DeafDigest Sports – June 25-30, 2017

Barry Strassler, editor


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— Indiana sectionals

— Texas softball

— rookie’s comment about Derrick Coleman

— drafted pitcher will not sign a contract

— deaf women in football

— 2025 Wrap up

Deaf Sports Collections update
— Gallaudet’s boxing champion

DeafSports picture of the day


Indiana sectionals

part of newspaper story

Morristown also will serve as a regional host for the sectional
champions from White River Valley, Indiana Deaf, Morristown and Hauser.

the story is vague. Is it saying that Indiana is moving from their
old sectionals to new sectionals in volleyball or in all sports???


Texas softball

All-star honors

Division III, District 4

First team: Gabrielle Kowalik, jr., Schertz John Paul II; Mikayla Kowalik,
jr., Schertz John Paul II; Lindsey Hall-Schwegmann, sr., Schertz John Paul
II; Emma Giuntoli, jr., Texas School for the Deaf; Katelyn Despres, sr.,
Schertz John Paul II; Mia Upchurch, sr., Texas School for the Deaf; Leila
Sicoli, soph., Texas School for the Deaf; Madison Moser, soph., Schertz John
Paul II; Jaelene Etkie, jr., Texas School for the Deaf; Ashlene Etkie, fr.,
Texas School for the Deaf; Sarah Feider, sr., Schertz John Paul II; Michaela
Kelley, fr., Texas School for the Deaf; Rebecca Baergen, jr., San Marcos
Academy; Catherine Cortinas, soph., San Juan Diego.

Second team: Diana Salinas, sr., Schertz John Paul II; Chloe Edgell, fr.,
Schertz John Paul II; Madison Isley, soph., Schertz John Paul II; Sunita
Schmidjorg, soph., Texas School for the Deaf; Sarah Helm, jr., Texas School
for the Deaf; Marcela Brentham, jr., Texas School for the Deaf; Kaylee
Nabors, jr., San Marcos Academy; Lyanna Lucas, sr., San Marcos Academy;
Yuridia Aguirre, sr., San Juan Diego; Cristabel Soto, soph., San Juan Diego.


rookie’s comment about Derrick Coleman (Atlanta Falcons)

part of newspaper story

Despite their competition, free agent QB Tyler Renew said Coleman, who is
deaf, has been one of the most helpful of his new teammates.

“He’s really an inspirational player,” Renew said of Coleman. “He’s deaf
and plays with hearing aids, so to play alongside someone with that
disability who doesn’t use it as an excuse, it’s awesome. He’s one
of the hardest workers on the team, and he and (running back) Devonta
Freeman have been the most helpful to me.

“Derrick has a lot more experience than me. He’s got some savvy and some
tips he gives me. It’s phenomenal and not something you think would
happen. You’d think a guy competing with you might look the other way,
but he’s not like that at all. He’s always there to help me and offer
his hand.”


drafted pitcher will not sign a contract

Cason Sherrod, deaf pitcher with Texas A&M, was
drafted by Kansas City. He has decided to return
to Texas A&M for his final season of play.

Is it a risk? Yes. He could have a bad season
and major league teams would back off. He also
could get hurt.

Is it a good thing? Yes, if he pitches with a
0.00 ERA in his senior season! All major league
teams will go after him.

So, there is are pros and cons.


2025 Wrap up

It is hard to believe that the 2025 Basketball Camp is already over. It
feels like it was just yesterday when we started the planning stage! It
took us many days of hard work to make sure that the camp was ready and
that the campers would have the best experience possible. Now it’s over and
I am happy to let you know that the 20 campers did have a wonderful time,
as did the coaches. Since day one to the end of camp, the campers increased
their personal growth, basketball IQ, understanding of the game, and they
have become better people both on and off the court.

I would like to thank those of you who made contributions to help the 2025
camp be a big success. First, I would like to thank the PARENTS and the
COMMUNITY for believing in our program. Also I would like to thank Maryland
School for the Deaf for their willingness to let us use their facilities
for the camp. Lynn Ray Boren and Brian Bippus have been part of the team
since the beginning when the idea was planted and they have helped a great
deal in terms of making the idea become a reality. 2025 could not have
happened without them. I want to thank our four coaches Stephen DaSilva,
Orion Palmer, Anton Jackson, and Noah Valencia, for contributing their time
and energy to help teach our campers.

We had several great guest speakers who were more than willing to come and
share some wisdom with our campers each day during the camp. I’d like to
thank all of them: Tamijo Coleman, Kevin Kovacs, Brendan Stern, James
“Coach D” DeStefano, and Brandon McMillan.

We had three AAU basketball teams who were more than willing to come and
play games with our campers to help enhance their game experience- thank
you to the Playmakers teams. Thanks to Gallaudet University and Dick’
s Sporting Goods for donating items for the camp.

We are already looking forward to next year’s 2025 camp which will take
place on the west coast. If you are curious about the camp and want to get
more information, please feel free to check out www.starsbasketballcamp.com.
Keep an eye on the website for announcements coming up about next year’s
camp. Once again, thanks to everyone who helped contribute in some way to
this year’s camp. It means a lot to see how much our campers grew from the
experience and we can’t wait to see how they bring this experience back to
their schools and carry it with them for the rest of their lives as well.

2025 Basketball Camp Director
Jeremias Valencia


Update women football games from Jose Amador

Independent Women’s Football League (IWFL)
Andrea “Dre” and her Carson Bobcats lost to powerhouse Utah Falconz, 0-26
due hot wave and stopped in 2nd quarter. They eliminated from 1st round
playoff. The Bobcats’ season is finished.

Icon Women’s Football League (IWFL)
LeAnn and her Corpus Christi Divas lost to Harlingen Honeys, 25-28. She
didn’t play due injury. They eliminated from playoff contention. The
Divas’ season is finished.

Cassie and Erika and their South Texas Generals lost to Houston Texas
Jaguars, 6-32. The Generals fell to seeding #4 in the playoff. They will
playing against #1-San Antonio Texas Legacy next week. And  #2-Houston
Texas Jaguars vs #3-Harlingen Honeys. To be announced.

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