Barry’s Deaf Sports Collections

Collections – It is Barry’s E-Book of his best sports articles published in many
publications since the early 1960’s. He wrote for DeafDigest, Silent Worker,
Deaf American, NAD Broadcaster, Silent News, The Frat and many others.ball
Most of these publications are no longer in business! This list is growing
and will be added on a regular basis.

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Today’s selected article:

Hockey – Gallaudet-University of Maryland –

Barry’s selected articles, titles in alphabetical order

Actor-Body Builder – Ferrigno, Lou –

Akron, role in deaf sports history –

Athlete, most famous from deaf school –

Athletes, hearing losses –

Attendance, largest to watch Gallaudet basketball game –

Auto Race – high finish in big race –

Auto racing, championship win paid off gallaudet tuition –

Auto racer, deaf, long time –

Badminton player, international level –

Baseball champion, state –

Baseball, deaf and disabled pitcher –

Baseball, deaf major leaguer, hearing in retirement –

Baseball, deaf players with professional teams –

Baseball, deaf club professional tour –

Baseball, first deaf minor league umpire –

Baseball, formerly deaf major league pitcher –

Baseball hall of fame, deserving deaf inductee –

Baseball lipreading –

Baseball, long forgotten Gallaudet game –

Baseball, minor league team, deaf owner –

Baseball, minor leaguer, ripley believe it or not –

Baseball, Detroit Tigers vs Tennessee School for the Deaf –

Baseball, Hoy versus Taylor –

Baseball researcher, LinWeber, Ralph –

Baseball minor leaguer –

Baseball, minor league umpire –

Baseball, top minor league defensive first baseman-

Baseball – Sipek, Dick –

Baseball, strange ejection from game –

Baseball, Thomas Lynch mystery –

Baseball – three deaf pitchers –

Baseball uniform, Dummy Hoy –

Baseball, World Deaf Championships –

Basketball, from AAAD to Gallaudet –

Basketball, scoring feat at national deaf tournaments – http///

Basketball battle of the titans –

Basketball championship game, 24-point lead –

Basketball club won Deaflympics –

Basketball coach, past, was NTID director –

Basketball, major Mason-Dixon boys’ upset –

Basketball, state high school champions –

Basketball, deaf player in hearing olympics –

Basketball, deaf professional team –

Basketball,national tournament biggest upset –

Basketball, NCAA-I, deaf vs deaf –

Basketball pro player, from Gallaudet –

Basketball, deaf oral team –

Basketball, deaf team in national hearing tournament –

Basketball, embarrassing national tournament game –

Basketball, first to jump from deaf schools to NCAA-I –

Basketball, frustrated mainstreamed player-

Basketball, Gallaudet Iron Men –

Basketball, Gallaudet unbelievable win –

basketball, greatest gallaudet players up to 1989 –

Basketball – Grant, Leon explosiveness –

basketball, greatest deaf players up to 1950 –

Basketball, Hearing Olympics –

Basketball, National High School All-American team –

Basketball, national tournament near-boycott –

Basketball player, described as deaf and blind –

Basketball, pro women’s – Cummings, Kirsten –

Basketball, deaf national tournament won on last second shot –

Basketball, Deaflympics surprise –

Basketball, first deaf pro in national deaf tournament –

Basketball, girls –

Basketball, illegal trick –

Basketball, member of national hearing basketball team –

Basketball, overtime game by mistake –

Basketball, pro in Puerto Rico –

Basketball referee, national college tournament –

Basketball referee not hearing his own whistle –

Basketball, strangest hearing eligibility case –

Basketball – tallest deaf player –

Basketball team suspected of fake-deafness-

Basketball, annual tournament in secrecy –

Basketball, winning shot, a miracle –

Basketball, women’s – Kupka, Monica –

Basketball, women- from deaf school to ncaa-I –

Basketball, women college – leading scorer in state –

Bowling, first deaf 300 bowler –

Bowling, at Gallaudet –

Bowling alley, deaf-owned –

Boxing champion by deaf boxer –

Boxing, death of – Mahan, Fred –

Boxing – Escobar, Lloyd –

Boxing – Marshall, Marvin, champion –

Boxing,  Olympics deaf champion-

Boxing rules, deaf contribution –

Boxing world contender Fitzpatrick, Hilton –

Boxing corner red lights -Hairston, Eugene –

Bowling, first deaf with 300 game –

Bowling, nationally ranked deaf bowler –

Chess –

Closed deaf school –

Coach, deaf coach of hearing team –

College sports, unusual switch –

Crew (rowing) – deaf coxwain on college team –

Cross country, state champions that were deaf –

Curling, Croatia big shock –

Deaf as defectives in Texas –

Deaf basketball accommodation –

Deaf Sportsman – Kruger, Art –

Deaf Sportsman – Kruger, Art –

Deaflympics Gold medals (10) stolen –

Deaflympics hurdles, heartbreaking stumble –

Decathlon – Dean Smith –

Decathlon, hearing father-deaf son –

Discus, national champion –

Diver, deaf participant in Olympics –

Diver, deaf in Olympics;

Diving, deaf member of National Diving team –

Dummy Hoy grandslam myth –

Dummy Hoy myth –

Dummy Hoy trivia –

Dummy Taylor, biggest baseball accomplishment –

Equestrian Horses, deaf trainer/breeder –

Faces in Sports magazine –

Fan #1 at deaf school –

Fast pitch softball, big mystery –

Fastpitch softball pitcher making money –

Fencing – 5-time deaf Olympian –

Fencing, American deaf Olympian –

Field hockey , dead sport –

Figure skating dance team, deaf member –

Figure skating, top deaf men’s –

Football agreement, secret –

Football and cigars –

Football, Canadian Football League – ten seasons career –

Football, Canadian Football League – deaf players –

Football, college, mainstreamed player’s difficult choice –

Football, deaf schools state champions –

Football game, statistical oddity –

Football, greatest coaching accomplishment –

Football coach, formerly coached deaf players –

Football, college player difficult choice –

Football, deaf two-way-lineman –

Football, deaf running back drafted by Steelers –

Football, CFL, long time pro –

Football, CFL punter –

Football, college – first big time college star from deaf school ranks –

Football, College – hearing ASL quarterback –

Football, deaf championship semi-pro team –

Football, deaf QB communications –

Football, deaf players in bowl games –

Football deaf referees –

Football, deaf schools, funniest incident –

Football, extremely miserable conditions –

Football, famous football game –

Football, Gallaudet 5th string QB becomes the starter –

Football, Gallaudet embarrassment –

Football, Gallaudet rookie scoring a touchdown first time with ball –

Football, Gallaudet unusual transfer player –

Football, Gallaudet varsity vs alumni –

Football, deaf player at Penn State –

Football gear, obsolete –

Football huddle secret-

Football, Illinois legend –

Football game, intense, alabama vs georgia –

Football, last game on Gallaudet grass –

Football, last play of season, career, game –

Football, most dramatic deaf touchdown –

Football, pro league – only deaf pro –

Football, pro, deaf lineman –

Football, pro, 1000-yard rusher –

Football – Monaghan, Bilbo –

Football, mystery – St Mary’s School for Deaf –

Football mystery, deaf schools –

Football, national hearing high school All-American team –

Football, never punted –

Football oddity, two football games same day vs same opponent –

Football, NFL draftee filed a lawsuit –

Football – Perkins, Cary –

Football,  Purdue coach –

Football, Queen Elizabeth lipreading –

Football, RIT club team, deaf participation –

Football team, new team to state runnerups –

football quarterback, NFL, deaf, perfect passing percentage –

Football, quarterback Marvin Tuttle and Marvin Tuttle –

Football – Ruth, Babe –

Football, deaf semi pro team versus early NFL team-

Football short-lived teams at deaf schools –

Football – Sloan, Bonnie –

Football star, mysterious deafness –

Football, the spoiler team –

Football, toughest lightweight lineman –

Football, two unusual results vs same school –

Football, unforgettable comment –

Football, Gary Washington –

Gallaudet’s one time game with closed college –

Gallaudet, first time at national championship tournament –

Gallaudet baseball, national leader in strikeouts –

Gallaudet baseball, media publicity during nineties –

Gallaudet baseball on softball field –

Gallaudet basketball Iron Men, big mystery –

Gallaudet basketball, twice cut –

Gallaudet football, frustrated running back –

Gallaudet football, being tormented –

Gallaudet football, NCAA-I recruits –

Gallaudet football, only first team All-American –

Gallaudet football, two defeats ruined unbeaten season –

Gallaudet football, unusual letter –

Gallaudet hockey – won game without emergency goalie –

Gallaudet hockey -Gallaudet-University of Maryland –

Gallaudet, only athlete to play in a major level pro game –

Gallaudet to Big Ten –

Gallaudet baseball,surprise coach –

Gallaudet basketball miracle –

Gallaudet basketball season, strange thing –

Gallaudet Dirty Thirty quarterback –

Gallaudet, great athlete, career cut short –

Gallaudet football, first three generation players –

Gallaudet football mystery led to a great season –

Gallaudet football pioneers –

Gallaudet football, quarterback saved the program –

Gallaudet president was former Gallaudet coach –

Gallaudet president was former Gallaudet football player –

Gallaudet soccer, first win –

Gallaudet men soccer, women players –

Gallaudet soccer goalie, Pan-Am tryouts –

Gary Klingensmith at Penn State –

Generations, Gallaudet athlete family –

Golf country club course deaf superintendent –

Golf, deaf pro twice qualifier us open –

Golf, Jr PGA championship –

Hall of Fame petition –

Hall of Fame –

Hamill’s interesting fighting accomplishments –

Hockey, deaf enforcer in nhl, kyte, jim –

Hockey, Jr A team drafted deaf goalie –

Hockey, pro, first deaf player –

Hockey, unfortunate injury –

Hofstra deaf experiment –

Hollywood movie about deaf football –

Indy 500 races, deaf involved –

Interpreters, major league baseball –

Javelin, national high school champion –

John Chudzikiewicz, first American Deaflympics gold medal winner –

Kevin Hall versus best deaf golffers –

Land speed racer O’Neill, Kitty –

Law suit, ugly in deaf sports –

Long jumper, best in nation –

Marathon, Olympics –

Marathon, only race, easy win –

Minor league baseball, Gallaudet players –

Motocross racing champion, Fiolek, Ashley –

Mountain racing biker –

NBA star coached in deaf school –

NBA, first deaf player was not Allred –

NCAA-I men’s basketball players from deaf schools –

NCAA-I athletes at Gallaudet –

Nordic skiing, big USA shock –

Notre Dame football, deaf starter at center –

NTID’s forgotten first deaf superstar athlete –

Olympics, almost Gallaudet participant –

Olympics, biggest deaf disappointment –

Photographer, deaf, horse race tracks photofinish line –

Pigeons, homing – deaf racer –

Player trades in a deaf sports league –

Quarterback, crazy –

Quarterback not knowing ASL –

RIT vs Gallaudet, never in one sport –

Rocky Murray as athlete and coach –

Rodeo – bright future cut short –

Roller Derby – past deaf professionals –

Sculler –

Shooting champion retired while too young –

Shooting, Gallaudet national champion –

Shoulder tap, football –

Ski Jump, deaf champion –

Skiing champion – Rautier, Martina –

Skiing, most accomplished deaf skier –

Snub, biggest in deaf sports –

Soccer, British Premier Soccer League, deaf player –

Soccer, deaf goalie, national hearing team –

Soccer, goalie, dangerous situation –

Soccer, deaf player red carded in important game –

Soccer, impossible goal –

Soccer, pro team helped by deaf school –

Softball, last hurrah for aging team –

Softball, college, deaf vs deaf –

Softball, death of deaf men’s fastpitch –

Softball Fast Pitch special sign language –

Softball Memorial Day tournaments –

Softball story, crazy –

Speed skating, national team member –

Sports Information Director, deaf –

Sports schedule book, deaf inventor –

Sprint car racing deaf legend –

Squash, world ranked pro – Macree, Rebecca

St Joseph College for Deaf, best athlete –

Standardbreds racing – Macomber, Rick –

Standardbred training stable – deaf-owned –

Swimming, Olympics gold medal – Float, Jeff –

Swimming, deaf world class deaf swimmer –

Synchronized Swimming, deaf champion –

Swimming, unbeaten one season –

Team Handball national squad, deaf member –

TaeKwonDo – Birley, Dawn –

Tennis, Davis Cup deaf participant –

Tennis doubles team –

Thoroughbred horses – deaf owner –

Track, almost world record –

Track, three unbeaten state champions facing each other –


Track race walking champion – Davis, Morris –

TV, made-for-sport, Beattie, Shelley –

Volleyball, deaf professional player –

Water polo coach –

Wealthy retired deaf pro athlete –

Wrestling book by Gallaudet wrestling coach – 

Wrestling, gamble by Marty Willigan –

Wrestling, deaf, three magical seasons –

Wrestling, national champion, deaf –

Wrestling – Olympics silver medal winner –

Wrestling, pro, trainee –

Wrestling, pro, unusual referee –

Wrestling, real, not fake, two deaf real wrestlers –

Wrestling, rival college head coaches were deaf twins –

Wrestling rookie –

Wrestling, unusual feat –