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— world deaf cricket championships

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Gallaudet Athletics Message to the Community

Dear Gallaudet Athletics community:

On June 1, Gallaudet University announced that it will start the fall
semester with remote learning, and will work in phases to bring students
back to campus. Please let me explain what this means for our athletics

The university does not yet know when it will move from one phase to the
next, or what it will need to know to prepare and make decisions. So many
of our decisions will be influenced by the global and domestic responses
to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many unknowns accompany this announcement, so
more information will come in the days, weeks and months to come.

I want to apologize for any miscommunication that came from our department
and our coaches about fall sports being cancelled. This is not true. In
fact, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has not yet
determined what the 2020-2021 athletic calendar will look like. While our
focus now is fall sports, we will share information about plans for winter
and spring sports once it becomes available.

The Athletics Department is working with the NCAA, the North Eastern
Athletic Conference (NEAC), and the Eastern Collegiate Football Conference
(ECFC) to determine our path forward for athletic competition during the
fall semester of the 2020-2021 academic year.

We will continue to work with the university administration and local and
national government health agencies to make sure that we provide a safe
environment for our student-athletes and staff once we are back on campus.
We will include key protocols, as guided by the NCAA’s Sports Science
Institute Resocialization of Collegiate Sport Action Plan Considerations.

Our primary focus is the health, safety, and overall well-being of our
student-athletes and our community. The Athletics Department has created
four areas where coaches and staff will focus on moving forward, both
short-term and long term: Back to Sports, Student Success, Enrollment, and
Athletic Operations.

We miss our student-athletes. For our new Bison student-athletes, we are
very excited to have you join our herd. We can’t wait to be back in person
on Kendall Green in the future.

We ask for your patience and your trust that we are moving with our
collective best interest in mind, and as quickly as we can. We are “Bison
Strong,” and we will get through this challenging time together.


Victor Mansure signature

Victor Mansure
Athletic Director


Arkansas sports

Arkansas Athletics, changes this year

My name is Tommy Varner, Athletic Director at Arkansas School for the
Deaf. I’m here to inform you of the changes in our Athletic program this
year. Unfortunately,
we are not able to host and Deaf school events and we are not  traveling
to other states Deaf schools due to budget and possible 2nd wave of
COVID-19. We will only
play local games. All of our Deaf school games including GPSD Volleyball
tournament has been canceled for this year. We’ve been hit with a budget
cut because of
COVID-19. We also want to ensure everyone’s safety, that would be hard to
maintain when we are traveling out of state and other states coming here.
Tough to control
that. We also feel like this was the best option for only this year.  We
hope to be back up and running with other Deaf schools in 2021-2022 school
year. We are
sorry for any inconvenience but again safety has always been our top
priority. If you have any questions, you can email me
tommyv@asd.k12.ar.us. Stay safe
everyone!! Have a GREAT day and Thank you! Go LEOPARDS!


unique Faculty Representative to college athletics

part of newspaper story

VERMILLION — University of South Dakota President Sheila Gestring has
appointed Jessica Messersmith, Ph.D., as the new Faculty Athletics
Representative. Messersmith’s appointment is for three years, with no
limit on the number of successive terms she may serve.

Messersmith, the chair of the Communication Studies and Disorders
Department, teaches about the psychophysical study of acoustics and
multiple facets of cochlear implants including cochlear implant signal
processing and post-implant performance. Her research focuses on the
practices in the cochlear implant clinic and improving outcomes of
children with cochlear implants through these practices. She received the
Jerger Future Leaders in Audiology award from the American Academy of
Audiology in 2018.

it is unique inasmuch as the Faculty Representative teaches
courses that are deaf-related!


elite deaf athlete, from the past

part of newspaper story

Damir Desnica He is a former Croatian player who made a career in Rijeka
in the 80s. His name is unknown to the general public, but he will go down
in history for having been expelled against the Real Madrid for protesting
the referee … being deaf

It happened in the knockout round of the UEFA Cup 1984/1985. In the first
leg the Croatian team surprised the whites by winning 3-1 and on the
return leg the Madrid rallied (3-0) largely thanks to a very controversial
performance by the Belgian referee Roger Schoeters, according to the
chronicles of the time and certifies himself Desnica in an interview to
the program ‘Què t’hi jugues’, from Cadena SER, in which he answered the
questions in his own handwriting. The referee not only sent off Desnica
instead, he sent two other players to the street and blew an “invented”
penalty in favor of the Madrid, who in the end was champion of the

“The referee literally destroyed us with the three expulsions, he decided
to steal the game from us,” explains the former player, 63. “He expelled
me unfairly and used all possible techniques to avoid the victory of
Rejika. The penalty that whistle is invented and Madrid was only able to
mark us after three expulsions and an invented penalty, “he adds.

On his expulsion, he comments: “Still today I still do not understand why
he took the second yellow card and expelled me. It’s incomprehensible! The
referee blew a foul, but I didn’t hear the whistle and kept running. When
I saw everyone stop, I decided to throw the ball out and I got the first
yellow card. And then he took out the second one and kicked me out. The
explanation he gave me is that he had protested. Amazing”.

“Everyone knows that the Rijeka He was superior and he played that game
much better. The UEFA He decided to suspend the referee for life and I
think it is the best decision they could make. I sincerely believe that
they helped Madrid because it would have been a shame for them if a modest
eliminated them ”, he explains. “The Bernabéu thing was an absolute


top deaf bowler

part of newspaper story

Jacob Gaddam is a top bowler as a teenager in Modesto, CA

He has bowled one 800 series and ten 300 games.

He is bound for college bowling; it has not been decided
which college would he bowl for.

He is deaf, and also deaf-blind (Usher syndrome)


college deaf softball player

Haley Donaldson


Colorado State


played and started all 23 games before rest of schedule was cancelled

hit .212 (14 of 66)

was one of the team leaders in most runs batted in (13)

will she come back and start her senior season all over again,
thanks to NCAA waiver?

Do not know.


World deaf cricket championships

The World deaf cricket championships
is taking place at UAE on October 19-29, 2021.

USA deaf has no cricket team despite rising
number of deaf immigrants that have played
this sport in their home nations.


random deafsports thoughts

Will we be seeing deaf vs deaf football, soccer and
volleyball contests?

Hope so!




Order a copy of the new Gallaudet University Men’s Basketball History Book

WASHINGTON – The Gallaudet University men’s basketball program is excited
to announce online ordering information for those fans, alumni, etc.,
interested in purchasing a copy of the Gallaudet University Men’s
Basketball History Book (1904-2019) written by Gallaudet Athletics Hall of
Famer Barry Strassler.

The book made its debut back on February 15, 2020, at the annual Alumni
Madness Day. The Bison men’s basketball program held a reunion that
evening where Strassler signed copies of the book.

For those not in attendance, you can now purchase your own copy for $35
apiece and $8 for shipping. Please allow two weeks to receive the book.
Purchase here: https://app.mobilecause.com/form/LQ60XQ?vid=73t7e

If you have any questions, please contact Gallaudet men’s basketball head
coach Kevin Kovacs at kevin.kovacs@gallaudet.edu.

a vlog is at: