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2018 football schedule – updated

one school turned in its schedule yesterday; two
schools remain that have not yet turned in their

the list remains the same as is

go to:

and scroll down until you see the schedule

just hope two remaining schools will respond
before all schools close up for the summer


Gallaudet cross country

Gallaudet men’s and women’s cross country 2018 schedules released

WASHINGTON – The Gallaudet University men’s and women’s cross country
program has officially released its 2018 fall schedule as announced by
head coach Byron Moore.

The Bison will begin the season in Cockeysville, Md., on Aug. 31, at
Oregon Ridge Park as they run in the Towson Invitational. GU will then
travel to Lancaster Bible College in Lancaster, Pa., to get the team’s
first look at the 2018 North Eastern Athletic Conference (NEAC) cross
country championship course on Saturday, Sept. 15.

Gallaudet will run at the Hornet Harrier hosted by Shenandoah University
on Saturday, Sept. 22, at the Kernstown Battlefield. The following week
the Bison will run at the Don Cathcart Invitational on Saturday, Sept. 29,
hosted by Salisbury University.

The month of October finds the Bison making the short trip to Towson, Md.,
to run at the Goucher Classic hosted by Goucher College on Oct. 6. GU will
then make the short trip up to Utica Park in Frederick, Md., on Saturday,
Oct. 13, to run in the Hood College Open.

The Bison will receive a week off before the 2018 NEAC cross country
championship on Saturday, Oct. 27, in Lancaster, Pa.

If any Bison runners qualify for the NCAA Division III Mideast Regional
Championship that will be held on Saturday, Nov. 10, in Center Valley,
Pa., hosted by DeSales University.

There are no home meets for the Bison in 2018.


junior college golfer

newspaper story

Chandler-Gilbert golfer Taryn Simmons overcomes hearing impairment

Chandler-Gilbert Community College golfer Taryn Simmons was a two sports
athlete at Queen Creek High School, playing softball and golf.
She is now committed to playing golf full time.

Chandler-Gilbert Community College golfer Taryn Simmons was a two-sport
athlete at Queen Creek High School, playing softball and golf. She is now
committed to playing golf full time.

She is committed to her craft.

“Work four times a week and weekends too,” said Simmons.

“She has a high, high ceiling and she is just scratching the surface of
how good she can be,” said Chandler-Gilbert golf coach Mark Underwood.

Simmons has a quiet, shy demeanor. When she was 15 months, her parents
discovered she had a hearing impairment.

“When I was two, I got the hearing aid and my first language was sign
language and when I was three, they put me in talking school,” said

By the time she was 8, she lost all the hearing in her right ear and has
10 percent hearing in her left ear with the help of a hearing aid.

Simmons tried a cochlear implant but it didn’t work.

“So when people talk to me on that side, I have no idea what they’re
saying, so I have to shift over to the left side to hear them, ” said

Hitting a golf ball is easy compared to the hardships of being a student
with a hearing problem.

“When I meet with teachers and stuff and talk and look at the board, I
have no idea what they’re saying. So I have to raise my hand and say turn
around so I can read her lips,” said Simmons.

A skill she’s perfected.

“Even if you’re far away on a football field. I can read your lips from
far away,” said Simmons.

Not one to play the sympathy card, Simmons always finds a way and it’s
no different on the golf course.

“It doesn’t affect me at all, if there are any sounds I just go,” said

Some would consider Simmons’ hearing loss a disadvantage but having dealt
with it her whole life, she doesn’t see it like that.

“It’s a gift to me because it’s who I am, this is me being deaf and
playing golf and I love it,” said Simmons.

Simmons still battles awkward social interactions because of her hearing,
it’s part of her life.

On the course, her biggest hurdle is to unleash the competitive lion
inside her because the skill is there.

She is locked in and dedicated to being a great player.


random deafsports thoughts

From time to time we see deaf golfers play college golf.

Some golf great. Some don’t golf that great.

Yet, do we see any of them compete in Deaf Golf tournaments?

Only one did – Kevin Hall; he won easily in the only deaf golf
tournament he took part. Never again would he take part.


college deaf basketball player

Jason Boateng

men’s basketball

Indiana Tech (NAIA-II)

his profile is:
2016-17: Did not appear in any games as a freshman and redshirted

2017-18 season:
played 22 games

7.0 minutes per game

1.3 points per game

1.2 rebounds per game

he has not scored more than 10 points in any one game


deaf barrel racer

Jaydyn Phillips Deaf Barrel Racer Interview

she was interviewed last year

there was no sign language on the video

not sure if an interpreter was behind the camera
or if she just does not sign at all