DeafDigest Sports — September 3, 2021

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—- random deafsports thoughts

— honoring a past Deaflympics athlete that departed us

— upcoming football games this weekend

— Alabama volleyball

— Florida football

— Kansas volleyball

— New Mexico football

— Texas sports

— Western Pennsylvania volleyball


won/lost records to date

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upcoming football games
Sep 2 Riverside 68 Noli Indian 0
Sep 2 Florida 47 Old Plank 27  
Sep 2 Alabama at South Carolina (cancelled)
Sep 2 New Mexico 65 Kansas 13
Sep 2 South Haven 68 Tennessee 0

Sep 3 Maryland hosts Rappahannock County
Sep 3 Indiana at Rock Creek Academy
Sep 3 Riverside hosts Fairmont Prep
Sep 3 Phoenix at Mayer
Sep 3 Fremont at Swett Crockett


honoring a past Deaflympics athlete that departed us

from an obit

Sheldon Freedman

He was also an accomplished athlete in track and field, having never lost
a race running the 440 in his three-year career at Chelsea High. He then
went on to compete in the Deaf Olympics in Milan, Italy, 1957, bringing
home one Gold, one Silver, and one Bronze medal.


Alabama volleyball

Fayetteville 2  ASD 0  (25-13, 25-17)

Class 1A  Area 8
Winterboro 3  ASD 0 (25-19, 25-13, 25-13)

Season 1 – 3
Area 1 – 1


Florida football

it was the worst of times, and it was the best of times.

The FSDB Dragons opened their 2021 football season with a 47-27 victory
the host Old Plank Christian Defenders.

The lead up to the game was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before as a
coach of 20+ years.  We have 22 players on our roster, but for reasons
unrelated to football, academics, discipline, or injuries, we started the
game with 15 fully dressed players.  Out of the 15, 7 had never played a
down of tackle football before.

Before the game even started, we were already in scramble mode.  We made
some personnel changes due to the missing players.  Huge huge kudos to the
youngsters who we thrust into a huge role at the last minute- Angel
and Daren Cason.  They woke up this morning hoping to play maybe a down or
two to three but ended up playing practically the whole game.

We started the game off strong reeling off 28 consecutive points and
into halftime with a 28-0 lead.  While it is usually an insurmountable
the coaches had an uneasy feeling at halftime given our lack of depth and
conditioning.  Our players were all coming out of the game here and then
with various nicks and bruises, and without an athletic trainer to stem
tide, we ended the half with several players playing out of position.

In the second half, Old Plank started on fire and got within 14 points,
34-20.  Our team could just as easily crumble under the pressure, but we
would not be denied thanks to the herculean efforts of these players-
Cabrera, Marcus Guillou, Phoenix Lambirth, Andre Pellicer, and Jamie
They also had a “never say die” supporting cast that enabled us to pull
at the end to secure the victory.

Words don’t do the justice of the effort put forth by all the players who
played tonight.  This game will have a permanent place in my memory, as
as the players’, I’m sure.

Next game is HOME on 9/9 vs Merritt Island Christian, 7pm.


1q FSDB Lambirth 1 run (PAT failed) 6-0

1q FSDB Lambirth 17 run (Cabrera to Guillou 2pt pass) 14-0

2q FSDB Guillou 47 pass from Cabrera (Cabrera 1pt run) 21-0

2q FSDB Lambirth 26 run (Dulcio 1pt run) 28-0

3q OP 9 yd rush (1pt conv good) 28-7

3q FSDB Dulcio 50 run (PAT failed) 34-7

3q OP 7 yd rush (PAT failed) 34-13

3q OP 14 yd rush (1pt conv good) 34-20

4q FSDB Guillou 6 pass from Cabrera (Guillen 1pt run) 41-20

4q FSDB Guillen 15 run (PAT failed) 47-20

4q OP 5 yd rush (1pt conv good) 47-27



Phoenix Lambirth 12-122, 3td. Justin Cabrera 19-84, 1pat. Cayto Dulcio
1td, 1pat. Marcus Guillou 2-36. Angel Guillen 2-12, 1td, 1pat.


Justin Cabrera 2/4 53yds, 2td, 1pat


Marcus Guillou 2-53, 2td, 1pat


Justin Cabrera 18t (10 solo). Marcus Guillou 10t (8 solo). Phoenix
7t (4 solo), 1 int for 32 yds. Sincere Vazquez 5t (4 solo). Angel Guillen
(3 solo). Cayto Dulcio 3t (1 solo), 1 pd. Jamie Antal 3t (2 solo). Marco
Solis 2t (2 solo).  Andre Pellicer 2t (2 solo).  Daren Cason 2t. Leo
Tellez-Baxcajay 1t (1 solo). Keegan Hendrick 1t (1 solo). Tyler
Garcia-Elcock 1t.


Indiana football

part of newspaper story

comment from an opposing coach:
Deaf has a very solid QB and RB, so we will have to keep them contained.


Kansas volleyball

September 2 vs Christ Prep High School at KSD

KSD Junior Varsity   11-25, 11-25
KSD JV                11   11
Christ Prep           25  25

KSD Varsity  12-25, 10-25, 11-25
KSD V                12   10   11
Christ Prep         25   25   25

Lady Jackrabbits overall record
Junior Varsity… 0-2
Varsity….  0-2


New Mexico football

Kansas 13


Tennessee football

South Haven 68 Tennessee 0

South haven 4-0
TSD 0-1

South haven is state 8 man  conference championship


Texas sports

TSD JV Football

Gloria Deo Academy (San Antonio) won against Texas in TSD’s
first JV game of the season.

Result: 6-55
Record: 0-1

TSD Volleyball
Austin Royals, 3
Texas, 0

Result: 21-25, 20-25, 5-25
Record:  10-3-1

Junior Varsity
Austin Royals, 1
Texas, 2

Result: 18-25, 27-25, 15-9
Record: 7-1


Western Pennsylvania volleyball


First game – Tuesday, September 7th – vs Plants and Pillars


Junior Varsity

Lost to Harvest Baptist, 1-2 (25-15, 16-25, & 7-15)

RECORD:  0-1


Lost to Harvest Baptist, 0-3 (17-25, 9-25, & 10-25)


random deafsports thoughts

it is always “what if”

Sheldon Freedman, see the story near the top of this edition,
enrolled at Gallaudet, and could have been a top trackster –
but he dropped out after a few weeks of attendance.

What if he stayed at Gallaudet?




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a vlog is at:


won/lost records, as of 9/03/21

Indiana (11) 1-1
Florida (8) 1-0
Kansas (6) 0-1
Oklahoma (8) 1-0
Mississippi (8) 0-1
New Mexicco (6) 1-0
Riverside (8) 0-1
Tennessee (8) 0-1
Texas (6) 1-0

Alabama 1-3
Arkansas 0-4
Florida 1-0
Indiana 3-1
Iowa 0-2
Kansas 0-2
Maryland 2-0
Oklahoma 1-0
South Carolina 0-1
Texas 10-2-1
Western Pennsylvania 0-1