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won/lost records to date

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corrected football score from last week’s games
Alabama 42  Mississippi 8


this week’s games

Sep 30 Washington 78 Wishkah Valley 30
Sep 30 Riverside 58 Lutheran 0

Oct 1 Model at Central Maryland Christian
Oct 1 Texas vs New Braunfels Christian
Oct 1 Alabama at Jacksonville Faith Temple
Oct 1 Fremont hosts Roseland University Prep
Oct 1 Maryland hosts James Buchanan (cancelled; opponent has Covid-19 issues)

Oct 2 Phoenix hosts Desert Heights
Oct 2 Indiana at Dugger Union
Oct 2 Minnesota at Kansas (cancelled)
Oct 2 New Mexico at Oklahoma

if your school is missing on the list above,
please email barry@deafdigest.com

Games are being cancelled or played despite
not originally listed on their schedules
and so on.

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Alabama volleyball

Talladega County Tournament
Talladega County Central 2  Alabama 0
Childersburg 2  Alabama 0

Winterboro 3  Alabama 0
Alabama 2  BB Comer 1
Alabama 2  Childersburg 0

Season Record: 3 – 9
Area Record: 1 – 3


Colorado volleyball

from a tweet

Kiowa 3, Colorado School for the Deaf Blind 0


Florida volleyball

Junior Varsity:
Last  night was a good night for the JV dragons. We were down three
players  and it was clear that the girls were feeling anxious; however,
that did  not stop them
from playing their best. Even though we still lost, the  girls had great
spirit and never gave up on each other or the game. I  was really proud of
how they played
and once we have our full team back,  I know that they will show the other
schools what they have.
Our  first game was a little awkward due to the girls having to get used
to a  new rotation again. They didn’t complain though and their passes
tonight were
greatly improved from the previous games. A big shout out  to Kendall
Colon-Moore who joined the JV team for tonight so that we  would have
enough players even
though it meant she wouldn’t be able to  play her varsity game. We are
very thankful to her and she proved to be a  great mentor to the girls.
The school we played
was a very strong team,  but the girls never gave up. We lost, but it
still felt like a good  game and the girls were ready to go for the second
In  the second game, the girls were still having a few communication
issues, but overall, they played a lot better than they had been playing
in the last few
weeks. We got a lot of good passes in and our defense  was strong tonight.
We gave the other team a bit more of a challenge  than the first game and
even though we
lost again, the girls left the  court with smiles on their faces. They
were satisfied knowing that they  had played their best in spite of the
circumstances and
that even though  they lost, it was still a good game. I hope the girls
can continue to  have this positive energy for the rest of the games this
season. It made
watching them that much more fun and exciting!

Lady Dragons skids to a three-game losing streak.
Our  Lady Dragons slayed by the St. Johns County Day Spartans. However,
they  didn’t cut down our mental toughness and spirit. We know the score
differently, but the overall team feeling was that Lady Dragons  were very
competitive. We battled throughout the first early half of  three sets. We
saved some
powerful spikes. Some of their kills agitated  our girls. So we literally
tried to block every ball they hit. We had a  total of 8 blocks. We tried
to take
advantage of their errors when we  hit or serve the ball. However, we
could not keep up with their serve at  the 5th and 6th rotations. The
Spartans had a strong
performance  serving the ball.

St. Joseph Academy was not the best team we have played. It was St. Johns
County Day.

In  those three matches, hats off to Elsie Essex. She was our only setter
yesterday. She led in digs and assists with 5 digs and 3 assists while
also adding 1
ace. Freshman middle blocker Kayla Debrow led in blocks  with 4 blocks
with 1 kill while junior middle blocker Oceana Brown had 3  blocks, 3
digs, 1 kill, and 1
ace. Senior right hitter Zaniesha  Williams led in kills with 3 kills, and
she had 4 digs. Senior outside  hitter Cassidy Dainty also summed with 4
digs and 1 kill.

Lady Dragons (leaders) — Kills (7): Williams 3, Dainty 1, Debrow 1, Oceana
1, Olivia 1 Assists (6): Essex 3, Brown 2, Bonanno-White 1 Aces (2):
Oceana 1, Essex 1
Digs (19): Essex 5, Dainty 4, Williams 4, Oceana 3, Bonanno-White 1,
Hancock 1, Olivia 1, Block (8) Debrow 4, Oceana 3, Olivia 1

Box Score:
FSDB 8, 7, 9
SJCD 25, 25 25

Record 5-6
Our next game is tonight here at 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM! Come and support us!

9/28/21: FSDB vs Halifax Academy

Middle School:

Young ladies dragons still struggle to get a win, but they are not giving
up!    1st set: 16-25  2nd set: 22-25    In  the first game, we weren’t
prepared to play
against the Raiders, who  improved since the first time we played them
last August. I told the team we must always expect the unexpected. In the
second game, we
step it up and fought hard.    Give  Mariska and Hannah big applause for
being outstanding leadership and  have positive characteristics for the
girls. Because of
them, our team was so positive and played well together as a team.
“Coming  together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and
working  together is a
success.”- We are still staying TOGETHER!    Our next two games are away,
this Thursday at Lake Butler Middle School and next Wednesday at Halifax

9/28/21: FSDB vs River City Science Academy

Junior Varsity:
The  JV girls dealt with another devastating loss last night. We were once
again down a player, but the girls felt good and went into the first  game
confidence. The first game was a back and forth battle between the two
teams. Ultimately, our girls were able to narrowly take the victory
thanks to the other
team missing many of their serves. Even though we  won, the girls were not
on their A game. We missed a lot of serves and our receives were sloppy.
It felt like we
were  having communication break downs again about who covers which area.
This  carried on into the second game. Kudos to Miyaneii Murray for
earning a  lot of
points in the first game with her serves and kudos to Katrina Kalis for
doing everything she could to keep the  spirit alive on the court.

In  the second game, the girls couldn’t seem to get their groove together
and show their dragon spirit. It felt like there was a heavy haze on the
team and we
were making countless technical errors. We had many foot faults  when
serving and a lot of the serves went into the net.  We lost by a  big
margin in the second
game and after a talk about what we needed to  fix, we headed into the
third game.
We  lost the coin flip which put us at a disadvantage because it meant we
would not serve first. The opposing team was able to immediately score 5
aces on our
team. Thanks again to a serving error on their part, we were able  to get
the ball again. Unfortunately, after two serves, we made our own  serving
error. The two
teams traded serving errors until we were  ultimately beat again. This was
a hard loss for the girls and we had a long meeting to discuss what we
needed to do as a
team and what I needed to do as a coach to improve. The girls seemed
resolved to work on  improving, so hopefully, once we have practice
again, we can build our
team spirit back up!

Lady Dragons suffer second loss straight.
The  Rockets blasted the Lady Dragons in all three sets. We struggled on
serve receive. We could not always pass the ball well. Our setters ran
everywhere to  save
the ball. Our hitters sometimes had to set the ball. This was not  the
offense we expected. We also had numerous errors of serves. There  were a
few times in each
set we tried to fight our battle. We played hard to pass, set and hit. We
finally served well.  However, it came up short every set.

Lady Dragons (leaders) — Kills (12): Oceana 4, Debrow 3, Essex 2; Dainty
1, Olivia 1, Williams 1,  Assists (8): Crook 4, Hancock 4, Essex 1, Oceana
1, Dainty 1,
Williams 1; Aces (2): Olivia 7, Crook 3, Oceana 2, Essex 1, Bonnano-White
1; Digs (22): Olivia 8, Dainty 5, Essex 3, Oceana 2, Williams 2, Crook 1,
Colon-Moore 1
Block (2): Debrow 1, Oceana 1

Box Score:
FSDB 19, 22, 17
RCSA 25, 25 25

Record 5-5

9/27/21: FSDB at St. Joseph Academy

Junior Varsity:
The  second game was a big improvement for the girls. They moved around a
lot better and a special shout out to Vanessa Waldhof who had some very
good digs in both
the front and back row. Our girls  were a lot more consistent with serves
too, but the opposing team had a  really strong defense that we just could
not break
through. Still, they  played a lot better the second game and it felt like
they were working as a team again. Hopefully this can carry  onto tonight
for our home
game against River City Science Academy  tonight at 5:30!Last  night was
another tough game for the JV dragons. We were down one of  our important
players which
caused us to completely change our typical rotation. You could tell in the
first game that the girls  were not used to their new positions and they
couldn’t really
get their  rhythm together. They were also struggling to communicate with
each  other which led to balls being dropped. It was a big loss for the
first game, but we
regrouped for our second game to  try and work out some of the kinks in
our rotation.


Lady Dragons were beaten by St. Joseph Academy.
Our  Lady Dragons fell in all three sets. St. Joseph Academy was the best
team we have played so far. SJA was good as they already defeated
Interlachen and
Palatka. These two teams have beaten us this season. We tried to have
that mindset during the game. Our mindset was on this statement – “The
best defense is a
good offense”. We had to sharpen our serve receive, so we could set and
spike. We had to block or dig  every ball, so we could set and spike. SJA
was a bright and
sharp team.  Their girls served very well. Their hitters spiked hard. They
also hit  “crosscourt/angle”. The setters dumped their ball. Their players
had several
dinks. Our lady dragons were astonished  and frustrated. We had a few good
offenses as we won some points during  three sets.
Our next game is tonight against River City Science Academy at 6:30 PM.

Lady Dragons (leaders) — Kills (16): Oceana 10, Olivia 4, Dainty 2;
Assists (12): Crook 4, Hancock 4, Essex 1, Oceana 1, Dainty 1, Williams 1;
Aces (2): Oceana 1,
Essex 1; Digs (39): Olivia 10, Crook 8, Dainty 7, White 4, Brown 3,
Hancock 2, Debrow 2, Essex 1, Colon-Moore 1, Williams 1; Block (1): Oceana

Box Score
FSDB 13, 10, 11
SJA     25, 25, 25

Record 5-4


Indiana football

newspaper preview

Indiana Deaf (2-3) at Dugger Union (1-2), 2 p.m. — Homecoming weekend is
a big deal in Dugger and, after picking up their first win since 2016, the
Bulldogs should be riding high. The Deaf School has scored 96 points in
its two wins, however.


Maryland volleyball

JV Maryland beat Perry Hall
Scores: 25-1, 25-1
Record: 11-2-1


Minnesota volleyball

Our volleyball team swept Shattuck-St. Mary’s with the score of 25-9,
25-5, 25-22. Our team improves to a 9-2 overall record.

Next week on Monday, our volleyball team will be playing against LILA on
October 4th for an away game.


Rhode Island soccer

RISD hosted Marie Philip School in a soccer game on a nice, cool September
aftternoon – this would easily be our biggest test of the year with how
strong MPS’
senior class of players were. MPS controlled the game all the way
throughout, leading 7-0 at halftime en route to a 11-0 victory. We had a
few opportunities and
near-misses – but we applaud our team for continuing to battle and
stepping up their physical aspect in the second half to respond to MPS’
style of play.

MPS –  7 4 – 11
RISD – 0 0  – 0

RISD Soccer Record: 2-1
Next Game: Monday, October 4 at Friends Academy


St Mary’s soccer

The Bisons suffered another loss last night at the hands of The Chesterton
Academy Knights.  This match shaped up to be just as competitive as the
previous one on
Monday.  Both teams took their shots in the 1st half but thanks to some
amazing saves by Michael Norris in goal, the Bisons were able to keep
Chesterton off the
scoreboard.  Unfortunately, our opponent was able to keep us scoreless as
well.  The game changed in the 2nd half.  Our team started to run out of
fuel and the
Knights continued to roll in 4 to 5 subsitutions at a time.  Our defense
finally broke down and let our opponents have point blank shots against
our keeper which he
couldn’t control.  Our typically potent offense struggled to get a goal
past Chesterton but that wasn’t for a lack of effort.  The final score was
2-0.  Please come
and support the Bisons next week Monday as we look to redeem ourselves
against the Christian Academy of Western New York.

Overall Record: 3-4
ESDAA Record: 1-0
NFCAA Record: 2-4


Western Pennsylvania sports


YESTERDAY’s RESULT – beat Ohio School for the Deaf, 7-0

NEXT GAME – 10/5/21  AWAY  @ Plants & Pillars (V)  4:00 p.m.




NEXT GAME –   10/5/21  HOME @ Redeemer-Lutheran (V)  4:00 p.m.

Junior Varsity


RECORD:  0-5


YESTERDAY’s RESULT – lost to Ohio School for the Deaf, 2-3 (15-25, 25-19, 25-15, 23-25, & 11-15)




college volleyball

Taylor Vaneekeren


University of West Florida (NCAA-II)


also plays women’s basketball


random deafsports thoughts

When will a weekend of all scheduled football games
be played instead of some being cancelled or
not played at all?




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won/lost records, as of 10/01/21

if you see errors, pls email barry@deafdigest.com

Alabama (8) 1-2
Florida (8) 2-1
Fremont (8) 2-1
Indiana (11) 2-3
Kansas (6) 1-1
Maryland (11) 4-0
Minnesota (8) 0-1
Mississippi (8) 0-1
New Mexico (6) 1-0
Oklahoma (8) 1-0
Phoenix (8) 0-3
Riverside (8) 5-0
Tennessee (8) 0-2
Texas (6) 3-1
Washington (8) 1-1

Rhode Island 2-1
Rochester 1-3
St Mary’s 3-4
Western Pennsylvania 1-7

Alabama 3-9
Arkansas 0-5
Florida 5-6
Fremont 1-2
Indiana 3-1
Iowa 1-3
Kansas 4-4
Maryland 11-4-2
Minnesota 9-2
Model 2-0
Oklahoma 2-2
Phoenix 0-7
Rochester 3-0
South Carolina 0-1
St Mary’s 0-8
Texas 10-7-1
Western Pennsylvania 0-5
Wisconsin 2-3