DeafDigest Sports — September 4, 2021

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—- random deafsports thoughts

— Gallaudet updates

— football scores

— national deaf basketball announces an appointment

— a message from St Mary’s


won/lost records to date

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football scores
Sep 2 Riverside 68 Noli Indian 0
Sep 2 Florida 47 Old Plank 27  
Sep 2 Alabama at South Carolina (cancelled)
Sep 2 New Mexico 65 Kansas 13
Sep 2 South Haven 68 Tennessee 0

Sep 3 Maryland 56 Rappahannock County 0
Sep 3 Rock Creek Academy 28 Indiana 26
Sep 3 Mayer 26 Phoenix 8
Sep 3 Fremont 36 Swett Crockett 6


Gallaudet upates

— Men’s soccer becomes first Gallaudet team to play a home game in over 17 months

lost 5-1

— Gallaudet women’s soccer team makes long-awaited return after missing 2020 season

lost 1-0

— Bison stampede past Montclair State to celebrate first GU athletic win in 545 days

lost 3-1
won  3-2

— United East Men’s Cross Country 2021 Preview

— United East Women’s Cross Country 2021 Preview


Indiana football

part of newspaper story

Seth Sleepe’s touchdown with 27.2 seconds left lifted Rock Creek to a
28-26 victory over visiting Indiana Deaf in a back-and-forth battle Friday
night at the Woehrle Athletic Complex.


Maryland football

MSD vs Rappahannock

Rappahannock County HS (0-1) – 0
MSD (1-0) – 56

Rappahannock             0        0       0       0       0
MSD                     22       22       6       6       56

Scoring Summary

M- E. Sheppeck 25 yards run (R. Bauer pass from Joseph)
M- Z. Ortiz 22 yards run (Run failed)
M- N. Sheppeck 37 yards run (Joseph run)
M- Z. Ortiz 42 yards run (Joseph run)
M- Z. Ortiz 36 yards run (E. Sheppeck run)
M- E. Sheppeck 20 yards run (Run failed)
M- E. Sheppeck 16 yards run (run failed)
M- D. Collins II 5 yards run (run failed)

Individual Stats
Zion Ortiz: 6- 121 3 tds
Ethan Sheppeck- 9-132 3 tds
Nathan Sheppeck- 6- 128 1 td

Jaden Joseph: 3-3 49 yards

Ethan Sheppeck- 1-28
Nathan Sheppeck- 1-20

AJ Baker led the team with 10 tackles and two forced fumbles. Ethan
Guettler and Mepper Beshears had a fumble recovery apiece.

Total Yards :
MSD: 469 yards total (420 rushing/49 passing)
R: 56 total yards (56 rushing/0 passing yards)


St Mary’s sports

After careful consideration, SMSD has decided to limit athletic play and
travel to local schools and teams.  We will not be hosting any games or
events with teams
or schools from outside of the WNY area.  There will be no out of state
travel occurring until the COVID pandemic becomes manageable and safe
level for all .  Our
school will continue to prioritize safety as we move forward.  It’s in the
best interest of the student athletes and academics that we adhere to this
This was not an easy decision for our school but what we feel is the
correct decision given the information have currently.

We will not be hosting the Girls DII Basketball Tournament in February or
attending any ESDAA tournaments this year.


national deaf basketball announces an appointment

an announcement came up. It says:

The USADB is pleased to announce the appointment of
Ronnie Zuchengo as the National Program Director of the USADB

Per posting, his job is to see that all tournaments are run smoothly

another announcement (per tweet)

On behalf of the USA Deaf Basketball, we want to announce the 2022 USA
Deaf Basketball U21 Head Coaches: U21 Women’s Head Coach Lindsay Stergio
and U21 Men’s Head Coach Sekoe White!


random deafsports thoughts

what is the difference between two rival national deaf basketball
organizations – USA Deaf Basketball, Inc. and National Deaf Basketball

Same thing – what is the difference between NCAA-I and NIT
national basketball tournaments?

Fans root for their favorite teams regardless of which tournament
they play in!




Order a copy of the new Gallaudet University Men’s Basketball History Book

The Gallaudet University men’s basketball program is excited
to announce online ordering information for those fans, alumni, etc.,
interested in purchasing a copy of the Gallaudet University Men’s
Basketball History Book (1904-2019) written by Gallaudet Athletics Hall of
Famer Barry Strassler.

You can now purchase your own copy for $35 apiece and $8 for shipping.

Please allow two weeks to receive the book.

Purchase here: https://app.mobilecause.com/form/LQ60XQ?vid=73t7e

a vlog is at:


won/lost records, as of 9/04/21

Fremont (8) 1-0
Indiana (11) 1-2
Florida (8) 1-0
Kansas (6) 0-1
Maryland (11) 1-0
Oklahoma (8) 1-0
Phoenix (8) 0-1
Mississippi (8) 0-1
New Mexico (6) 1-0
Riverside (8) 1-0
Tennessee (8) 0-1
Texas (6) 1-0

Alabama 1-3
Arkansas 0-4
Florida 1-0
Indiana 3-1
Iowa 0-2
Kansas 0-2
Maryland 2-0
Oklahoma 1-0
South Carolina 0-1
Texas 10-2-1
Western Pennsylvania 0-1