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won/lost records to date

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corrected football score from last week’s games
Alabama 42  Mississippi 8


this week’s games

Monday games
Sep 27 Wisconsin vs Fall River (game postponed)
Sep 27 Minnesota hosts St John’s Northwest (game was not played)

Sep 30 Washington at Wishkah
Sep 30 Riverside hosts Lutheran

Oct 1 Model at Central Maryland Christian
Oct 1 Texas vs New Braunfels Christian
Oct 1 Alabama at Jacksonville Faith Temple
Oct 1 Fremont hosts Roseland University Prep
Oct 1 Maryland hosts James Buchanan (cancelled; opponent has Covid-19 issues)

Oct 2 Phoenix hosts Desert Heights
Oct 2 Indiana at Dugger Union
Oct 2 Minnesota at Kansas
Oct 2 New Mexico at Oklahoma

if your school is missing on the list above,
please email barry@deafdigest.com

Games are being cancelled or played despite
not originally listed on their schedules
and so on.

Your assistance would be very helpful

thank you


Gallaudet volleyball
GU sweeps United East Women’s Volleyball Player of the Week honors


Bison scuffle with Gophers in five-set win

Gallaudet 3
Goucher   2

won-lost 6-10


Gallaudet women’s soccer

Two goals in one minute swing game to Gallaudet, who celebrate first win of 2021

Gallaudet 3
Trinity Washington 2

won-lost 1-5


Gallaudet football

while it has nothing to do with Gallaudet football
itself, it is interesting to note the upcoming
October 16th game between Stevenson and Misericordia.

Stevenson ia coached by past Gallaudet head coach
Ed Hottle

Misericordia is coached by past long time Gallaudet
assistant coach John Davis who has moved around
a lot in coaching circles.

May the better coach win! Both are great coaches,
by the way.

Would some day, Gallaudet play both teams in
football games? As of right now, no. But
college football, even on NCAA-III level has
seen dramatic changes, year by year. So, one
can never know.

A third team – Newport News Apprentice, has
Vincent Brown, a past Gallaudet assistant

Gallaudet has played Newport News Apprentice
several times over the years. Newport News Apprentice
is not a member of NCAA. Yet, NCAA allows
member NCAA-III teams to count their games with
Newport News as official games for statistical
purposes. It is a 4-year vocational program for
students interested in jobs in building ships.

Three different coaches, three different teams, but
all part of the same Gallaudet coaching network.


Florida football

FSDB 26-23 Duval Charter 9/23/21

Season Record: 3-1

The Duval Charter Panthers proved to be an extremely formidable foe, but
we miraculously pulled out the victory. 26-23.

After a back-n-forth affair in the first half saw the halftime score being
14-14, the second half was all Duval Charter’s.  They dominated the time
of possession, and our offense sputtered. DC built up a 23-14 lead after
tackling our quarterback in our endzone for a safety.  They had the ball
with their run game clicking on all cylinders, a 9-point lead, and time
ticking away in the 4th quarter.

It would have taken everything we had to be able to pull it off.  Justin
Cabrera managed to intercept a pass, and then two plays later connected
with Marcus Guillou for a touchdown pass to pull us within 3, 20-23.

Duval got the ball back and moved the ball methodically down the field
until we managed to get them into a 4th-and-9 situation.  We were out of
timeouts and the clock stood at around 45 seconds.  Duval decided to try
to pass and seal the game with a first down.

Our Outside Linebacker, Phoenix Lambirth managed to pressure their
quarterback into an errant pass.  Lo and behold, our own Luis Merced was
in the right place at the right time and managed to intercept the pass.
He ran it back, with several broken tackles, and found pay dirt 85 yards
later.  Cayto Dulcio delivered a key block to ensure that Luis reached the
promised land!

Pandemonium broke out at Usina Field!!!  Our defense held and we emerged
with an impossible victory!!

We have a much-needed bye week this week, and our next game is versus our
long-time rival Alabama School for the Deaf.  It will be in Talladega, AL
at 2pm CST on 10/9. (Address is 205 South Street East, Talladega, AL


1q FSDB Merced 28 fum rec (Lambirth run) 8-0

1q Duval 7 run (PAT good) 8-8

2q Duval 60 run (PAT failed) 8-14

2q FSDB Merced 3 run (PAT failed) 14-14

3q Duval 1 run (PAT kick good) 14-21

4q Duval Safety 14-23

4q FSDB Guillou 26 pass from Cabrera (PAT failed) 20-23

4q FSDB Merced 85 int ret (PAT failed) 26-23



Luis Merced 11-52, 1td. Phoenix Lambirth 7-69, 1pat.  Justin Cabrera 6-62.
Cayto Dulcio 1-0


Justin Cabrera 1/1 26yds 1td.  Phoenix Lambirth 0/1 1int.


Marcus Guillou 1-26 1td.


Marcus Guillou 14t (11 solos), 1ff, 1fr. Luis Merced 12t (8 solos), 1fr
(28 yds td), 1int (85 yds td). Justin Cabrera 9t (8 solos), 1int (20 yds)
1pd.  Phoenix Lambirth 7t (5solos) 1ff.  Andre Pellicer 6t (5 solo).
Cayto Dulcio 4t 1ff.  DeCedrick McKenzie 4t (4 solos).  Sincere Vazquez 4t
(2solos), 1fr (14yds). Luis Martinez 2t (1 solo).

Pretty much reminds DeafDigest Sports editor of a pass interception
for a winning touchdown by Gallaudet’s Jerry Berlowitz in a 1958 game
against Delaware Valley in a huge 14-13 upset, possibly the biggest
in Gallaudet football history. Gallaudet was 0-6 and scoreless in the
1957 season and Delaware Valley was enjoying a 5-2-1 season. Gallaudet
was 2-4 in that 1958 season, and so, a win is a win!

Delaware Valley coach Pete Pihos, an all-time NFL great, was so angry
that he screamed at his players – how can a bunch of deaf-mutes
beat you?  One of the hard of hearing Gallaudet players heard that
ableist comment!


Fremont Volleyball

We went up to Martinez and defeated Contra Costa Christian School in
league play, 3-0 (25-13; 29-27; 25-19).

Record: 2-3 (2-3). Next up: at home vs. Holy Names today (9/29).

JV team lost to Holy Names, 2-0 (9-25; 19-25).  V team lost to Holy Names,
3-0 (22-25; 10-25; 14-25). V record: 2-4 (2-4).  Next up: Crosspoint
Acadmy at home,
Tues. 10/5.


Kansas Volleyball

September 21 vs Frontier (STEM) at KSD

KSD Varsity  25-16, 25-10, 25-19
KSD V                      25   25    25
Frontier (STEM)       16   10    19

September 25 vs Oklahoma School for the Deaf at Oklahoma

KSD Varsity  24-26, 25-22, 25-19, 20-25, 15-10
KSD V                24   25   25   20  15
OSD V                26   22   19   25  10

Lady Jackrabbits overall record
Junior Varsity… 1-4
Varsity….  6-4


Maryland Volleyball Results

Maryland beat Covenant Life
Scores: 25-16, 25-19, 25-20
Record: 13-4-2

Olivia Clinger
2 blocks

Citrine Lummer
15 kills, 10 digs, 2 assists, 4 aces

Jade Macedo
4 kills, 21 assists, 6 digs, 1 ace

Alina Williamson
1 dig

Alona Zfati
1 kill, 11 digs, 1 ace

Arabella Bielucke
6 kills, 6 digs, 4 aces

Sigridura Junc
1 kill, 1 block, 1 ace

Ciara Luttrell
3 digs, 1 ace

JV Maryland beat Covenant Life
Scores: 25-13, 25-15
Record: 10-2-1


Minnesota volleyball

MSAD vs Rochester Home School

Update with you all from the volleyball game tonight, Rochester Home
School has played better than we did tonight. Our players played really
hard as the effort was
there. Some of our players have new roles taking over other players’
absence. Which is awesome to see how our players evolve through playing.


19-25, 19-25, 16-25

Overall record now is at 7-2

Tomorrow, we will have our away game against Chesterton Academy at 5:15pm.
The students will be dismissed from the class at 2:40pm for their bus
departure at

9/28/2021 vs Rochester Home SchoolL (0-3) 19-25, 19-25, 16-25

We lost to Rochester Home School tonight, 3-0. We didn’t have full
team with us tonight for this match. Some of our players took a new
roles talking over other
players’ absence and they did their great taking over. Tough loss
for us. We made some serve and offense errors and couldn’t keep up
with them. Our players were
under pressure the entire match against them and it was great to
see them handling it. We needed that so they can learn to manage
the pressure during the match.
They also learned their mistakes they made tonight m and make up
for tomorrow’s game against Chesterton Academy.

Dalina Schwartz- 5 kills, 5 digs, 5 aces, 1 assist
Shayann Williams- 7 assists, 2 aces, 2 kills, 5 digs
Holly Sheets- 2 kills, 1 ace, 2 digs
Brooklyn Roggow- 15 digs, 4 aces, 1 assist
Esther Olakunle- 1 kill, 1 aceAmber Hamilton- 2 digs, 2 assists, 1

9/29/2021 Vs Chesterton Academy
W (3-1) 27-25, 25-16, 17-25, 25-22

Had a good match with Chesterton academy tonight with some changes
in players’ roles tonight. We won the first two sets and they
whipped us in the third set. We had
to make some adjustments in the fourth set and were able to stay
ahead of them and winning that set. With all adjustments in the
last two games, I’m proud of the
team and it does bring them closer and making it work as a team.

Dalina Schwartz- 8 kills, 1 dig, 6 aces, 1 assist, 1 assist
Javanna Johnson- 11 kills, 3 digs
Holly Sheets- 5 kills, 2 aces
Brooklyn Roggow- 6 digs, 2 aces, 1 assist
Esther Olakunle- 7 kills, 2 acesAmber Hamilton- 9 assists, 3 aces
Javada Johnson- 17 assists, 2 aces
Hannah Sheets- 1 kill, 2 assists
Marissa Ellis- 1 kill, 1 assist

We are 8-2


Oklahoma volleyball

OSD VB vs Noble JV VB 0-1

OSD VB’s current w-l score: 2-4


Rhode Island soccer

After our first home game last Friday was postponed due to inclement
weather, we were worried that this game would be as well! After monitoring
the weather all day,
it seemed like things would hold up this afternoon for our first home game
against American School for the Deaf.

Our soccer team was energized, focused and ready to play our first home
soccer game through light showers – the energy exploded in the game as we
jumped out to a
commanding 4-0 halftime lead!

We were able to maintain our momentum through the second half, adding
three more goals while shuffling players around our formations to a 7-0
victory over ASD.

This is a huge victory for our school’s soccer program as this is believed
to be our first soccer win over ASD in 10+ years. We hope to continue our
through our next game this Thursday against Marie Philip School.

ASD – 0 0 – 0
RISD – 4 3 – 7

Dimas C – 3 Goals, 1 Assist
Howard V – 2 Goals, 1 Assist
Oscar CS- 2 Goals
Anderson G – Shutout Victory

RISD Soccer Record: 2-0
Next Game: Thursday, September 30 vs Marie Philip School (4:15 PM)


Riverside football

newspaper story

Inland boys athlete of the week: Trevin Adams, CSDR

The Inland boys athlete of the week:

Name: Trevin Adams

School: California School for the Deaf, Riverside

Sport: Football

Year: Junior

Noteworthy: Adams, a 6-foot-1, 200-pound quarterback and linebacker, had
one of his best all-around efforts in leading the Cubs to a 66-57 win over
Downey Calvary Chapel. Adams passed for 236 yards and four touchdowns and
also rushed for 241 yards and five touchdowns on 28 carries. The 477 yards
of total offense was a career-best for Adams, who has accounted for 26
touchdowns in four games this season. Adams also led the Cubs defense with
a career-high 16 tackles.


Rochester volleyball

Our 3rd game against St.Mary’s School for the Deaf. Tabitha had 16 aces
and Mariana earns 17 aces and 10 assists.
Set 1 – 25-21 W
Set 2 – 25-9 W
Set 3 – 25-14 W

4th game against Rochester Academy. We were leading 2 sets and the third
set was leading 24 to 21 right before we end the game. Unfortunately, we
lost third set
with 26-24 then we were not able to keep up with them for next two sets.

Set 1 – 25-12 W
Set 2 – 25 – 8 W
Set 3 – 26 – 24 L
Set 4 – 25 – 13 L
Set 5 – 25 – 17 L

5th game against Houghton. They are a good team and we were giving them a
hard time in first set. Unfortunately we were struggling with their serve
in 2nd set and
lost by 22 points. As long as we adjusted and played better in third set.

Set 1 – 25 – 18 L
Set 2 – 25 – 3 L
Set 3 – 25 – 12 L

Our next game against Young Women’s Prep at 4:30 pm

Record: 4-2

It was pretty difficult to transfer from 5-1 to 4-2 formation. We didn’t
have enough players to play 5-1 formation that day. Fortunately, we were a
pretty good with
adjusted with 4-2 formation and handled it very well. We won 3-1 against
Young Women’s College Prep. Mariana was a setter for 5-1 formation, but we
switch to 4-2
formation. Therefore, she could be hitter, setter or libero in 4-2
formation. She got 29 aces, 7 kills and 12 assists!

Set 1 – 25-15
Set 2 – 25-13
Set 3 – 23-25
Set 4 – 25-17

Our next game will be play against St.Mary’s on October 12 at 4 pm

Record – 5-2


St Mary’s soccer

Yesterday afternoon the Bisons hosted Chesterton Academy. Our opponent was
bigger, faster, and had a lot more depth on their bench to allow for
substitutions in an effort to keep their players fresh. However despite
the “David vs Goliath” match up, our defense lead by Magdi Mohammed,
Di’Ovanny Lacen, &
Yasir, were up to the task and kept our team within striking distance to
the point where Farhad Ghorbani was able to capitalize on a defensive
breakdown by the
Knights and score in the waning seconds of the match to force an extra
overtime period after a 2-2 tie at the end of regulation. Unfortunately,
the Bisons didn’t
have enough to take the victory in the end and despite our efforts lost
3-2. The Bisons have the opportunity for revenge as we play against
Chesterton Academy again
this Thursday at their field. Wish our team good luck.

Overall Record: 3-3
ESDAA Record: 1-0
NFCAA Record: 2-3

Individual Stats:
Farhad Ghorbani: 2 goals(10th & 11th of the season)


St Mary’s volleyball

It was pretty difficult to transfer from 5-1 to 4-2 formation. We didn’t
have enough players to play 5-1 formation that day. Fortunately, we were a
pretty good with
adjusted with 4-2 formation and handled it very well. We won 3-1 against
Young Women’s College Prep. Mariana was a setter for 5-1 formation, but we
switch to 4-2
formation. Therefore, she could be hitter, setter or libero in 4-2
formation. She got 29 aces, 7 kills and 12 assists!
Set 1 – 25-15
Set 2 – 25-13
Set 3 – 23-25
Set 4 – 25-17

Our next game will be play against St.Mary’s on October 12 at 4 pm

Record – 5-2


Texas volleyball


Holy Cross: 3
Texas, 0
Results: 11-25, 17-25, 9-25
Record: 10-8-1

Junior Varsity:
Holy Cross: 2
Texas, 0
Results: 14-25, 21-25
Record: 12-6


West Virginia sports

seems the school has dropped all sports

if it is true, it is sad.


maybe Kevin Hall golf on TV

Deaf pro golfer Kevin Hall may or may not be on TV –
just all depends.

There will be Advocates Pro Golf Association
tournament that will be on TV this coming

If Kevin Hall competes and is among the top
contenders during the tournament, he may be
on TV.


deaf volleyball in college

a tweet about Lauren McCutcheon, a freshman
volleyball player at University of South
Carolina said:

Watching her shine on the court this fall, you’d
never know freshman Lauren McCutcheon was born completely deaf


random deafsports thoughts

the Gallaudet football coaching network

(see story near the top of this edition)




Order a copy of the new Gallaudet University Men’s Basketball History Book

The Gallaudet University men’s basketball program is excited
to announce online ordering information for those fans, alumni, etc.,
interested in purchasing a copy of the Gallaudet University Men’s
Basketball History Book (1904-2019) written by Gallaudet Athletics Hall of
Famer Barry Strassler.

You can now purchase your own copy for $35 apiece and $8 for shipping.

Please allow two weeks to receive the book.

Purchase here: https://app.mobilecause.com/form/LQ60XQ?vid=73t7e

a vlog is at:


won/lost records, as of 9/30/21

if you see errors, pls email barry@deafdigest.com

Alabama (8) 1-2
Florida (8) 2-1
Fremont (8) 2-1
Indiana (11) 2-3
Kansas (6) 1-1
Maryland (11) 4-0
Minnesota (8) 0-1
Mississippi (8) 0-1
New Mexico (6) 1-0
Oklahoma (8) 1-0
Phoenix (8) 0-3
Riverside (8) 4-0
Tennessee (8) 0-2
Texas (6) 3-1
Washington (8) 0-1

Rhode Island 2-0
Rochester 1-3
St Mary’s 3-3
Western Pennsylvania 0-6

Alabama 1-7
Arkansas 0-5
Florida 5-3
Fremont 1-2
Indiana 3-1
Iowa 1-3
Kansas 6-4
Maryland 13-4-2
Minnesota 8-2
Model 3-0
Oklahoma 2-4
Phoenix 0-7
Rochester 5-2
South Carolina 0-1
St Mary’s 5-2
Texas 10-8-1
Western Pennsylvania 0-5
Wisconsin 2-3