DeafDigest Sports –-  March 12, 2021

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— Texas sports

— a basketball rout avenged an earlier season close defeat

— Gallaudet fun walk

— deaf athletes at NTID


Gallaudet fun walk

Sign-up for the Bison Virtual Fun Run Walk by March 18

Gallaudet Intramurals has announced details about the upcoming Bison
Virtual Fun Run/Walk competition that will run from March 21 until April
8, 2021.

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Maryland girls’ basketball

MSD GBB: Game #5 vs Saint Maria Goretti (JV)

March 10, 2021

High School Varsity Girls Basketball Game #5

Maryland School for the Deaf vs. Saint Maria Goretti (JV)

1      2     3     4   =   Total
MSD –    18  11   12   23  =      64
SMG –     4    6    10     7  =     27


C. Lummer – 12 points, 1 rebound, 7 steals, 4 assists
C. Salit – 32 points, 10 rebounds, 8 steals, 6 assists
H. Weiss – 11 points, 13 rebounds, 1 steal, 1 block
L. Froehle –  5 points, 2 rebounds, 3 steals, 1 block
K. Fuller  – 4 points, 3 rebounds

Team FG: 22
Team 3-FG: 4 (C. Salit)
Team FT: 8-17


A. Warren – 6 points
H. Green – 4 points
A. Crowderzy – 5 points
A. Jackson – 1 points
A. Fulton – 11 points

Team FG: 7
Team 3-FG: 2 (A. Warren)
Team FT: 7-14

Record: 2-3 (End of Season)

in the first game of the abbreviated basketball
season, Maryland lost 45-44 to this same
opponent. This win meant a 38-point turnaround.


Texas sports

TSD Spring Sports has returned! We started the first week of practice last
week. Be on the lookout for plenty of games coming up after spring break!

TSD Softball Result:

Brentwood Christian, 16
TSD, 3

Record: 0-2

TSD Baseball Result:

TSD, 5
San Marcos Academy, 19

Record: 0-1

TSD High School Spring Sports Coaches:
Baseball Head Coach: Jonathan Furman
Softball Head Coach: Cary McKeller
Coed Tennis Head Coach: Chris Hamilton
Coed Track & Field Head Coach: Larry Smith

TSD Middle School Spring Sports Coaches:
Middle School Girls Softball Head Coach: Daniella Bernal & Keisha
6th-8th Coed Tennis Head Coach: Matt Thompson & Carlotta Hernandez
6th-8th Coed Track & Field Head Coaches: Andrea Meehan & Toby Daniels

TSD Softball

TSD – 4
San Marcos Academy – 15

Record: 0-1

Next game: Home game against Brentwood at 4:30 pm.

TSD Baseball

TSD Baseball will begin their season with an away game against San Marcos
Academy on March 11 at 6:00 pm.


Deaf athletes at NTID

according to a tweet, there are approximately 40 NTID
students that play RIT sports.


RIT rarely has deaf athletes on team sports (basketball, soccer,
baseball, hockey, etc). These deaf athletes mostly participate
in individual sports such as cross country, swimming, track, etc.

In the 1970’s RIT fielded a club football team – yet deaf
participation was always low – maybe one or two deaf
players per season.

About 15 years ago a group of NTID students wanted to establish
their own club football team. They were serious about it but
their efforts got nowhere.

Their coordinator of deaf athletes is Skip Flanagan,
himself deaf and a former player with the RIT baseball team.

He played pro baseball in independent league one season.


random deafsports thoughts

As a hobby DeafDigest Sports editor researches past
deaf players in the majors and minors. The list of
such players is several pages.

One of the players is Gil McDougald. Yankee fans of
the fifties will remember him as one of these
great infielders (2B, SS, 3B).

He became deaf because a ball hit him on the head
during practice. While he continued playing, his
deafness made him miserable – lonely and withdrawn.

Years later CI completely restored his hearing.

He played while hearing; he also played while
deaf. Does that qualify him as a “deaf” baseball
player on DeafDigest Sports’ list of deaf
baseball players?

He was not the only one who became deaf during
major league career. There were others.




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The Gallaudet University men’s basketball program is excited
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