not play




random DeafSports thoughts

Is the competitive level at Clerc
tougher than competitive levesl
at some local high school districts?

Yes. There have been some schools that
are doing very well with ther local
high school competition – yet struggle
at Clerc!

Same thing with these NCAA Big Dance

So Clerc teams better than local high
school teams? Debate will go on and
on and will never end.