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— school seeks a football game

— Alabama track

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— Maryland track

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— Wheelchair basketball update


Alabama track

ASD Track Results (4/23-24/21)

Sectional Track Meet (Smiths Station)
April 23-24

Lady Warriors
100 M Dash (Premlin)
12th Place – Jaycee Tucker
200 M Dash (Premlin)
12th Place – Jaycee Tucker
20th Place – Lily Tucker
400 M Dash
9th Place – Jaycee Tucker
17th Place – Kailey Drinkard
20th Place – Lily Tucker
800 M Run
9th Place – Jaycee Tucker
13th Place – Kailey Drinkard
14th Place – Arial Shields
Shot Put
9th Place – Arial Shields
11th Place – Arial Shields

Silent Warriors – 9th PLACE (19 points)
100 M Dash
6th Place – Josh Kelley (Final)
11th Place – Denijah Swain (Premlin)
21st Place – Jaquavious McCrae (Premlin)
200 M Dash
5th Place – Denijah Swain (Premlin)
5th Place – Bodgan Dailey (Final)
13th Place – Josh Kelley (Premlin)
400 M Dash
14th Place – Bodgan Dailey
20th Place – Austin Hayes
800 M Run
12th Place – Austin Hayes
4 X 100 M Relay
3rd Place – ASD
Triple Jump
3rd Place – Bodgan Dailey
11th Place – Jaquavious McCrae
15th Place – Addison Taylor
Shot Put
9th Place – Jauqavious McCrae
14th Place – Addison Taylor
14th Place – Addison Taylor


Indiana baseball

newspaper score

Columbus Christian 19, Indiana Deaf 2 (5 innings)


Indiana softball

newspaper story

The Indiana School for the Deaf did manage to add one more run in the top
of the fifth on a double and a Mustang error, but that only made it 17-4
and triggered the 10-run rule to end the contest with Fountain Central.


Louisiana football

Football Game needed

I hope things go back to normal this fall and we are able to have more
Deaf games for you to cover!

I recently had a team cancelled on me. So I’m looking for a team that is
able to play a 6/8 man team with LSD on Saturday, October 23rd, which is
our homecoming date.

I will make sure it is a home-home series to return the favor.
Please email me at denton.mallas@email.lsdvi.org if you are interested.


Maryland School for the Deaf HS Baseball

MSD lost to Rockbridge Academy, 23-11.
Tyler Dees: AB-4, H-4, RBI-3, Double
Nathan Sheppeck: AB-4, H-3, RBI
Ethan Sheppeck: AB-4, H-2, RBI-3, Double, Triple

MSD’s record: 0-3

MSD baseball lost to Mt. Airy Christian Academy, 15 to 5.
MSD’s first baseball game for the 2021 season.

Ethan Sheppeck: 1 RUN, 1 RBI
Tyler Dees: 1 RUN, 1 RBI


Maryland track

High School Track & Field: MSD Invitational Results (April 21, 2021)

MSD Invitational Results April 21, 2021



1st: Ortiz   MSD 11.63

2nd: Farster MACA 11.82

3rd: Puckett NLC 12.94


1st: Farster MACA 24.90

2nd: Woolverton MACA 26.44

3rd: Puckett NLC 28.89


1st: Woolverton MACA 58.97

2nd: Starks MSD 1:02.97

3rd: Chapline MACA 1:05.47


1st: Anderes MACA 2:34.69

2nd: Shinberry MACA 2:35.08

3rd: Roynestad NLC 2:38.72


1st: Anderes MACA 5:37.38

2nd: Shinaberry MACA 5:38.63

3rd: Roynestad NLC 6:07.68


1st: Gorden MACA 14:01.53

2nd: Royenstad NLC 15:07.80

110M Hurdles

1st: Hovermale MACA 18.16

300M Hurdles

(no race)

4×100 Relay

(no race)

4×400 Relay

1st: MACA 4:37.37

High Jump

1st: Hovermale MACA 5’2”

2nd: Starks MSD 4’10”

Long Jump

1st: Hovermale MACA 17’2.5”

2nd: Woolverton MACA 16’1”

Triple Jump

(no participants)


1st: Asante MSD 97’5”

2nd: Ortiz MSD 84’6”

3rd: Psaromatis MACA 80’0”

Shot Put

1st: Psaromatis MACA 31’2”

2nd: Guettler MSD 26’7”

3rd: Alford MACA 19’3”

Team Results

1st: Mt. Airy Christian 70 pts

2nd: Maryland School for the Deaf 22 pts

3rd: New Life Christian 7 pts



1st: Anku NLC 13.90

2nd: Lummer MSD 14.16

3rd: Reise NLC 14.28


1st: Anku NLC 29.25

2nd: Reise NLC 30.75

3rd: Fulks NLC 32.35


1st: Moran MACA 1:11.32

2nd: Fulks NLCS 1:16.51

3rd: Lummer MSD 1:20.43


1st: Moran MACA 3:05.63

2nd: Moody MACA 3:06.32


1st: Moran MACA 6:34.07

2nd: Moody MACA 6:51.02


1st: Tobery MACA 19:51.2

110M Hurdles

1st: Haynes MACA 23.35

300M Hurdles

1st: Stanford NLC 56.99

4×100 Relay

1st: NLC 55.82

2nd: MACA 1:00.03

4×400 Relay

1st: MACA 5:43.01

High Jump

1st: Standford NLC 4’4”

2nd: Barton MACA 4’0”

3rd: Finkle MSD 3’8”

Long Jump

1st: L.Standford NLC 14’3.5”

2nd: S.Standford NLC 13’2”

Triple Jump

1st: Lummer MSD 31’1”

Shot Put

1st: Standford NLC 22’9”

2nd: Fuller MSD 21’7”


1st: Standford NLC 74’5”

2nd: Fuller MSD 51’4”

Team Results

1st: New Life Christian 51 pts.

2nd: Mt. Airy Christian 42 pts.

3rd: Maryland School for the Deaf 16 pts.


Texas sports

Track & Field –

Congratulations to the following athletes who qualified for TAPPS South
Regional Championships this Tuesday, April 20, 2019.  Prepare to

Run Faster:

200 M Run – Russell Rohde
800 M Run –  Alberto Murillo
3200 M Run  – Joshua Medrano
100m Hurdles  -Alyssa Glennon
300m Hurdles – Alyssa Glennon
Girls 4 X 100 Relay – 4th (Tamara Tadevosyan, Rosalia Fraychineaud, Anahit
Tadevosyan, Kourtney Dolliole) Alt: Alyssa Glennon
Boys 4 X 100 Relay – (Broderick Johnson, Trent Gobble, Jordan Leeper,
Russell Rohde) Alt: Izeer Sweed
Girls 4 X 200 Relay – (Anahit Tadevosyan, Kourtney Dolliole, Zara
Thompson, Rosalia Fraychineaud) Alt: Tamara Tadevosyan
Boys 4 X 200 Relay -(Broderick Johnson, Marion Walker, Izeer Sweed, Jordan
Leeper) Alt:
Girls 4 X 400 Relay – (Alyssa Glennon, Tara Thompson, Bre’Asia McDade,
Anahit Tadevosyan)
Boys 4 X400 Relay – (Trent Gobble, Russell Rohde, Joshua Medrano, Jordan
Leeper) Alt: Broderick Johnson

Jump Higher:

High Jump – Trent Gobble and Alyssa Glennon

Triple Jump – Trent Gobbe and Izeer Sweed

Throw Farther:

Shot Put – Bre’Asia McDade and Aalijah Crumpton

Discus –  Aalijah Crumpton

Note: Top 4 places of each event will qualify for STATE BOUND on April 30
– May 1, 2021, in Waco, Texas.

Thank you for all the support and encouragement of all of our teams during
our 2021 season. Good Luck, Regional qualifiers athletes.

TSD Softball
Game 1 –
Lutheran North,  8
TSD, 14

Game 2 –
Lutheran North, 32
TSD, 13
Record: 1-9

TSD Baseball
TSD forfeit against Lutheran North due to the number of players available.

TSD Wrestling
The wrestling team went to the Texas state Prep tournament in Argyle this
past weekend after 8 of them qualified for the tournament after placing in
the top 4 at the TAPPS tournament.

The team finished 6th out of 15 schools that attended the tournament. and
individually out of seven, six of them placed 4th or better!

Zefan Nathanson and Brandon Brentham both wrestled a very good wrestler
and both lost by points, but they both grabbed the silver medal! Zarek
Nathanson being the last seeded surprised them all by wrestling awesomely
and finished third. Shadow Tollison lost his first match against seed
number one by one point however he then won all of his matches to grab
third place. Zachary hurt and Joshua Saaty both grabbed 4th place honors
after losing to number one seeds.

We will miss this awesome group of wrestlers!


Washington track

newspaper story

Back on the boys side, Winlock placed second with 88 points, Tenino was
third with 74, Mary M. Knight finished fourth with 69.5, Toutle Lake was
fifth with 59.5 and Washington School for the Deaf placed sixth with 4.5

Mossyrock girls also won the team meet, racking up 148 total points,
powered by five individual victories, to easily outdistance runner-up
Toutle Lake (127). Tenino placed third (46), Winlock was fourth (26), Mary
M. Knight came in fifth (16) and Washington School for the Deaf finished
sixth (5).


Wheelchair basketball update

The Cincinnati Dragons Varsity Wheelchair Basketball Team won the Iowa
Capital Classic last weekend in Des Moines.  The Dragons won all 6 of
their games this weekend with an average margin of victory of 30 points
per game including an 81-26 victory over Milwaukee in the championship
game.  Kerwin Haake scored 83 points in the 6 tournament games including 8
3-pointers.  Kerwin, the Dragons’ point guard, is a deaf high school
senior from Lexington KY and has committed to play college wheelchair
basketball at the University of Arizona next year.  The Dragons are now
10-0 on the season and they will return to action in Kansas City on May

Full Game Scores from the Weekend

Pool Play
Cincinnati 58 Kansas City 35 (Haake 13 points)
Cincinnati 66 Milwaukee 46 (Haake 16 points)
Cincinnati 63 Mad City 35 (Haake 13 points)

Cincinnati 62 Indianapolis 33 (Haake 14 points)

Cincinnati 64 Nebraska 40 (Haake 14 points)

Cincinnati 81 Milwaukee 26 (Haake 13 points including 3/5 on 3-pointers)




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