DeafDigest Sports – – July 4, 2020

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— remembering a deaf land speed driver

— a past deaf football player at NYU

— a Big 6 athletic director departs us


A past deaf football player at NYU

DeafDigest Sports dedicates this edition to
Martin Leff, that departed us.

As a much younger man he was a member of the
NYU football team (during the early 1950’s)

Football at NYU?

Yes, until NYU dropped this sport in 1952; at that
time the university was on NCAA-I level, playing
an independent schedule.

It is not known of Leff’s football stats, if any,
at NYU but he was a member of the team during his


Gallaudet volleyball

women’s volleyball partners with Transformative
Deaf Education to raise funds and make an impact

WASHINGTON – The Gallaudet University women’s volleyball program has
partnered with Transformative Deaf Education (TDE) to make an impact on
Deaf Education.

The Bison women’s volleyball team held a team zoom meeting with current
and former Black members of the program to discuss Black Lives Matter. The
group discussed what is happening in society and on campus and how they,
as a team, could play an active role to support change. The team decided
they wanted to support an organization that would have long-standing

Enter TDE.

The mission of TDE is to promote the transformative pedagogy in Deaf
Education and deaf programs from birth to high school.

Gallaudet’s women’s volleyball team believes that education for the Deaf
youth is the answer to their long-term commitment for change. The
student-athletes raised nearly $500 out of their own pockets and that
amount was matched by the volleyball program’s budget to donate nearly
$1,000 to TDE

full story at:


a Big 6 athletic director departs us

I have to, with a very heavy heart, let you, student-athletes, coaches,
colleagues, friends, and the community know that I will be accepting a new
job and moving to
Sequoia Deaf School (SDS) in Mesa, Arizona as a school Superintendent this

This was the most difficult decision that I have ever made in my life and
that is a testament to how great of a place Fremont is.  I feel like that
at this point in
my career, I am ready to bring my energy, experience, and positive outlook
on things towards leading a school.  Sequoia is a small school of 55
students and 20
staff but a unique one. If you remember, it was where I first started 10
years ago as a PE Teacher and I then started the Athletics Program and
coordinated it.  It
is also part of a charter school system on the same campus where my new
students can mainstream or play sports if they would like.  I will be
posting a similar
video to this text on my social media about my devoted love for CSD and
you can follow the things that we do there at Sequoia by following the
school’s social media

CSD, there is only one word that I can use to describe this place:
“magical.” This is the place where a child can do everything and really
thrive.  Please
understand and believe me because I have moved so many times, visited 50
Deaf Schools worldwide and experienced a lot of different school settings
that you can
imagine growing up.  When I came to Fremont, it was an unbelievable
feeling.  I felt like this was a PhD in Deaf Education in itself.  You all
will keep going on
strong and I will continue to carry everything that I have learned from
CSD with me in the future to keep raising the bar for Deaf Education

Football Team, I wanted to thank all of you former players for bearing
with me and going through the grind.  The time we had together was simply
unbelievable and we
can proudly say that the level that we have reached is of something that
nobody ever thought a Deaf sport team would ever reach.  I have no doubt
that you will
easily continue that this upcoming season.  All of your Assistant Coaches
are still there and the great, oldest football program is still there.
This is an awful
way to have closure because I need to be able to see you all in person but
this will have to do for now.  I will most certainly come to one of your
games and see
you in person.  Go all the way!

To the rest of the Student-Athletes, this job at CSD is something that I
can’t say I have left in better condition than when I started because this
program has
always and will always be good.  Your next Athletic Director will be
fabulous and I will be here supporting the next AD and the Head Football
Coach to make sure you
all get started the right way after the CIF finalizes our plan.  I must,
however, tell you what I have told my football team, after and when CSD
does reopen, there
will be two groups of athletes at CSD and everywhere else.  The first
group will miss sports so much and return better than ever and cherish
every moment.  The
second will be those who just play for fun or do not take sports
seriously, they might move on and find other hobbies or when they do go
ahead and play, they will
be very rusty and could get hurt.  This is what I fear the most for Deaf
Sports all over America.  Every one of us Deaf schools are already very
small schools in
general compared to the hearing world and we really need each other’s
collective support and to be prepared for the upcoming seasons when sports
are up and running
again.  Deaf schools sports will always be here but we especially need you
to have a good start to keep this running.  So, please get busy now,
contact your
teammates and get the conversation started and keep joining our summer
workouts, drills, and meetings.

Finally my coaches, department, and direct supervisors that I have had
over the years, you have been the biggest influence on me.  Thank you for
bringing a lot of
energy, expectations, and excitement to our school.  That has
singlehandedly been the biggest factor in my personal and professional
growth.  You know who you are,
I have learned a lot from every one of you, and I will cherish every
single moment we had.

Once again, and always… GO EAGLES!


Warren Keller


remembering a deaf land speed driver

part of a posting

Jessi Combs will always be remembered for her grit and ambition. Her
dream was to be “The World’s Fastest Woman.” According to Guinness World
Records, she now holds that title just over 10 months after her death in
the rocket car that propelled her to that record on August 27, 2019.
Combs, 39, was killed in the dry lake bed of the Alvord Desert when her
jet car, the North American Eagle – essentially a 1957 Lockheed F-104A-10
Starfighter military fighter jet on wheels – had a mechanical failure
during the return pass of the record attempt. Prior to the crash, she
achieved a combined speed of 522.783 miles per hour, enough to surpass the
record of 512.710 mph set by deaf stuntwoman Kitty O’Neil at the same
Southeastern Oregon dry lake bed in the jet-powered, three-wheeled SMI
Motivator in 1976.


college deaf athlete

Alex Dupre
rising freshman

LSU Eunice

will play baseball and basketball


elite deaf wrestler

Alexandros Papadatos


national wrestling champion, Greco-Roman

his web site has not been updated since 2018. Is he
still wrestling or has he retired from wrestling?


random deafsports thoughts

Fremont athletic director Warren Keller moves on to the
Sequoia Deaf School in Mesa, Arizona.

Will he start up an athletic program at the school?

Hope so.

As far as DeafDigest Sports editor would recall, only
two deaf schools in Arizona fielded sports teams
(Phoenix and Tucson)




Order a copy of the new Gallaudet University Men’s Basketball History Book

WASHINGTON – The Gallaudet University men’s basketball program is excited
to announce online ordering information for those fans, alumni, etc.,
interested in purchasing a copy of the Gallaudet University Men’s
Basketball History Book (1904-2019) written by Gallaudet Athletics Hall of
Famer Barry Strassler.

The book made its debut back on February 15, 2020, at the annual Alumni
Madness Day. The Bison men’s basketball program held a reunion that
evening where Strassler signed copies of the book.

For those not in attendance, you can now purchase your own copy for $35
apiece and $8 for shipping. Please allow two weeks to receive the book.
Purchase here: https://app.mobilecause.com/form/LQ60XQ?vid=73t7e

If you have any questions, please contact Gallaudet men’s basketball head
coach Kevin Kovacs at kevin.kovacs@gallaudet.edu.

a vlog is at: