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— Indiana softball

— Iowa boys’ track

— Kansas volleyball

— Riverside sports

— Gallaudet trainers

— weightlifting facilities

— Dummy Hoy

— wheelchair basketball

— USA Deaflympics women’s basketball coach

— USA Deaf basketball tweet

— Behind the Lines

— Passing of past Gallaudet weight thrower

— Nebraska wrestling controversy


Gallaudet trainers

Gallaudet thanks its Athletic Trainers during National Athletic Trainer Month

During National Athletic Training Month, Gallaudet Athletics would like
to extend a special thanks to our athletic trainers; Mariko Kobanawa,
Thomas McKnight, Kat May, Teri Wood.

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During the early seventies, Gallaudet hired Joe Fritsch
as its first full time trainer. In the earlier years,
there were student trainers that took care of athletes
aches and pains.

The football players used to joke that one of the
student trainers was a much better doctor than
some hearing doctors. There is an element of truth
for one reason – student trainers provided much better
bedside manners than these doctors!


Gallaudet weightlifting facilities

we have read so much about NCAA not being fair to women
basketball teams; the men had first class weightlifting
facilities at tournament sites whereas what the women
had was a joke.

Fortunately the women fought back, forcing NCAA to upgrade
their weightlifting facilities to be equal to men’s facilities.

DeafDigest Sports editor vividly recalls the old days
where weightlifting was not taken seriously, not just
at Gallaudet but at many other colleges everywhere.

Yes, Gallaudet had a weightlifting room – but it was in
the basement of men’s dorm and open to all – athletes
and students. It just had a few weightlifting equipment.
It really was not used that too often.

Only one athlete took weightlifting seriously – Bob
Corbett, the 3-time conference champion in discus throw
during the early sixties.

Nowadays Gallaudet’s weight training facilities is just
as superior to other NCAA-III colleges with a full time
strength coach to supervise all of Gallaudet’s teams.


Gallaudet football

On TV, a program – Behind the Lines: The Academy Football Report
has been shown.

It shows the football as played by Army, Navy and the Airforce.

In the early days of football, Gallaudet has had games
against Navy.

The Gallaudet-Navy series shows a 1-6 all-time record
in Navy’s favor.

Gallaudet won 16-0 in the first game against Navy in 1884.

The losing scores were:

6-22 (last game in 1896)

During the later part of 1990’s, Navy was in negotiations
to have its Sprint Football team (lightweight) play a
game against Gallaudet. This meant Gallaudet’s full sized
players against Navy’s lightweight players.

Gallaudet was interested – but unfortunately, nothing
came out of it.


passing of past Gallaudet weight thrower

DeafDigest Sports editor learned that Julie
Dameron passed away. During her student days
in the 1990’s, she was one of the track and
field team’s better weight throwers.


Indiana softball

from a tweet:

has a game tomorrow against Trititan


Iowa boys’ track

newspaper posting

Class D
BOYS TEAM SCORES: McCool Junction 138, Shelton 87, Kenesaw 45,
Exeter-Milligan 38, Lawrence-Nelson 27, Mead 27, Fullerton 26, Giltner 23,
Nebraska Lutheran 14, Dorchester 7, Iowa School for the Deaf 2.


Kansas volleyball

part of newspaper story

Seabury Academy defeated Kansas School for the Deaf, 25-7, 25-18


Riverside posting:

on their facebook

Hello, Students, Parents, Coaches, Staff, & Community!

School campus is still closed indefinitely with re-opening plans still
uncertain, we apologize but we have to cancel all games in the month of

We hope that we can return to campus some time this spring. 🤞🏻

Stay healthy and be safe!


Wheelchair basketball

After over a year off due to Covid, the wheelchair basketball season will
start again this weekend.  The Cincinnati Dragons varsity wheelchair
basketball team will be looking to compete for a national championship
this season led by their senior captain and starting point guard Kerwin
Haake.  Kerwin is a deaf player from Lexington KY and recently signed his
letter of intent to play college wheelchair basketball for the University
of Arizona next season.  The Dragons will be competing in the Rocky Top
tournament in Knoxville this Saturday March 27th against some of the top
teams in the country.  Game times will be 9:00, 10:30, 1:30 and 3:00
Eastern Time and will all be streamed live on www.facebook.com/gcasc.
Full tournament schedule is attached.


USA women’s Deaflympics basketball coach

from a tweet

USA Deaf Basketball is proudly  to announce the 2021 Women s head coach,
Touria Ouahid- Boren! We are thrilled to welcome her on board and look
forward to working with her.

She played basketball at Gallaudet during her student days and
was one of the team’s better players.


USA Deaf Basketball tweet

USA Deaf Basketball (USADB) regretfully announces the resignation of
Joseph Brafford from his position as Commissioner, effective February 13,


Dummy Hoy, part of his notes in baseball hall of fame

part of a long posting

the National Baseball Hall of Fame does have some of his handwritten
correspondence, including an exchange in 1935 with Ford Frick, then the
National League president. Hoy was thanking Frick, who later became
commissioner of baseball, for sending him a lifetime pass to big-league


Dummy Taylor, part of a long posting

Career highlights: Spent all but four games of his nine-year career with
the New York Giants (1900-08). Was part of their rotation, along with
Christy Mathewson, on the club’s 1904 and 1905 NL pennant winning-teams.
Taylor finished with a 116-106 career record and 2.75 ERA.


Nebraska wrestling controversy

posting is in full because it is very important
for all deaf athletes that compete in contests
officiated by hearing referees (in all sports)
that may not be aware they have been discriminating
against the deaf.

NSAA rules on Gering wrestler’s requests after controversial match

Gering wrestler discusses state wrestling disappointment, team win and

The family of Gering wrestler Paul Ruff got some much awaited news on
requests they made to the NSAA after Ruff lost in a controversial
championship match Feb. 20. State Sen. John Stinner will introduce a
Legislative Resolution next week to honor the wrestler.

Ruff, who is deaf, lost 1-0 to Scottsbluff’s Paul Garcia, a four-time
state champion, in the Class B 126-pound title match. A point was given to
Garcia after Ruff had been cautioned twice about the placement of his
knees on a reset.

The wrestler and his coach said Ruff was unable to hear directions by the
referee during the match as he must remove his cochlear implant while
wrestling. He relies on lip reading, which was complicated because the
referee wore a mask due to precautions for COVID-19.

Unable to hear or lip read, Ruff has maintained he didn’t realize what was
going on during the match and was unable to follow directions. His
confusion was evident after the match, with his coach, Jared Berger,
having to explain to him the loss.

After the championship match, the Commission for the Deaf and Hard of
Hearing learned of the situation and came to advocate for Ruff for a

In seeking a resolution, Ruff’s family made five requests of the NSAA.
They requested the NSAA form a student advisory committee that included
Ruff and for sensitivity training for officials. The family asked that the
referee of the match be made to take that sensitivity training before
being allowed to referee next season, and that he not be allowed to
referee in the state tournament for five years. Their last request was
that the championship match be overturned and both wrestlers declared

During a Wednesday meeting of the NSAA’s Board of Directors, the board
honored some, but not all, of Ruff’s requests. The first request, forming
a student advisory committee, was one that was agreed to, Jay Bellar, NSAA
executive director, told the Star-Herald

“(The NSAA board of directors) had a long discussion on the situation,”
Bellar said. “We sent some findings to the Ruff family yesterday. We are
going to develop an advisory group to address athletes with disabilities.
Paul Ruff is going to be invited to be on that group. That was one of the
things that (the Ruff family) thought would be a good idea, and we thought
that would be a good idea. We’re going to start with wrestling and see how
that goes.”

Bellar said the NSAA would make some additions to its sports and activity

“Another thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to include language
in all our NSAA sports activity manuals regarding our process (for
requesting accommodations),” he said. “We think that it will be helpful
for schools if it’s in there — that we provide accommodations for
(athletes with disabilities).”

Referees will also be given direction on dealing with students with

“We will also include information on accommodations at all our required
officials’ state rules meetings,” Bellar said. “Coaches (have to attend)
rules meetings, so everybody’s going to hear that part of it. Also, we
coordinated with the Nebraska Coaches Association and the state
associations on education opportunities for members school and coaches on
children with disability.”

The NSAA is also implementing cultural competency training.

“We are going to offer cultural competency training for the NSAA
directors, officials, our official observers and anybody interested in
taking that (training). Ron Higdon, our director of wrestling, the
official who was involved and our supervisor of wrestling all have agreed
to take that course,” Bellar said.

The NSAA, though, denied the family’s request to overturn the results of
the match and make Ruff and Garcia co-champions, Bellar said.

“We just didn’t think that was something that we were going to do to our
officials,” he said. “In any activity we have — whether it’s football or
basketball or wrestling — officials have a tough job to do. They make
(judgment calls). If we start second guessing (our referees), where does
it stop?

“(Ruff) is a heck of a wrestler, but the way the match turned out was
(Ruff lost 1-0) and we’re not reversing that.”

Attempts to reach the Ruff family and representatives for the Nebraska
Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing for comment were unsuccessful
as of press time.

Next week, State Sen. John Stinner, of Gering, plans to introduce a
Legislative Resolution to honor Ruff during the legislative session.

“This was a kid who actually lost a state championship because he couldn’t
understand or hear the ref telling him that he false started,” Stinner
said. “It was terribly, terribly unfortunate.

“The kid wrestled his whole life. If he knew what was going on, he’d have
known how to fix it. (Ruff) has aspirations to wrestle in college. This
was an important match for him.”

Stinner said it is important to honor Ruff for overcoming obstacles to be
successful on the wrestling mat.

“I think it’s acknowledging his accomplishments. He’s had some barriers, I
think we ought to celebrate those kids who do well. It was an unfortunate
occurrence and I think it is appropriate to celebrate (his
accomplishments). He’s a role model for other kids who have hearing


random deafsports thoughts

With respect to the long Nebraska posting above,
regardless of the sport, there will always be
discrimination against deaf athletes.

The key issue – is it a level playing field between
the deaf and the hearing athletes?

There is no easy answer.

End of discussion!

Thank you.




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