DeafDigest Sports – September 18, 2014

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won/lost records – as of September 18, 2014

2014 football scores (updated every Monday)


upcoming football games
Sep 18 Washington at Rainer Christian
Sep 18 Colorado hosts Miami-Yoder
Sep 18 South Carolina at Fountain Inn Christian
Sep 18 Minnesota at West Lutheran
Sep 18 Wisconsin at Siren
Sep 18 Model (8-man) at Tennessee (may be Model’s only game of season)
Sep 18 Michigan at Owen-Gage

Sep 19 Phoenix at Glendale Prep
Sep 19 Riverside at Campbell Hall
Sep 19 Maryland at Perry Street Prep
Sep 19 Fremont at Calistoga
Sep 19 Indiana at Anderson Prep
Sep 19 Texas at Lake Country Christian

Sep 20 Kansas at Missouri
Sep 20 Iowa at Arkansas
Sep 20 Alabama at Mississippi
Sep 20 Oklahoma at Louisiana
Sep 20 Carolinas at Georgia


Alabama football


Team Quarter Time Scoring Play                                                                                                               

ISD         1         10:36             
#2 Preston Kelly pass complete to #23 Robert Lewis for 21                    
yards. Touchdown! (Point after kick by #10 Paco Martinez           
7 0

ASD         1          00:03           
#34 Anthony Scott pass complete to #3 Joshua Edwards for 13           
yards. Touchdown! (Two point conversion run by #34 Anthony
Scott good)

7 8

ISD           2          09:54          
#2 Preston Kelly pass complete to #16 for 7 yards. Touchdown!
(Point after kick by #10 Paco Martinez good)
14 8

ISD          2          04:47         
#2 Preston Kelly pass complete to #7 Dante Paulone for 13
yards. Touchdown! (Point after kick by #10 Paco Martinez no
20 8

ASD          3           09:25        
#7 Eddie Thomas runs for 41 yards. Touchdown! (Two point
conversion pass by #34 Anthony Scott to #3 Joshua Edwards
no good)

20 14

ISD          3          01:53        
#2 Preston Kelly pass complete to #7 Dante Paulone for 3
yards. Touchdown! (Two point conversion pass by #2 Preston
Kelly to #3 Jake Schwall no good)
26 14

ASD          4          06:20        
#34 Anthony Scott runs for 2 yards. Touchdown! (Two point
conversion pass by #34 Anthony Scott to #24 Cody Maddox
no good)
26 20

ASD             4        01:09        
#34 Anthony Scott runs for 4 yards. Touchdown! (Two point
conversion run by #34 Anthony Scott good)

26 28

ISD              4        00:43        
#2 Preston Kelly pass complete to #7 Dante Paulone for 55
yards. Touchdown! (Two point conversion pass by #2 Preston
Kelly to #57 good)
34 28

Next game: at Mississippi School for the Deaf in Jackson,
MS this Saturday at two o clock.

Record: 1-2  


American volleyball

We played a game against McDuffie yesterday and we
lost. The score is 10-25, 10-25, and 19-25.

The record is 0-1.


American soccer

ASD defeated MacDuffie JV 5-2


Record: 2-0


Fremont football

California School for the Deaf (3-0) at Calistoga (0-3)

Friday 7:30 p.m.

Last week: John Swett defeated Calistoga, 46-0. CSD defeated Burton-San Francisco, 48-0.

Last season: Calistoga defeated the Eagles, 32-14.

Opposite directions: Calistoga concludes the nonleague portion of
its schedule with a game against CSD, which has shut out its
three foes by a combined score of 159-0. Along with Burton,
the Eagles shut out Upper Lake, 63-0, and Millennium-Tracy,
48-0, in their previous two games. Calistoga has been outscored 89-7.

Special teams, turnovers hurt: Calistoga hurt itself in the
loss to Swett by giving up a touchdown kickoff return and
two more scores resulting from turnovers that took place
on the Wildcats’ half of the field.

Bright spots: Against Swett, Jonah Pelter had two tackles
for loss while Alejandro Sanchez and Carlos Rios each had
fumble recoveries.

Calistoga head coach Paul Harrell says: “CSD is amazing. They
are all tied together with each other. They play hard. They
are really tuned-in with each other. We’re going to have to
clean it up if we intend to stand with them next week.
We have a lot to fix.”


Indiana volleyball

Indiana Deaf def. University 25-23, 25-13, 25-17.
Notable: Raelyn Fuechtmann (ID) 19 kills



Learning Center volleyball

DATE: Wednesday September 17, 2014
SCORE: Landmark Academy J.V. 3, The Learning Center for the Deaf 0 (25-8,
25-17, 25-20)

The TLC Lady Ghosts had their home opener today against the Landmark
Academy Vikings.  Despite the score line, it was a very fun match for us.

Landmark had consistent passing and teamwork for most of the 1st set while
we struggled to find our rhythm.  Good serving from Kayla LoBrutto (So.)
and Daria Monahan (So.) gave us confidence boosts.  However, Landmark’s
captain (#9) was too good and our receiving couldn’t counter her serving.
The Vikings scored the last six points of the set to win 25-8.

TLC built upon positives from the 1st set and had a much better 2nd set.
After another slow start, Manju Canuel (Sr.) took control to lead the team
to three consecutive service points.  It was 16-13 in Landmark’s favor at
the time, and the Vikings regrouped.  The bottom half of their rotation
helped Landmark to pull away for a 25-17 victory.

The Lady Ghosts continued to grow as a team in the 3rd set.  They found
consistency in serving and defense to tie Landmark 6-6.  Landmark’s
captain, who is apparently the Vikings’ best server as well, reeled off 5
unanswered serve points and Landmark surged ahead 12-6.  However, we
refused to call time-out and kept trying.  Naralee Perez (8th) found
consistency in her serving and we got a few more points.  Landmark got the
ball back and for 12 straight serves each team turned the ball over to the
other and it went from 18-12 to 23-18.  All the excitement wore us out and
a serve error allowed Landmark to complete a 3-0 sweep with a 25-20 win.

Emily Zeringue – 1 Ace, 1 Kill, 5 Receptions, and 2 Assists
Sabrina Rodrigues – 1 Ace, 2 Kills, and 10 Receptions
Manju Canuel – 1 Ace, 1 Kill, 6 Receptions
Kayla LoBrutto – 3 Aces, 1 Kill, and 3 Receptions
Naralee Perez – 1 Ace, 1 Kill, and 1 Reception
Daria Monahan – 2 Aces and 2 Kills

The Lady Ghosts will have a scrimmage at the Rhode Island School for the
Deaf at 1 P.M. on Saturday September 20.  Our next match will be a rematch
against Landmark J.V. at Prides Crossing.  It is scheduled for Monday
September 22 at 4:15 P.M.


Learning Center soccer

TLC played first home game against Commonweath School and we lost a good
game, 5-3. We had several chances to make the game interested but missed
the opportunties to score goals.

TLC defense had a strong first half to keep Commonwealth scoreless. In the
second half Commonwealth found its rhythms by scoring 3 goals while we
accidentally scored two goals for them.

Steven Corbett (Sr.) had two goals while Iromilson “RO” Centeio (Sr.) had
a goal for TLC.  Goalkeeper James Knoll made 9 saves.

Next game: Homecoming @ Rhode Island for the Deaf – 9/20 Saturday
Record: 0-2


Lexington soccer

Wednesday, September 17th

Lexington 2 Grace School 6

East Elmhurst, N.Y.- Grace School was unable to get a field reserved for this
game so the game was shifted over to Lexington’s field instead of rescheduling.
The team was finally in our competive level but we could not capitalize on some
of the great shot attempts we had. We missed five great shots that would have been
a score only if the players focused on their shot more carefully. However, we were
down 1 to 2 at halftime then in 2nd have three goals scored on our errors. Lexington
broke the game open by scoring the goal first. It was an uphill battle when Grace School
reached the 4 to 1 lead. We scored before they scored two more goals.

Goals: Tanvir Chowdhury, Samer Abulaya
Assists: Dilshane Seneviratne, Jaime Pavia
Saves: Jia-Cheng Huang (14)

Season record: 0-3-0 (PSAA: 0-3-0)

Next game: Martin Luther at Lexington on Thursday, September 18th at 3:45 PM.


Minnesota football




Mississippi volleyball

is 6-5


New Mexico volleyball

V Volleyball  

Vaughn 3, New Mexico School for the Deaf 0

It took a couple of weeks, but the Lady Roadrunners
finally had enough players to play their season opener,
which went to the Lady Eagles, 25-21, 25-13, 25-15, in
Larsen Gymnasium. NMSD had been struggling with a small
roster, and a couple of injuries impacted its ability
to start the season earlier.

.We have three returning players and three new,
inexperienced players who have never touched a volleyball
before August 15,. NMSD head coach Amanda Lujan said.

Returnee Amberley Luna had six aces, six kills and two
assists, while sophomore Janelle Miller added five kills,
a block and two assists for the Lady Roadrunners.

MS Volleyball

Finally!   Middle School Volleyball team had their
first game yesterday.  We had two completely new
players that joined our team basically on Monday
before the game.

Even with the last minute changes each girl
contributed point to our games.  We were able to
improve our score from the first and second games.  
It.s good to have our first game out of the way,
our jitters are calmed, and we know what to expect
and what improve on for our next game.  
Hope to see y.all there!

Game Scores  6-25, 10-25
Record 0-1


New York soccer

NYSD vs EF International

NYSD had a first home soccer game against EF International
tied by 1-1 at the halftime. At the end of game,
EF International won by 3-2. Agron Deski, NYSD goalkeeper
played a great game. He had 11 saves. Carlos Vega joined a
team for first time and he scored two goals. He was amazing

The record is 0-1


Rochester volleyball

RSD Girls Volleyball team played against Wheatland last Monday. We won 3-1.

Brianna DiGiovanni – 9 aces and 3 kills
Courtney Gentzke – 5 aces
Abigail Gonzalez- 5 aces and 2 Assists
Felicia McGinnis – 17 aces and 1 assists
Marlena Rauber – 15 aces and 1 dig

Team is now 2-0

Tomorrow, Our next game at Finney at 4 pm.


Tennessee volleyball

TSD Volleyball falls to Hancock County 25-4, 25-12, 25-16.
Record 0-6.


Washington volleyball

Volleyball – WSD vs. Pope John Paul II – 9/17/14


PJII 3 vs. WSD 0


Game 1: 25-12

Game 2: 25-12

Game 3: 25-18


USA Deaf Basketball – International News:

USADB-International is proud to announce the new selection of head
coaches for Men and Women Basketball teams for 2015 World Deaf
Basketball Championship that will be held in Taipei, Taiwan from July
4 – 12, 2015. The men head coach is James Destefano of Olney,
Maryland and the women head coach is Laura Edwards of Tucson,
Arizona. They both recently coached U-21 World Deaf Basketball
Championship in Turkey last summer and won the championship. Please
join me to congratulate both of them.

USADB- International is conducting a training camp/tryout to be held
at Gallaudet University on October 9 – 12. The invited players will
have the opportunity to compete for 12 man/woman roster spot for 2015
World Deaf Basketball Championship. Also, we will be featuring USA
Deaf Basketball Showcase Game (BLUE VS WHITE) on Saturday, October
11th. The games time will be announced shortly.

For more information about our USADB International, check our website
www.usadeafbasketball.org<http://www.usadeafbasketball.org> and
USADB-International Facebook page.

For more information about World Deaf Basketball Championship, check
their website:


International-Team Director