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upcoming football games
Sep 18 Washington at Rainer Christian
Sep 18 Colorado hosts Miami-Yoder
Sep 18 South Carolina at Fountain Inn Christian
Sep 18 Minnesota at West Lutheran
Sep 18 Wisconsin at Siren
Sep 18 Model (8-man) at Tennessee (may be Model’s only game of season)
Sep 18 Michigan at Owen-Gage

Sep 19 Phoenix at Glendale Prep
Sep 19 Riverside at Campbell Hall
Sep 19 Maryland at Perry Street Prep
Sep 19 Fremont at Calistoga
Sep 19 Indiana at Anderson Prep
Sep 19 Texas at Lake Country Christian

Sep 20 Kansas at Missouri
Sep 20 Iowa at Arkansas
Sep 20 Alabama at Mississippi
Sep 20 Oklahoma at Louisiana
Sep 20 Carolinas at Georgia


Alabama volleyball


Monday, September 15, 2014

At Lincoln


Alabama 2  Lincoln 1

12 – 25, 25 – 23, 17 – 15


Talladega County Central 3  Alabama 0  (AREA)

25 – 11, 25 – 9, 25 – 21


Season record: 4 – 4

Area record: 3 – 1


Arkansas volleyball

Cornerstone Christian defeated Arkansas in a see-saw competition, 3 to 2…

18-25; 25-15; 21-25; 25-23; 15-17

Next Game:  Southwest Christian @ Arkansas 9/16/14

Record: 1-4


Iowa volleyball

Iowa Deaf opponent tonight Treynor Frosh, (2A school)

Lost in 3 straight

Serving improvement in tonight’s game with only missing 7.  
Good net play from Stephanie Perez really boosted our confidence
in the first game.  “She played outstanding” I would have to say
I am proud of the way the girls played tonight, we still have a
tough road ahead, but I think we are climbing.  

I told them volleyball is 90% mental—they have to start thinking
they can!!!

Brianna Vargo hustled tonight, at times her setting was spot on.  
Toward the last game she tried to force some things and they did not go her way.

Treynor                                Iowa Deaf
25                                           15
25                                           11
25                                           9

0-4 record


Michigan volleyball

It’s that time of the year!  The 3rd annual Kentucky
Spike Out!  Michigan School for the deaf is here defending
their championship title.
There are 5 other teams here trying to win it.  6 matches were played
today, 9/12/14.  MSD participated in 2 of them.
The Lady Tartars played Mississippi School for the deaf first
and Mississippi showed us they weren’t going to accept 2nd place
this year.  We played best out of 3 sets and they won.  Games were
close and was probably a preview of games to come.  1st set we
 won 21-15, 2nd set we lost 14-21, and 3rd set we lost 19-21. 
Rachel Chicky, Hannah Wears, and Jasmine Chamberlain each got 3 kills. 
Rebecca Davis had the most assists totaling 5.  Kassie Ross
showed why she is one of our captains and had 2 kills, 4 assists,
and 11 correct service receives!  Hopefully weÿÿll meet again tomorrow!
We also played Kentucky School for the Deaf today.  We won the first 2
sets to end the match.  Scores were close, and KSD had us on our toes! 
1st set was 22-20 and 2nd set was 21-12.  Our other captain, Hannah Wears,
had a much better match!  She had 4 kills & 8 aces!  Princess Rogers also had some
impressive moves tonight, she had 2 kills & 2 aces.
Way to go Lady Tartars!
Stay tuned for tomorrow!  We will play St. Rita at 9:00am, South Carolina at 3:00pm,
and Ohio at 4:00pm.  Then playoffs start at 8:00pm.

Wow! What a long day! The Kentucky Spike out came to a close.  Lots of great
teams and lots of competition.  The Lady Tartars received 2nd place overall with
our captains each receiving personal awards.  Kassie Ross and Hannah Wears both
got all tournament trophies, and Hannah also received best defensive player.
Our record for the tournament was 4-2!
We opened the day playing St. Rita School for the Deaf and won the first 2 sets
ending the match. 1st set was 25-9, 2nd set was 25-12.  We beat them with our
serves!  We had a total of 24 aces in 2 sets!
Next we played South Carolina School for the Deaf and also took the match 2 sets
to 0. Scores were 1: 25-14, 2: 25-22.  Both Kassie Ross and Rebecca Davis
had 100% serving!  Jasmine Chamberlain was able to rack up 2 kills this match,
and Rachel Chicky service receive was at 100%!  Great job!  I love seeing 100%
on statistics!
Immediately after beating South Carolina, we played Ohio School for the Deaf. 
Ohio is our rival and we always play amazing against them.  Today was no
exception!  Even one of our 8th graders rose to the occasion!  Wendy Chicky
was able to successfully serve receive 2 balls and had 4 great serves.  Hannah
Wears had 3 kills in the first set.  While in the 2nd set Rachel Chicky, Kassie
Ross, Rebecca Davis, and Jasmine Chamberlain each had 1 kill.  The Lady
Tartars took the first 2 sets to the match.  Scores were 1: 25-11, 2: 25-19. 
This win was definitely a team effort!
The last match of the day was the championship game, and we were in it!  We
played against Mississippi again, and we were hoping to pay them back for
yesterday.  Unfortunately they were prepared for us.  They knew all our tricks
and played well.  The Lady Tartars played their best and had the stats to
prove it.  Hannah Wears closed out the night with 9 attacks (4 kills), 7
good serves (3 aces), and 5 correct service receives.  Rachel Chicky also had 9
attacks (4 kills),  11 good serves (4 aces), and 7 good receive passes! Kassie
Ross and Rebecca Davis assisted in 9 kills this match!  Our ball handling
errors got the best of us and Mississippi won the match 2 sets to none. 
Scores were 1: 28-26, 2: 25-20.  As you can see it was a great match and overall an
amazing tournament. We are looking forward to coming back next year and re-claiming 1st place.
Our current overall record in now 5-3.  Our next match will be this coming Monday
at 5pm in our home gym.  We will be playing New Life Academy!  Hope you can
join us!

The Lady Tartars played New Life Christian Academy tonight, 9/15/14. 
We just got home from a long weekend, but it didn’t stop girls from playing
hard.   Despite all their hard work, New Life came out on top.  We lost
the match 1 set to 3.  In the first set both Hannah Wears and Rebecca Davis had 100%
serving!  Rachel Chicky also made the 100% club with her attacks, 3 of them
resulting in kills.  We still lost the first set 22-25.  In the second set
Rebecca Davis was on fire!  She had 12 great serves in a row, & 9 beautiful
service receives.  The rest of team was able to contribute 4 kills & 4 aces.  We
came out swinging and it worked! We won 25-20!  The next 2 sets went to New Life
ending the game.  Scores were 3: 21-25, 4: 22-25.  The team had 11 more
kills, Jasmine Chamberlain contributing one of them.  Princess Rogers had 100%
of her serves go over the net in the 4th set.  Overall it was great game and a
good challenge.  Both teams were evenly matched and it was an exciting night.
Our new record is 5-4.  Our next game is at St. Thomas More Academy in Burton
next Monday 9/22/14 at 5:00pm.


Minnesota football



Minnesota volleyball



Missouri football

newspaper story

MSD football falls to Arkansas School for the Deaf

Little Rock, Ark. — Junior quarterback Joseph Allen threw for one
touchdown in the Eagles’ 58-12 loss to the Leopards on Saturday.

Allen carried a team-high eight times for 73 yards, while completing
1-of-8 passes for 33 yards and a touchdown, which was caught by senior
wide receiver Jeffrey Porter.

From his linebacker position, Allen led MSD with 13 tackles and an
interception. Freshman linebacker Marcus Smith posted 10 tackles,
sophomore linebacker Ste’Quan Scott totaled nine tackles and
sophomore linebacker Lamont Smith added a sack.

The Eagles (0-2) host Kansas School for the Deaf in their homecoming game
at 2 p.m. this Saturday.


Ohio sports

VB: Columbus Torah Academy defeated OSD 2-1, 16-25, 25-22, and 25-10.
SOC: Torah defeated OSD 7-0.

9/12 VB at Kentucky Spike Out
OSD beat St. Rita 2-0, 21-8 and 21-10.
OSD beat South Carolina 2-0, 21-9 and 21-18.

9/13 VB at Kentucky Spike Out
Kentucky beat OSD 2-0, 25-11 and 25-20.
Mississippi over OSD 2-0, 25-18 and 25-14.
Michigan over OSD 2-0, 25-11 and 25-19.
Kentucky over OSD 2-0, 25-13 and 25-22 to finish 3rd and 4th.
All-Tournament players were senior Dominique Willingham and freshman Hannah Carter.

Kudos to Kentucky SD and Billy Lange for hosting a nice event!

OSD VB is 2-5 while SOC is 0-1.


Wisconsin volleyball

September 12th vs St. Mary’s

The WSD volleyball team met St. Mary’s of Fairbault MN
on Sept. 12th.  The first half of the serving rotations
had a back and forth between the two teams.  St. Mary’s
edged ahead 3-6. Senior Alaqua Cox responded with four
points including two ace serves.  Senior Emma Menzel
continued the run with four points with three aces.  
Junior Katelyn Miller served for six points. The game
ended with Menzel serving for the final four points.
WSD took the game 25-18.

In the second game, St. Mary’s batled back while WSD
struggled with serving.  WSD was able to keep the score
close with excellent floor play.  St. Mary’s took the
game 23-25.

The final game of the match, saw Senior Lyssa Matsche come
out strong with three points including one ace.  The Lady
Firebirds were able to defend against St. Mary’s run and
answer with a five point rally (9-6).  St. Mary’s pushed
back (10-12). However, the Ladies fought back only to be
stopped with the match point remaining (14-12). WSD played
great defense to take point 15 and the match.

Record: 1 win 3 losses

September 13th vs MSAD

There has been a good competitive rivalry between MSAD and
WSD for many years. This year’s match up was exciting to
watch. The first game opened with two ace serves by Lyssa
Matsche.  The teams traded back and forth until Senior
Elizabeth Besaw put up four straight points with one ace.
At the completion of the first rotation, WSD held the lead
12-11.  The second round had many hard fought volleys with
MSAD inching ahead 18-20. MSAD gained momentum to finish
the game 18-25.

In the second game of the match, MSAD served strongly to
pull out to an 2-8 lead.  WSD adjusted their defensive play
but were unable to cloe the gap. MSAD took the match 11-25.

Record: 1 win 4 losses

September 13th vs ISD

The newer members of the Lady Firebirds had a wonderful opportunity
for advancing their level of play when they faced ISD.  ISD served
and hit hard and fast.  They quickly put up eight points to WSD’s
three.  The next ISD player served for ten straight points.  WSD
was able to volley back but not get a side out.  ISD took the game

The team huddled and discussed their defense options.  They made
adjustments and wer able to keep pace with ISD and stop their serving.  
At the end of the first rotation, WSD was ahead 10-9.  The beginning
of the next rotation saw ISD put up seven points. WSD battled back
with an ace and two points.  The volleys were longer and more hard
fought with kills from Elizabeth Besaw and Alaqua Cox.  ISD continued
their run with five more points but WSD was not giving up and posted
three of their own (21-15).  ISD went on to take the match but the
Lady Firebirds played hard, sweeping the floor with their diving
saves. (15-25)

Record: 1 win 5 losses


a deaf referee

Born deaf and adopted, Tina Duresky refuses to stay silent