DeafDigest Sports – October 10, 2021

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—- random deafsports thoughts, are we in trouble?

— Gallaudet football honors

— Gallaudet’s Saturday results

— bunch of deaf school sports scores & tidits

— deaf coach of high school teams


won/lost records to date

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this week’s games

Oct 7 New Mexico 57 Minnesota 0
Oct 7 Life Christian 66 Oklahoma 38
Oct 7 Riverside 78 Desert Chapel 18
Oct 7 Mary M Knight 52 Washington 7

Oct 8 Cornerstone Christian 52 Fremont 26
Oct 8 Virginia Home School 21 Maryland 14
Oct 8 Anthem Prep 52 Phoenix 16

Oct 9 Florida 54 Alabama 26
Oct 9 Model at Indiana (game was not played)
Oct 9 Silver Oak 45 Model 31 (replaces opponent Indiana)
Oct 9 Indiana 22 Manual 8 (replaces opponent Model)

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Games are being cancelled or played despite
not originally listed on their schedules
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Gallaudet football

Strong second half keeps Gallaudet on the winning path

Gallaudet 34
Keystone  14

Gallaudet 4-0 (2-0 conference)

Keystone continues winless, but keep in mind they are a first year team
and these first year teams normally struggle in their first season of play.

Next week up is at SUNY-Maritime. They are leaving EFCF, switching to another
conference next season. They were a strong team past few seasons, but not
that so strong this season. This game promises to be a pitched battle,
no matter what.

Outstanding defensive back/kicker Jack Gray did not play; was watching
the game in his street clothes. It is hoped he will return next week
and be ready to play.

Newcomer linebacker Jacob Hartman, who played NCAA-II ball before
transferring to Gallaudet, has continued as a beast on defense.

Most important thing about the win is that Gallaudet will not have
a losing season.

Gallaudet was 2-6 in 2019; did not play in 2020 because of Covid-19.


Gallaudet volleyball

Coach Boren records 350th career win as GU begins United East play with two victories

defeated Penn College 3-0
defeated St Mary’s    3-0

won-lost 11-10

the goal is always the same as in the past, win the conference
and gain entrance to the NCAA-III national tournament

Gallaudet is 2-0 in conference play

Boren has led his team to the NCAA-III national quite
a few times during his coaching career


Gallaudet men’s soccer

Torbett nets second goal of the season in road contest against Penn St.-Berks

lost 3-1
won-lost 2-7


Gallaudet women’s soccer

DeGraw makes season-high 22 saves against Penn St.-Berks

lost 2-0
won-lost 1-7


Gallaudet women’s cross country

LeBaron places 34th overall at Coach Caslin Classic


Gallaudet men’s cross country

Gallaudet men’s cross country places seventh at Coach Caslin Classic


Florida football

Season Record: 4-1

We bussed over to Talladega, AL to resume our rivalry with Alabama School
for the Deaf.  After a shaky start, we managed to emerge with a W, 54-26.

Playing Deaf opponents are always a ‘circle the calendar’ type of event.
Probably more so this year as it was our first such opponent in 2 seasons.

Alabama received the opening kickoff and managed to march down the field
for a touchdown and conversion to take a quick 8-0 lead.  On our opening
possession, we methodically moved down the field but couldn’t finish the
deed as a pass was intercepted in the endzone.

Due to both teams’ ball control offense, we only had one possession in the
1st quarter.  Alabama’s second possession resulted in a punt.  Then, in
the 2nd quarter the Dragons came alive and reeled off 38 points in an
onslaught of touchdowns and conversions.  Alabama managed to come up with
a safety for their only other 1st half points.  At halftime we enjoyed a
38-10 lead.

In the second half, we played our youngsters and the game ended on my
favorite play, the victory kneel down.

The defense was the star of the game.  After giving up the opening drive
touchdown, we clamped down and forced 6 turnovers.

Our next game has been cancelled.  However, there is a chance we may find
an opponent.  If we find one, it will be a HOME game on 10/14 at 7pm.  If
not, our next game will be 10/21 at Riverside Christian (Trenton, FL) 7pm.
If Riverside wins their next game, this game will be the showdown to
determine the division champs and seeding for the Conference Playoffs.

For our conference info, you can visit



1q  ASD rush TD (conv good) 0-8

2q- FSDB Lambirth 15 run (Lambirth run) 8-8

2q- FSDB Merced 31 run (Merced run) 16-8

2q- FSDB Cabrera 10 run (Vazquez pass from Cabrera) 24-8

2q- ASD Safety 24-10

2q- FSDB Dulcio 10 run  (Vazquez pass from Cabrera) 32-8

2q- FSDB Cabrera 52 fum rec (conv failed) 38-10

3q- FSDB Valbrun 11 run (Groome run) 46-10

3q- ASD rush TD (conv good) 46-18

4q- ASD rush TD (conv good) 46-26

4q- FSDB Merced 49 run (Groome run) 54-26



Luis Merced 7-133, 2td 1pat. Phoenix Lambirth 6-92, 1td 1pat.  Justin
Cabrera 11-51, 1td. Cayto Dulcio 1-10 1td. Frantz Valbrun 4-24, 1td.
Darren Groome 6-14, 2pat. DeCedrick McKenzie 2-5.


Justin Cabrera 1/3 35yds 1int 2pat.


Marcus Guillou 1-35. Sincere Vazquez 2pat.


DeCedrick McKenzie 13t (7 solos). Marcus Guillou 6t (4 solos), 1ff, 1sk.
Luis Merced 6t (3 solos), 1ff. Justin Cabrera 7t (1 solos), 1fr (52 yd td)
1td.  ). Jamie Antal 4t (2solo) 1ff. Antawn Wanliss 3t (1solo) 1tfl.
Phoenix Lambirth 2t (1solos) 1fr, 1sk.  Andre Pellicer 3t (1 solo).
Cayto Dulcio 2t (1solo) 1int, 1fr.  Luis Martinez 3t (1 solo Keegan
Hendrick 2t (1solo) 1tfl.  Frantz Valbrun 2t (2solo).  JaMorien Scott 2t.
Roberto Centeno 1t 1fr. Daren Cason 1fr.  Darren Groome 1t. Sincere
Vazquez 1t.


Kansas Volleyball

October 5 vs Hyman Brand at KSD

KSD Varsity  17-25, 25-8, 25-2, 25-15
KSD V                  17   25    25   25
Hyman Brand       25    8       2   15

October 6 vs Iowa School for the Deaf at Iowa

KSD Varsity  25-10, 21-25, 20-25, 25-16, 15-6
KSD V              25   21   20   25  15
ISD V                10   25   25   16   6

Lady Jackrabbits overall record
Junior Varsity… 1-4
Varsity….  8-4


Maryland football

MSD vs Virginia Spartans

Virginia Spartans (3-3) 21
MSD (5-1) – 14

VA Spartans               0        14       0      7       21
MSD                      7        7         0       0       14

Scoring Summary

M- N. Sheppeck 1 yard run (P. Rodkadkul kick made)
M- J. Joseph 6 yards run (P. Rodkadkul kick made)
VAS- 65 yards catch (Kick made)
VAS- 24 yards run (Kick made)
VAS- 51 yards run (Kick made)

Individual Stats
J. Joseph 7 for 28 1 td
Ethan Sheppeck- 25 for 204
Nathan Sheppeck- 7 for 34 1 td

Jaden Joseph: 2-3 35 yards 1 int
Nathan Sheppeck- 1-2 6 yards 1 int

Ethan Sheppeck- 2-14
Nathan Sheppeck- 1-27

AJ Baker led the team with 6 tackles and 1 sack.

Total Yards :
MSD: 320 yards total (279 rushing/41 passing)


deaf coach of high school teams

part of newspaper story

Lauren Gaudette, who is deaf, is the head coach
of the Windham HS (New Hampshire) JV and freshman
football teams, as well as serving as assistant
coach with the varsity.

When football season ends she coaches the boys’
JV basketball team and also the track team
in the throwing events.

She even coached one varsity game as the head
coach when the head coach couldn’t make it
because of a family event. She lost that varsity
game 26-7.

It is believed she is the first female in state
history to coach a football varsity game (that
26-7 defeat).

Does she study the film of past football games?
Yes, all the time!


random deafsports thoughts

no reason was given DeafDigest Sports editor for the
scheduled Indiana-Model game not being played.

Both schools were able to find last minute
hearing opponents.

Indiana newpapers has been touting the Indiana-Model
game all week; poof – no game at all!





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won/lost records, as of 10/10/21

if you see errors, pls email barry@deafdigest.com

Alabama (8) 3-3
Florida (8) 4-1
Fremont (8) 2-3
Indiana (11) 4-3
Kansas (6) 1-1
Maryland (11) 5-1
Minnesota (8) 1-2
Mississippi (8) 0-1
Model (11( 0-2
New Mexico (6) 5-0
Oklahoma (8) 3-2
Phoenix (8) 0-5
Riverside (8) 6-0
Tennessee (8) 0-2
Texas (6) 4-1
Washington (8) 2-2

Rhode Island 3-1
Rochester 1-6
St Mary’s 3-5
Western Pennsylvania 1-8

Alabama 1-7
Arkansas 0-5
Florida 8-7
Fremont 2-6
Indiana 3-1
Iowa 1-3
Kansas 8-4
Lexington 0-3
Maryland 15-4-2
Minnesota 3-2
Model 2-0
New Mexico 4-6
Oklahoma 1-9
Phoenix 1-9
Rochester 3-0
St Mary’s 0-2
Texas 10-10-1
Western Pennsylvania 1-8
Wisconsin 2-3