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—- random deafsports thoughts

— Gallaudet volleyball

— a school cancels its football season

— new athletic director

— cross country and soccer and volleyball updates


won/lost records to date

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this week’s scores
Sep 20 Maryland 52 Hancock 0

today’s football games
Sep 23 Florida hosts Duval Charter
Sep 23 Washington hosts Clallam Bay
Sep 23 Texas at St Mary’s Hall
Sep 24 Tennessee at Nashville Lighthouse Christian

Friday games
Sep 24 Riverside hosts Calvary Chapel
Sep 24 Indiana hosts Edinburg
Sep 24 Phoenix hosts Bagdad
Sep 24 Model hosts Paul Public Charter School
Sep 24 Maryland at George School

Saturday games
Sep 25 Kansas at Oklahoma
Sep 25 Alabama at Mississippi
Sep 25 New Mexico hosts Northwest
Sep 25 Fremont hosts South Fork

Sep 27 Minnesota hosts St John’s Northwest

if your school is missing on the list above,
please email barry@deafdigest.com

Games are being cancelled or played despite
not originally listed on their schedules
and so on.

Your assistance would be very helpful

thank you


Gallaudet volleyball

Field House comes alive in Bison home opener against Mary Washington

lost 3-1

record 5-8

opponent is a powerhouse with a 11-3 record


Florida volleyball

FSDB vs Interlachen

Rams bulldoze Lady Dragons in all three games.

Middle School:

Young lady dragons had the most competitive and devastating loss of the

1st set: 16-25

2nd set: 26-28

The girls could not find their tempo in the first set, but in the second
set, they threw their hearts and souls into playing. We had our
opportunity where our
Dragons was neck in neck with the Rams and fought hard but another loss.

Big applause to our 7th and 6th graders Elijah Derome, Starlyn Dize,
Nauvoo Hancock, and Bambi Lentini, who had improved their serving so much
that it helped us
stayed in led before we fell.

This game was the best performance we ever played, so give our players
recognition for playing so hard.

Support our middle school’s last home game tonight at 5:30 pm! Go Dragons!

Junior Varsity:

The JV dragons faced another challenge yesterday. The Rams showed us a
true challenge and kept us on our toes. The first game was difficult, but
thanks to Ivabella
Essex who served 6 points in a row, we were able to gain a lot of ground.
Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to bring us back. We made a lot of
defensive errors and
the girls were struggling to communicate with each other. We lost 14-25.

In the second game, the girls really impressed me and everyone who came to
watch with their drive to win. They pulled themselves together as a team
and made huge
improvements in communication and receiving. This game was a lot closer;
once again with thanks to Ivabella Essex who had strong serves the entire
night and thanks
to our captain, Katrina Kalis who was running around the court in an
effort to keep the ball alive. The girls fought hard till the very end,
but unfortunately we
were still defeated 20-25. The girls played their hearts out and even
though the game ended in a loss, there was an obvious fire in them. They
will be ready and
prepared for the next game and they plan to win!


Our Lady Dragons fought a hard battle. Interchalhen’s Lady Rams were
stubborn, and they continued to hammer us throughout the game. Our first
game was marked by
miscommunication and sloppy play, 7-25. We had 12 serve and serve receive

Yet the Lady Dragons didn’t give up in the second set as we hustled for a
touch on a ball, bringing the score up to 14-17 despite an early and large
lead by the
Rams offense. There were a few points we deserved to win after a lot of
back and forth.  However, we eventually fell to them, 14-25.

In the third set, the Lady Dragons finally led the game, but we couldn’t
hold the Rams back, 11-25. We tried to defend our court, and we tried to
attack them.

In those three matches, the Lady Dragons had 22 digs and 39 attack
attempts. However, they continued to hammer us with 25 aces and 20 kills
with another 30 attack
attempts. In summary, we could see that the Lady Dragons never gave up.
Girls believed. They aimed. They worked hard. They played with their
heart. We will bounce

Lady Dragons (leaders) — Kills (9): Oceana 7, Debrow 1, Williams 1;
Assists (7): Crook 3, Essex 2 3, Oceana 1, Dainty 1; Aces (5): Crook 2,
Essex 2, Dainty 1;
Digs (22): Bonnano-White 7, Crook 7, Dainty 3, Brown 2, Williams 1 ;
Blocks (2): Oceana 1, Debrow 1

Box Score:

S1, S2, S3,

Dragons:  7,  14,  11

Rams:      25, 25, 25

Record 4-3

FSDB vs First Baptist Christian Academy

The Lady Dragons sweep the Crusaders once again.

We hosted our first home game since 2019. We played against the First
Baptist Christian Academy. Being home was a great feeling!!  The fans were

The Lady Dragons took control of the match right away, scoring 16-7 on the
first set! We finished the game, 25-11. In the second set, the girls knew
that we did not
play our best. We made ball-handling errors. We had a few bad serves.
However, Oceana finished the set with 6 nice serves, 25-16. In the third
set, the Lady Dragons
were able to find our momentum, controlling the set from the beginning. We
were able to find our flow and finish the set in 25-8. We had a great
offense serving 37
aces and hitting 13 kills combined with great defense as a team.

In those three matches, junior middle brown Oceana Brown led all in kills
with 5 kills while also adding ten aces and two blocks. Senior outside
hitter Olivia Brown
had 4 kills and 2 aces. Junior setter Paisley Crook led in assists with 5

Lady Dragons (leaders) — Kills (13): Oceana 5,  Olivia 4, Debrow 2, Hancok
1, Williams 1; Assists (5): Crook 5, Olivia 3, Oceana 2, Hancock 1,
Williams 1; Aces
(37): Oceana 10, Colon-Moore 8, Crook 7, Williams 7, Dainty 4, Debrow 1;
Digs (4): Olivia 2, Crook 1, Dainty 1 ; Blocks (2): 2 Brown

Record 4-2


Indiana football

last game was a 23-8 loss to Lake Station

it was learned in a newspaper story that
Lake Station was a last minute opponent,
and that they snapped a 12-game losing
streak at the expense of Indiana!


Indiana volleyball

from a tweet

Blackford lost to Indiana 20-25, 22-25, 25-16, 21-25


Iowa cross country

part of newspaper header

Iowa School for the Deaf also had one runner as Lakota Benge placed 82nd.


Louisiana football

has cancelled its season. Will start basketball


Maryland football

newspaper prediction

Maryland School for the Deaf (3-0) at George School (2-1), 4 p.m.: If
you’ve never seen a school for the deaf play football, you should. It’s
fascinating and inspiring. And the Orioles do it really well.

Markol’s pick: Maryland School for the Deaf 27, George School 15.


Maryland volleyball

Maryland lost to Mt. Airy Christian Academy
Scores: 10-25, 25-27, 25-23, 25-16, 6-15
Record: 11-4-2

Olivia Clinger
1 kill, 1 assist, 2 digs

Citrine Lummer
31 kills, 17 digs, 2 blocks

Jade Macedo
2 kills, 32 assists, 4 digs, 2 aces

Alina Williamson
1 dig

Alona Zfati
1 kill, 21 digs, 4 aces

Amber Virnig
1 assist, 3 digs, 1 ace

Arabella Bielucke
1 kill, 2 digs, 1 ace

Ciara Luttrell
7 digs

Sigridura Junc
2 blocks

Bella Finkle
2 blocks, 1 dig

JV beat Mt. Airy Christian Academy
Scores: 25-21, 25-21
Record: 9-2-1


Missouri sports

the new athletic director is Andrew Daly

Actually he is the new activities director,
but athletics is part of his duties.


Rochester soccer

RSD lost a tough one to the Bisons of Buffalo as St. Mary’s won with a
decisive 6-1 victory.
Stenson scored our lone goal in the second half.

Overall Record: 1-3

ntensity vs. RSD
RSD hosted Intensity in a competitive soccer game. The game was extremely
exciting in the first half as both teams were taking great shots on goal
with both keepers
playing excellently. We ended the first half down 3-2, with one starter
getting hurt.

Second half, with no substitutes, we struggled while Intensity had a bench
full of subs. In the end, Intensity went on to win 7-2.


Intensity: 7
RSD: 2

Sha’Mir Stenson (2)

Overall Record: 1-2
Deaf vs. Deaf: 1-0


St Mary’s soccer

The Bisons came out flying against our ESDAA rival the Wildcats from
Rochester School for the Deaf. Senior Captain Ethan Antone opened up the
scoring 10 minutes
into the 1st half  followed y Brady Bartell 5 minutes later with a great
goal of his own.  From that moment on our team never looked back.  We took
a 2-0 lead into
halftime and told our squad to continue to put pressure on our opponent
and not to let up.  In the 2nd half of the match, the Bisons offense
exploded for 4 more
goals off the foot of Farhad Ghorbani and a few more from Ethan Antone.
Our defensive led by Magdi Mohammed was just as impressive by holding the
Wildcats to just
5 shots and 1 goal.  This was a solid win for the Bisons and gets us back
to our winning ways.  Our next match is tomorrow against NFCAA league
opponent, the
Christian Academy of Western New York(CAWNY).  Wish the boys good luck.

Overall Record: 3-1

ESDAA Record: 1-0

NFCAA Record: 2-1

Individual Stats:

Ethan Antone- 3 goals(6th, 7th, and 8th of the season)

Farhad Ghorbani-2 goals(7th and 8th of the season)

Brady Bartell- 1 goal(4th of the season)


St Mary’s volleyball

The Lady Bisons took on the Rochester Wildcats yesterday afternoon in
their second game of the season. After working on some of our short
comings from our first
game, we were ready to head out and show our I-90 rivals what we were made
of. In the first set the girls came out strong with Julia Bronneberg and
Alvira-Jurado leading the team with and impressive 10 service points, with
Kioney earning 3 aces and Julia earning 1. Briona Zuppa, Kearah Kelly and
Aleyshka Rivera
showed a hunger to prove themselves with some key digs and saves
throughout the game.

The second set the girls struggled to find a way past a few of the
Rochester servers and fell in a quick set.  The third set the girls were
able to get back some of
their control and with the help of 6 straight service points from rookie
Zarielle Ormsby they put up a fighting chance against the Wildcats.
Unfortunately we fell
in three straight sets, but the girls continued cooperation, teamwork, and
ability to persevere have shown that you should in no way count them out
yet. The lady
Bisons will take on the Tapestry JV squad today in their first away game
of the season. Please wish the girls luck as they try to make a break from
their losing
streak on the road.












Record: 0-2


Western Pennsylvania sports


YESTERDAY’s RESULT – Robinson Township Christian, 0-4

NEXT GAME – 9/28/21 HOME  Cornerstone Prep Christian




NEXT GAME –   9/28/21  HOME  @ Cornerstone Prep Christian (JV and V)

Junior Varsity


RECORD:  0-4


YESTERDAY’s RESULT – lost to Grace Christian, 1-3 (26-24, 15-25, 20-25, and 18-25)




random deafsports thoughts

just hate it when an opponent snaps a long losing
streak by defeating a deaf team (regardless of which
sport it was)!




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won/lost records, as of 9/23/21

if you see errors, pls email barry@deafdigest.com

Alabama (8) 1-2
Florida (8) 2-1
Fremont (8) 2-1
Indiana (11) 2-3
Kansas (6) 1-1
Maryland (11) 3-0
Minnesota (8) 0-1
Oklahoma (8) 1-0
Mississippi (8) 0-1
New Mexico (6) 1-0
Phoenix (8) 0-2
Riverside (8) 3-0
Tennessee (8) 0-2
Texas (6) 2-1
Washington (8) 0-1

Rhode Island 1-0
Rochester 1-3
St Mary’s 3-1
Western Pennsylvania 0-6

Alabama 1-7
Arkansas 0-5
Florida 4-3
Fremont 1-2
Indiana 3-1
Iowa 1-3
Kansas 4-4
Maryland 11-4-2
Minnesota 3-2
Oklahoma 2-2
Rochester 3-0
South Carolina 0-1
St Mary’s 0-2
Texas 10-6-1
Western Pennsylvania 0-5
Wisconsin 2-2