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— elite deaf baseball player

— college deaf softball player

— deaf in martial arts

— learning ASL to communicate with a shot putter

— elite athlete denied a visa to enter USA

— deaf coach or a hearing coach?


elite athlete denied a visa to enter USA

part of newspper headline said this:
Emma Meesseman denied flight to United States

Emma, just about the world’s best deaf female basketball
player, has been playing profesionally for the Washington

She could not fly to USA and was told to stay back in

Reason? The visa spelled her last name as Meeseman
which is different from her real last name – Meesseman.

Some one made the error, not her. For that reason, he
entry into USA has been delayed until this clerical
error has been straightened out.

What did Emma say?

She just laughted it off.


deaf in martial arts

part of newspaper story

Devils Lake’s Tanner Zander is chopping down obstacles, literally

It’s a mixed-age group. Tanner Zander is technically a student, but serves
as a teacher as well.

“Tanner taught a lot of kids you don’t have to be the best. As long as you
keep at it, you become the best,” said instructor Rick Senger.

The 25-year-old recently got his black belt. It took nearly six years —
two years longer than the average student — to earn the last of the 10
belts in the sport.

“He’s persistent. He would watch me demonstrate stuff, and he would pick
it up,” Senger said. “Gotta hand it to someone who doesn’t hear what you
are doing.”

Those demonstrations were the only way Tanner could learn and succeed,
because Tanner is deaf.

It’s believed he is just the second deaf person in North Dakota to obtain
his black belt.

“He just kept continuing and going and going; it was his goal to get his
black belt,” Deanna said.


learning ASL to communicate with a shot putter

part of newspaper story

Jeff Braun, Men’s Track & Field, 2020 UW Athletic Hall of Fame

Former Badger dominated Big Ten in throws and brought heart to coaching

One was as a student-athlete with the Wisconsin men’s track and field team from
1976 to ’79. Braun had unprecedented success as a shot put and discus
specialist, setting records that still stand more than four decades later.

One was as an assistant coach with the Wisconsin women’s track and field and
cross country teams from 1983 to ’89. Braun was a central figure in a dynasty
that produced 10 top-10 finishes in NCAA meets and 14 Big Ten Conference
championships overall.

Nitsch Schliesman offered the story of Dave Niemuth, a shot putter and discus
thrower who competed for the Badgers in the mid-1980s. He was deaf, so Braun
learned sign language to communicate with him.

Dave Niemuth was a well known shot putter and discuss thrower during the
eighties, taking part in the Deaflympics.


deaf coach or a hearing coach

The newspaper headline in India said:

India Sports to appoint differently-abled coaches for hearing and speech impaired

The All India Sports Council for Deaf highlighted the communication
problems of their athletes with able bodied coaches and requested the
Minister to appoint their own deaf coaches.

which is better – a deaf coach or a hearing coach?

This question should be changed to:
which is better – a deaf coach that can communicate or a
hearing coach that cannot communicate?


college deaf softball player

Adele Cousland

rising junior


Norwich (Vermont, NCAA-III)

pitched just one inning in her team’s 8 games,
walking two batters but not allowing any runs

Norwich is a military college; she is deaf.

Is she aiming for a military career or just
getting a non-military degree?

As a sidebar, Gallaudet and Norwich used to be football
rivals, belonging to the same conference. Norwich
has moved on to a different football conference.


elite deaf baseball player

William Chapman

played for the Played for the Auckland Tuataras team in the
Australian Baseball League in the past season.

Played two seasons at Gallaudet as outfielder and pitcher
but with the Australian team he played second base and
third base.


random deafsports thoughts

speaking of the Emma Meesseman’s visa spelling error (above story),
exactly how deaf is she?

That newspaper story said she is 50 percent deaf. There is no such a
thing as deafness in percentages but in decibels. Many people think
percentages and decibels are the same thing.

If we can assume she is 50dB deaf, then she would not be eligible
for the Deaflympics with the Belgian national deaf women’s
basketball team! It must be 55 dB or higher in the better ear.




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WASHINGTON – The Gallaudet University men’s basketball program is excited
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The book made its debut back on February 15, 2020, at the annual Alumni
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