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—- random deafsports thoughts

— football updates & upcoming August games

— Riverside football

— Texas volleyball

— deaf softball national champions

— deaf track an field championships

— deaf pro boxer


football updates

so far, 3 schedules have not arrived

17 schedules turned in

4 schools are not having teams this season

17 plus 3 is 20 teams; last year just three teams

To coaches and athletic directors:
if you have already completed your schedules, please
email barry@deafdigest.com



upcoming August football games

Aug 20 Indiana hosts Purdue Poly

Aug 27 Indiana at South Decatur
Aug 27 Alabama at Shoals Christian
Aug 27 Texas at Riverside

Aug 28 Arkansas at Louisiana
Aug 28 Oklahoma at Mississippi


Riverside football

we changed the date from Aug 28th to Aug 27th because
Texas said travel costs would be lower.

DeafDigest Sports editor has the schedules of these
two rival schools – Fremont and Riverside and there
is no game this season between these two schools


Texas volleyball

Texas School for the Deaf varsity volleyball team won the season opener
with a three-one victory over Travis High School.

Travis High School vs TSD
(23-25, 25-21, 25-17, 25-22)

Record: 1-0

Varsity Summit Christian, 1
Texas, 3
(23-25, 25-21, 25-17, 25-22)

Record: 2-0

Junior Varsity
Rundberg IDEA, 1Texas, 2
(20-25, 27-25, 15-9)                                      )

Record: 1-0


Texas coaches

Cross Country Head Coach: Joe Cardenas

Varsity Football Head Coach: John Moore
Varsity Football Assistant Coaches: Joshua Moore, Harvey Nathanson, Kenneth Montanez, Archie Savannah
Junior Varsity Football Head Coach: John Moore

Varsity Volleyball Head Coach: RJ Kaufman
Varsity Volleyball Assistant Coaches: Janna Oshman and Ludmila Mounty-Weinstock
Junior Varsity Volleyball Head Coach: Janna Oshman

Cheerleading Coach: Viviana Santos


deaf softball

National Softball Association for the Deaf

from a newspaper story, not from NSAD itself!

part of the posting

The Bluesox, a Midwest deaf softball team, won the National Softball
Association for the Deaf Championship this past weekend.

“We developed the Bluesox. Basically it’s a team that consisted of guys in
the Midwest. So we’re talking like Minneapolis, Omaha, Kansas City and
there are five guys from South Dakota. Three of them live in Sioux Falls.

This year, the Bluesox went 3-0 in pool play. They then lost to a team out
of Austin, Tex. in the first game of the double elimination bracket, but
went on to beat the same team in the Championship. They had to win
five-straight games to win it all.

The Bluesox is basically a regional team, not a local team,
per story above.


deaf track an field championships

from a brief newspaper story

The 4th World Deaf Athletics Championships is scheduled
to happen from August 23 in Poland

is USA participating? Do not know. Very little, if any,
publicity from these organizations under the umbrella
of US Deaf Sports Federation.


pro boxer

part of posting

Luis Gerardo Castillo has already overcome far greater challenges in his
life than the one he’ll face in Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom HQ back garden
this weekend.

Glasgow’s Kash Farooq is a highly rated bantamweight contender and
expected to beat Castillo comfortably on Saturday night, but the Mexican
will no doubt have other ideas.

Castillo is 28-2 (18 KOs) as a pro boxer and has incredibly build that
record despite being deaf-mute.

La Sombra (The Shadow) was born deaf and, as a result, is unable to speak.

Due to his poor background, he was never able to learn formal sign

“During the fight it’s a different situation. It complicates things
because I can’t be distracting him to give him signs.

“I do get to use some things that don’t distract him – like moving the
first, second or third rope, hitting the ring mat when he’s facing me.

“That’ll give him strategic messages like switching to plan A, B or C. Or
throwing a right, straight, cross, etc.”


random deafsports thoughts

a deaf softball player at Columbia International University
(NAIA, South Carolina)


The university would not identify that deaf player.

Very frustrating! A star or a sub or mocking a player for being

it was posted on twitter




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