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— another female football player

— Gallaudet responsible for change in swimming rules

— deaf golf tournament

Deaf Sports Collections update
— deaf school #1 fan

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Gallaudet swimming

Gallaudet student-athletes help NCAA to “See the Light” with
swimming rule change

WASHINGTON – A major victory was earned out of the pool for the
Gallaudet University swimming and diving program on June 13 when
the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved a proposal stating
NCAA men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams will follow the
International Swimming Federation technical rules. This change,
along with others approved, is effective for the 2017-18 academic

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deaf golf tournament

Clustered Spires hosts tournament for East Coast golfers who are deaf

Frederick resident and Maryland School for the Deaf graduate Michael
Mabashov was the overall winner of the three-day tournament. While
relaxing in the clubhouse, his fellow golfers referred to him
as the local boy.

According to Frederick News-Post archives, Mabashov, 26, is
known for his golfing talent.

He has been a member of the U.S. Deaf Golf Association team and has won
the southeastern tournament before.

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another female football player

below as is from Jose Amador, Austin, Texas

 found out yesterday that one Deaf female player, her name is Andrea
Hollingsworth. She’s playing for Carson Bobcats of Los Angeles. I talked
to her via videophone for interview. Her upcoming game in the playoffs 1st
round against undefeated Utah Falconz (8-0) this Saturday. The Falconz won
2016 IWFL Champion last year.

Here’s our interview note:

Interview with Andrea Hollingsworth
Via videophone

Jose: Hello. I would like to thank you for your time to interview with me.
Andrea: Hello. I am honor to be here with you.

Jose: What is your name? And where are you from?
Andrea: My name is Andrea Hollingsworth and I am from Los Angeles,

Jose: Wow, I can’t spell your last name. It’s a long last name.
Andrea: (laughing) yes.

Jose: Who are you playing for?
Andrea: Carson Bobcats in Los Angeles

Jose: What is your position?
Andrea: Linebacker and defensive end

Jose: What make you decide to join women football league?
Andrea: Its opportunity to join football team and my feel is a great
experience with role player. I show Deaf community that I can play
football. I want to encourage more Deaf female players to join women
football league.

Jose: What is your Carson Bobcats record?
Andrea: 6-3

Jose: I see your upcoming game against undefeated Utah Falconz this
Saturday in the 1st round playoffs. The Falconz won 2016 IWFL Champion.
What is your plan game?
Andrea: Well, my plan game is trying to best defense against their offense
and they always have high scores against other teams. I hope my team is
ready to take a challenge and keep score close instead shutdown like 0-50.
She said our team is only high score against them but lost in a regular

Jose: What is your experience when you play defense?
Andrea: Wow, this is difficult to tell you, at first game, I didn’t play
much because no communicate with coaches and I tried to learn how to play
defense. Next game, my coaches start to learn sign language a little and
try to make communicate with me during defense. I’m glad I can play a
Jose: Yes, you are not the one, other deaf female players from Texas and
they do have problem with communicate with their coaches too. Did you know
they play in Texas?
Andrea: I didn’t know. I thought one player from Washington D.C.

Jose: Oh yeah, her name is Tasha Lemke and she moved to Austin now.
Andrea: Oh wow.

Jose: Two Deaf players and one SODA player are playing for the South Texas
Generals and other one Deaf player is playing for Corpus Christi Divas.
They did play against each other in early season. Like Utah Falconz, one
powerhouse from San Antonio Texas Legacy is now 7-0 and undefeated
champion for past 3 years. I think Houston Texas Jaguars (5-1) is only one
team can defeat San Antonio Texas Legacy in the championship game. But
South Texas Generals is improving a lot and they can take a challenge
against Houston Texas Jaguars before advance in the championship game.
Andrea: Oh I always wanted to play against Deaf. Maybe one day. This is
cool story about San Antonio Texas Legacy.  Our opponent is Utah Falconz.
This is not easy to defeat but we will do our best.

Jose: I believe one Deaf player will select in the All-Star game. Her name
is Cassie Cantu. She is good and her first year with the Generals. Is your
league have All-Star game?
Andrea: Yes, they have All-Star game. I hope to play in All-Star game one

Jose: Is that 11-woman or 8-woman in your league? They are playing for
8-woman league.
Andrea: 11-woman

Jose:  8-woman is max to 30 players and your 11-woman is max to 50 or
Andrea: Yes, between 40-50 players.

Jose: Will you return and play next year?
Andrea: Yes for sure! I am addict to play football and crossfit. I love

Jose: What is your purpose for fund raising?
Andrea: When we found out that we will be playing against Utah Falconz in
the playoffs. We are excited but travel expense is not easy because we
live in California and our living expense is too high. We are trying to
work on our fund raising. We need to earn money to pay transportation,
hotel and food. We will drive to Utah for 11 hours on Friday. I hope
anyone can donation or support our team.

Jose:  I will share your link and spread the word. Wish you good luck this
Andrea: Thank you! And thank you for having me today.

Her fund raising link: https://www.gofundme.com/bobcatsplayofffund

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